Frequently Asked Questions

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Is my account safe from being blocked, deleted or something similar?
Is the use of this type of service legal?
Are third parties able to see that a Social Media service provider has been used? How discreet is the process generally?
Is there a money back guarantee for my purchase?

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The following questions will be answered briefly on the same page.

When does the processing of my order begin?
If an order is placed before 16:00 on a weekday we will almost always process the order that same day. In approximately 90% of cases you will see an increase within 24 hours. Urgent orders such as Likes for posts or Photos etc receive higher priority so that as a rule these will begin within a shorter time period. At weekends and on national holidays it might take longer until results are visible. However, urgent orders will still start processing on the same day. In exceptional cases it might take up to three working days, but this occurs only rarely. The service time-period on a given product site applies from the beginning of the increase.
Do orders work like subscriptions?
No. You must make only a one-off payment. There are no multiple orders.
Must I provide log in details?
No. We never require a password, admin status or similar.
When does the implementation of the ordered service begin?
As a rule we begin our service within a few hours of receiving the payment, although in some rare circumstances there can be up to three working days processing time.
Can I cancel the order?
It is possible to cancel a transaction before the beginning of the process. Simply contact us – preferably by email. However after the beginning of the process, there is no option to 'return' the service. In the case that you want us to stop our marketing services, we can in most cases offer a partial refund.
How is the success of the service verified?
The verification of the service‘s success is the increased count on the Fansite of your video or channel. To avoid confusion, please do not order a comparable service for the same site from elsewhere.

Do you offer a fair refund policy?
Whenever you are unhappy with the results of our work, please contact us through our various support channels and we will find a satisfying solution for you. In the rare case we are not able to complete your order, we will give you a refund (full or partial, depending on the delivery status of your order).
Is there a refill guarantee? If so, for how long?
It is very important to us that the likes etc. we generate for your social media channel are stable. We can tell from many years of experience that our service even works in the long run. However, if you do notice the likes we provided decrease in such a way that the number drops below the start amount, you don't have to worry. Simply contact us and we will refill the losses up until two years after your initial order.
Do the fans have an interest in the fansite?
As a rule, a concrete interest in the Fansite is not, at the beginning, a given. If your fansite provides interesting content, then of course it is possible that the new fans will develop a genuine interest in your site.
What will not be accepted?
We will exclude Social Media profiles with the following content from our marketing services: 
  • Any kind of votings
  • Illegal activities 

  • Racism, fascism and xenophobia 
  • Adult content and in some cases erotic content
  • Gambling, betting, trading, and stock exchange
  • MLM/ network-marketing
  • Pharmaceuticals and armaments
  • Violent video games
  • Glorification of violence
  • Upon consultation: Political content
We reserve the right to reject any other content.
Can I order Facebook fans for my private account? 
No. If you have a private profile you cannot get fans for it, only subscribers. Alternatively, you could create a fan page, which doesn't take long. 
How can I allow subscribers for my private Facebook account?
You can find this setting under "friends" -> pencil icon -> privacy settings. This way the number of subscribers will also be visible to the public. 
Can I purchase Facebook subscribers for my fan page?
No. Facebook subscribers are for ordinary Facebook accounts operated by individuals. If you want to purchase for your fan page you need to buy Facebook fan page likes or fans. 
Can you add fans to any Facebook fan page?
Yes, with one exception. We cannot add fans to fan pages from the category „Musician/Band“. However, this is easily solved. To allow us to provide you with new Facebook fans soon, please make the following small change: for the duration of the service, please change the category of the Facebook page to "People/Artist". You can find this setting under "Info", where it is the first selection option. The "edit" button is displayed if you hover over it with the mouse. Once we have delivered the service you can of course go back to your original category. 
I have applied country and / or age restrictions for my Facebook fan page. Is this a problem when I want to buy fans? 
Yes. Please remove any country and / or age restrictions for the duration of the service. Otherwise we cannot deliver your order.
Do I have to set my Facebook account or post to public? 
Yes. We cannot deliver any fans, likes or comments if your account or post is set to private. To allow the picture etc. to be liked you have to allow your account to have subscribers, change the settings of the picture itself to public and if necessary change the privacy settings ( The first two steps are often sufficient.
What link is required when ordering likes for my Facebook post?
We need the direct link of your post. If you click on the date of the post a new window will automatically open, displaying only your post and a new URL. If you give us only a link to your profile or fan page, we will distribute the likes on the most recent posts.
How soon can you deliver Facebook event attendees?
Usually, it takes 1-2 days for us to book the order into our system. It then takes the amount of time we have indicated on the product page. Generally we advise you to buy at least 10 days before the date of the event. If you ordered only a few days before the event we are likely to turn your order down and issue a refund. 
Does the Facebook event attendee list need to be public? 
Not necessarily. However, if the list is not public, we do not have any proof as to whether the attendees have been delivered to your satisfaction. This also means you cannot make any claims in case of delivery problems. 
Are the YouTube views secure?
Since the vast majority of methods carry a significant risk, we only work with tested, reliable partners. We have virtually never experienced any problems regarding the deletion of Videos. While we are not able to provide a 100% guarantee because we don't know whether views are added via third parties, you do not have to worry about our service. We also set a daily limit for likes and comments so that they can be distributed over a certain period of time, which means there is no risk in this regard either.
Do I have to set my Instagram account to public? 
Yes. Your account and pictures have to be visible to the public before we can provide our service. Please change the settings before you make the order.
What link is required when ordering likes for my Instagram photo?
We need the direct link of your photo. If you click on the picture a popup will automatically open, displaying only the picture and a new URL. If you give us only a link to your Instagram account, we will distribute the likes on the most recent posts.
Do I have to set my Google plus account to public? 
Yes. Otherwise we cannot start the Google Plus follower campaign because the number of followers has to be visible to the public. Please make the change before you order. This is how you do it:
  • login to your Google Plus page
  • at the bottom under "persons" you find the option "edit". - click on it to open a pop-up window
  • select "show people who have added me to circles" and click "save"
Can I get Google +1 likes for my website or Google Plus posts?
No, we cannot get +1 for Google Plus links. We can provide followers for the Google Plus account or almost any URL, except for Google Plus URLs.
I am partaking in a competition. Can I buy likes for this to have better chances to win?
No. As mentioned on our offer page, we do not provide likes for competitions, votes etc. We could instead provide likes for a different post or provide new fans for a Facebook fan page. Thank you for your understanding.
I would like to contact the customer service. What do I do?
You can simply write us an email at [email protected] Please make sure to include your full name and order ID. This way we can check your order and provide an answer much quicker.
Why do I need to give you my address when placing an order?
We are legally obligated to include a full set of data in the invoice. To comply with the regulations, please send us a complete set of data. Once you have done that, we can carry out your order.
Please note: We explicitly do not represent any social network and we are in no way affiliated to the platforms that our marketing service offers are about.