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No matter if it’s fitness, fashion, or food – you share your passion on Instagram and really make an effort. After all, a good photo has to be artfully arranged and endowed with edgy hashtags. Do you still receive too few likes? No wonder, regarding the massive amount of new uploads every day! If only you could get a little help… Like what if you could buy Instagram likes at the press of a button? Well, you can!

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No matter how techy you are, when your posts hear crickets you will think of whether or not to pay for Instagram likes.

People tend to have this obsession to get approval. This is evident in our daily lives.

Perhaps that is why there is a thing called social media. We need real people to give us our Instagram likes.

Instagram was launched as a social platform that is picture-based. Hence, when you see beautiful scenery, you will take a picture of it, or have it as a background of your photo because it is “Instagrammable.”

There are millions of Instagram users. They share photos with people all over the globe.

And when they share, they wait for that moment when there is already at least a 2-digit number of likes.

But sometimes even if you have many followers on Instagram, you will not reach that target number of likes.

Because the truth is, they might not be interested in your post, or simply they are not your target audience.

Getting Instagram likes is a necessity in the digital world.

If you are a business owner or an aspiring influencer, you are in the right place.

Why You Should Get More Likes for Instagram

When people buy followers on Instagram, they aim to boost their engagement rate and utilize the platform for effective marketing.

The same is true when you purchase Instagram likes.

Organic likes happen when a user clicks the heart icon on your post. A user may not be a follower.

As long as the user gets to see your post by any chance and relates to the content, then, that person can give it a like.

In all social media sites, likes matter a great deal. It encourages engagement that will surely help fast track your marketing efforts.

If there is higher engagement, that means your post has value. People resonate with it and you have targeted the right audience.

Contents with more likes will appear to be credible and will increase interaction. This leads to having more users see your post and later follow you.

Instagram users shared their experiences about how they feel when they post and wait for people to acknowledge it. Most of them said that 11 likes are an acceptable number on Instagram.

If they have reached at least 11 likes, they can settle for the day. If not, some of them tend to take down that post.

Why will you let that happen when you can encourage likes by initiating the likes?

Can You Buy Likes on Instagram?

Buying Instagram likes is possible. It is pretty much the same when you buy Instagram followers.

Some websites can entice you to buy cheap Instagram likes. But cheap does not necessarily mean ineffective.

Sometimes the cheapest offer can give you instant delivery for real likes.

Some websites offer Instagram likes with instant delivery. Others will promise real likes but the service is not instant.

People these days are used to getting what they need and want almost instantly. So a real service would offer instant delivery of real likes.

However, for example, when you buy 50 Instagram likes you will not receive the likes all at once in an instant. It’s like getting likes from real people.

So an instant delivery of notification of the purchased service is better than an instant delivery of the service itself.

Why Buy Instagram Likes?

When you have a fan base and usually get real likes from your followers, that means your brand is likely to be seen by more people.

In the digital world, having a strong brand presence is very important to reach the potential of your business. Your exposure is the key to getting more clients and more number of followers.

People who buy Instagram likes never have to worry about their security because such service has no password required.

The best way to explore the benefits of the site is to buy real Instagram likes.

These are the reasons why purchasing real likes is important.

  • Boost your web traffic with no hassle. Businesses use Instagram to promote their website. You can include in your bio your website and you can direct the people to go there whenever they express interest in your posts. The key is to engage with your followers and create value posts. Your website link that is up in your profile will not work by itself without a kickstart.
  • Get competitive leverage in the online market. When you buy likes Instagram will make your post more visible in the feed. Chances are, you can reach a bigger audience while targeting your market right off the bat. Your competitors are doing the same thing so why stay behind when you can get instant delivery of likes coming from real people. The websites where you can purchase instant delivery of likes are not usually password required. You don’t need a membership or log-in details to purchase real Instagram likes.
  • Establish impressive online credibility with users. Potential customers follow an Instagram account with many followers. Then, they look at the likes first before they read the comments. A post with many likes tells the potential customer that the owner of the post might be credible. He will look at the profile and if he sees that aside from the number of followers, you also have multiple likes from real users and not fake accounts, then you win that person over. Your likes help you establish your online presence and credibility. The more credible, the more likely you will have really good customers.
  • More sales conversions with a wider audience. It is not enough to convert just one potential client to an actual client. You need more of that to thrive in the online world. Your prospects gauge whether you can add value to their existing business or simply answer their need as a customer. More likes will attract real people to engage. You may not get instant clients from them but you are already building your brand in ways that they find you one of the best brands to provide instant delivery of service or product.
  • Cost-effective marketing platform. Who says sharing photos will not make you rich? By simply sharing valuable posts and having many likes, you can actually make money. That’s simple marketing. You are already showing the world what you can offer with just your posts. No need for billboard or TV commercial ads.

