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SoundCloud Plays & Listens

That’s pure adrenaline: your new track is finally done and can now be streamed on SoundCloud.

Excited, you are waiting for the first plays – but nothing happens. A bitter disappointment that many artists know.

Instead of doubting your own sound, you can order SoundCloud plays as start up capital. And thereby finally stand out from the rest.

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Ever wondered about why major music labels have so many SoundCloud plays?

SoundCloud plays give them a higher chance of being seen by people. They can have a wider audience and deliberately increase their music’s profitability.

Big people in the music industry prefer to buy SoundCloud plays and likes to jumpstart the visibility of a new track.

They use it to make their songs popular by looking at the number of plays. It provides data on which song to remove and edit, or which song to package for a full blast marketing.

Why You Should Get Plays for SoundCloud?

If you can produce good music and decides to promote it practically, SoundCloud would be the best platform.

SoundCloud is easy to navigate and makes your music heard by millions of people around the world.

Here are the things you can get by using SoundCloud.

  • Popularity. The plays will increase your chance of getting noticed by the potential fan base and music scouts. By then, you have skipped the tedious process of getting your music out in the world. Instead of starting from zero, you can start with a few thousand views.
  • Kickstart the marketing process. Artists prefer to get SoundCloud plays to gear up their track within a short time. They also use this as an avenue to attract people in the record industries and get their music noticed without having to spend thousands of dollars.
  • Social credibility. Once registered in SoundCloud, musicians initially need a few number of plays. This will have a snowball effect. It helps you start attracting viewers and establish credibility with your craft.
  • Encourage conversation. When the comments section is active, it appears that SoundCloud knows what the people are talking about. The next day, you will notice your music has become more visible on the platform.

Can You Buy Plays on SoundCloud?

Yes, you can definitely buy plays. It is easy to do.

Thousands of musicians have already purchased plays and likes.

Before you even discover this site, tons of major music labels have opted to buy SoundCloud views. Most often, they also purchase SoundCloud plays.

You can definitely purchase SoundCloud plays.

A company that provides support to buy SoundCloud listens to the pains of the artists. And that is getting the support they need in a short time.

Does SoundCloud pay for plays?

Definitely, yes. If your track has more likes, that means you have a lot of support from your followers. The number of likes will be the basis to make your track appear more frequently.

Who wouldn’t like that?

This is a quick-fix method right in front of you.

Why Buy SoundCloud Plays?

When you have a talent for music and you think you don’t have the means to share it with the world, why not consider free SoundCloud plays first?

Create a SoundCloud account and post your tracks. Invite your friends and family to view and comment on your track. You can also share a link of your track with your other social media accounts.

  • Free Promotion. The target of SoundCloud is to help you introduce your music to the world and get more people listening to your songs and share it with their friends. Why not spare the sweat and purchase cheap SoundCloud plays and get all the support that you need in less time? If you want to make sure that your music will be in demand, then there is no better way than getting more likes and plays on your tracks. Just choose a company that can provide and give the right service for your need. Your music will surely gain momentum within the shorter time that you have not even expected.
  • Influence through your music. SoundCloud can provide you the support in bringing your tracks into the world. More people will be listening to your music. The high-quality of your music might become someone’s constant pick-me-up. A ripple effect will happen and before you know it, a lot of people are already in SoundCloud because of you. You become the social proof that they can reach the reality of their dreams through the opportunities that SoundCloud can provide.
  • Enjoy with your fans. If you want to have big labels chasing after you, establish yourself on SoundCloud. Be interactive with your fans in the comments section and have fun with them. While you and your fans are enjoying your tracks, you might be discovered and you can achieve the success you always wanted.

How to Buy SoundCloud Plays

When your songs get enough plays, you are one step closer to becoming popular.

But what if you have exhausted all your means and still nothing happens?

It is probably the perfect timing to get plays. Getting plays is a smart investment.

How to get SoundCloud plays?

  • Visit a secured and safe platform. Check if they use cookies.
  • Choose the right package for your needs.
  • Enter the details required in specific fields. Others may require your email address.
  • Process your payment.

Your information will be reviewed and within 24 hours, you will receive a confirmation through your email address.

Where to Purchase SoundCloud Plays Cheap & Fast?

If you are looking for a proven and tested service provider, Social Media Daily supports artists like you.

They provide timely delivery of your order. Their packages are also guaranteed low in cost compared to others in the market.

Many websites may offer the same packages but the fact is, Social Media Daily is considered to be the expert when it comes to online services,

How to Pay for SoundCloud Plays

Expand your community of music lovers and fans. Make your music stand out from the rest and pay for your plays through the use of the following:

  • PayPal
  • Credit card
  • Sofort
  • Bank transfer

Your orders will be processed within 24 hours.

Is Buying SoundCloud Plays Safe?

Social Media Daily ensures that their priority is keeping your account safe all the time.

Customers who get more plays on SoundCloud are satisfied with how their tracks are boosted using real SoundCloud plays.

If you are planning to buy real SoundCloud plays, Social Media Daily is the right choice for you.

getting more listens on soundcloud

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We offer the following payment methods:

• PayPal
• Credit Card
• Sofort
• Bank Transfer

They come from international SoundCloud users, that are registered in exchange networks and receive a gratification upon playing your track.

Unfortunately, a daily limit is not possible. However, you can order smaller packages in the beginning to guarantee a moderate increase.

Yes, starting from certain package sizes, you can distribute the plays among up to five URLs. Once you have chosen the suitable package size, the option for adding additional URLs appears as a “+” symbol on the right side of the URL input field.

No. We don’t offer plays for contests, votes, or similar.

Buying plays above all has a cosmetic value. The more plays you have, the more worthwhile your track seems to be – provided you also have a lot of interaction on your track and many followers.

For custom offers or flat rates, you can write us an email at

We are double checking all orders manually. The increase usually begins within 24 hours upon completion of your order. However, in some cases it can take up to three days, for example on national holidays and weekends. The time of delivery noted in the sales box applies once we have started processing your order. For urgent matters, we recommend you to choose the option “premium delivery” in the shopping cart.

No. We expressively state that we do not represent any of the networks that are part of our services.

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