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Facebook users cannot only like a post, but also express their feelings about it by using so-called reactions. We don’t want to keep these emojis from you either. Buy Facebook reactions now at Social Media Daily and give your post more than just a like. 

You can choose four Facebook emojis – love, haha, sad, and wow – all in different package sizes. Of course, you can also get a mix of different reactions! 

You can divide the reactions between up to five links.

The Reactions come from international user profiles without further limitations on countries of origin.

We cannot provide a daily limit yet. 

Facebook Reactions are not available for Facebook videos. Please use our offer for regular post likes.

This service is not available for competitions of any kind, votes and such.

You're not sure what this offer is about? Please take a look at this Screenshot.

Please also note our offer for regular post likes. As a bonus, you will receive 1-10 % emoticons for free, depending on your order quantity. 

The execution time mentioned in the selection box commences once the service has begun. In most cases the service will start within 24 hours, however, in individual cases it might take up to three business days.

Please note: We explicitly do not represent any social network and we are in no way affiliated to the platforms that our marketing service offers are about.
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1,000 Facebook reactions
Processing time: 2-5 days
Price: just $49
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This is how Facebook emojis work

The Screenshot shows reactions to a Facebook post
What is this product about?
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The Facebook community has long been waiting for more possibilities of expression towards posts. After running a trial for an entire year, it finally happened on 24 February 2016: the long-awaited dislike button is still not to be found. But the user can now choose between five different reactions to a Facebook post - love, haha, sad, angry und wow. The emojis appear by long-pressing (smartphone) or hovering over (computer) the like button.

Get more Reactions to your Facebook Post

With likes and emojis, your Facebook posts look much more vivid. Increase the reach of your posts and make your posts look even more authentic by using different emojis. We are happy to answer any questions about this or other Facebook products!