How to Buy Instagram Likes?

You will not be confused when buying Instagram likes. It is very easy.

You need tactics to increase the exposure of your brand. Search the internet for a reliable and safe website that offers instant delivery of Instagram likes.

Some websites need a log-in and are password required but others do not require that.

If you want to see more engagement in your posts, select a package that will help you get more likes.

After entering a few details and getting a confirmation email, you will receive your likes within specified hours.

Where to Buy Instagram Likes Cheap & Fast?

Experts say that likes are one of the most important factors in judging the credibility of an account.

The Social Media Daily is up for helping customers achieve the quality Instagram account that they long for.

You can freely select packages without doubting if it’s a password required website or not.

It promises to help you increase your likes on the social site.

You can go over their website and check other relevant services that you might need.

How to Pay for Instagram Likes

Since you are going to receive likes hassle-free, you are also going to pay for the likes without any problems.

There are several payment options to choose from and no matter where you are in the world, you can pay through different methods. These are:

  • PayPal
  • Credit card
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Bank transfer

How Much Does it Cost to Buy Likes on Instagram?

You can purchase Instagram likes for as low as $4 up to $7. It all depends upon your need.

The Instagram algorithm reads likes. It is a basis to make your post pop up on the feed.

So spending a meager amount to get real likes is a way to stay on the pace of digital marketing.

Is it Illegal to Buy Likes?

It is not illegal to purchase Instagram likes. The social platforms make everyone thirst for followers and likes because that is the way to survive the tough work of online marketing.

It is a strategy that is not penalized by any laws that is why the internet is swarming with websites offering online services without the password required.

Can Buying Instagram Likes Get You Banned?

Customers who purchased likes are satisfied with the service and have never complained of getting banned by Instagram.

Social Media Daily has no username and password required whenever you avail of services from them. Their focus is quality service.

They also have customer support to assist you. It is a convenient way of increasing your likes and get real raving fans while on the process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We offer the following payment methods:

• PayPal
• Credit Card
• Apple Pay
• Google Pay
• Bank Transfer

They are international Instagram users, that are registered in exchange networks and receive a gratification upon liking your photo.

Yes, starting from certain package sizes, you can distribute the likes among up to five URLs. Once you have chosen the suitable package size, the option for adding additional URLs appears as a “+” symbol on the right side of the URL input field.

Unfortunately, a daily limit is not possible. However, you can order smaller packages in the beginning to guarantee a moderate increase.

Yes. We cannot deliver likes for private profiles.


Unfortunately, we cannot deliver targeted followers. It can happen that a user will be interested in your account. However, this is rather an exception than the rule.

Buying likes has above all a cosmetic value. The more likes you have, the more worthwhile your photo seems to be – provided you also have great content and active followers.

No. Sometimes, the term likes is used for followers. But likes are actually likes for photos and followers are users that follow your account. Please have a look at the screenshot on this page to rule out any doubts.

For custom offers or flat rates, you can write us an email at [email protected].

We are double checking all orders manually. The increase usually begins within 24 hours upon completion of your order. However, in some cases it can take up to three days, for example on national holidays and weekends. The time of delivery noted in the sales box applies once we have started processing your order. For urgent matters, we recommend you to choose the option “premium delivery” in the shopping cart.

No. We expressively state that we do not represent any of the networks that are part of our services.

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