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Buy YouTube Likes (Thumbs Up)

Here you can buy YouTube likes for your YouTube videos. Because: positive reviews are an important part of being successful on this most popular of video platforms!

You have the option of dividing the ordered quantity among up to five videos free of charge. Simply enter the URL(s) in the comment field during the purchase transaction.

This service is not available for competitions of any kind, votes and such.

We recommend that you deactivate all paid-for advertising during the service period so that you don't put your AdSense account at risk. While there is virtually no way you are putting your YouTube account at risk, there could be problems with AdSense.

On request, you can also order a small number of dislikes to create an authentic overall impression – but only in connection with positive likes to rule out any abuse. Please talk to us before making your purchase!

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In addition to the "thumbs up" you also want your videos to get more YouTube views? We have the relevant offer!

The time period mentioned in the selection box begins with the start of the service. In almost all cases the service starts within 24 hours, but in some cases it may take up to three working days.

Please note: We explicitly do not represent any social network and we are in no way affiliated to the platforms that our marketing service offers are about.

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Chosen package: 5,000
5,000 YouTube likes
Processing time: 3-6 weeks
Price: just $129
incl. shipping, plus taxes, no other costs

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The screenshot shows the likes counter on a YouTube video – We explicitly do not represent YouTube or any other social network.
What is this product about?
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Are you sometimes disappointed about how long it takes for the number of YouTube likes to grow? There is no need for that! At Social Media Daily you can simply buy new likes. They make your video more popular and enormously increase its reach. This is reflected in the keyword search, for example – the more likes (and views) your video has, the higher up you will be in the search results on YouTube.

Thumbs up for your YouTube videos

All beginnings are difficult. If you've only been active on YouTube for a short while, it takes some time for the likes to accumulate. With our service you will soon get the desired number of YouTube likes and will finally be able to get things going. And by the way: you can also buy comments and clicks from us. Our service also includes YouTube followers. If you have any questions about our services or about your individual social media strategy, please get in touch with us - we are happy to give you personal advice.