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Buy Facebook Photo/Post Likes

You can buy likes for your posts and photos from us – after all, they are an important part of every Facebook profile! If you order 500 post likes or more, the likes can be split between up to five links without a surcharge. You may also use the "plus" symbol on the side of the link entry field.
Wow! When you order postlikes from us, you will now also get Facebook Reactions / Emojis free of charge! You will receive 1-10 % of the order amount, e.g. 100 „normal“ postlikes plus 10 reactions. At the moment, we can only deliver Wow and Haha reactions.

This service is not available for competitions of any kind, votes and such.

We do not offer country-specific users but only international accounts.

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If you are interested in getting likes for your Facebook fan page instead of for posts, you can easily buy them with us, too.

The time period mentioned in the selection box begins with the start of the service. In almost all cases the service starts within 24 hours, but in some cases it may take up to three working days.
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10,000 Facebook post likes
Processing time: 1-3 days
Price: just $99
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What is this product about?
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We all know the problem: you spent ages putting the finishing touches on a Facebook post, you took great photos and you precisely analysed the target group. But still: the number of likes is simply not going up. Young fan pages in particular often have difficulties when it comes to post engagement , i.e. users' active engagement with a post. This is partly because Facebook does not consider the page relevant enough and many users will never even get to see the posts. This is a vicious circle, because you spend lots of time and money on marketing and it doesn't seem to be working. With Social Media Daily you can promote your posts and simply buy the sought-after likes.

More activity on Facebook posts and photos

Get the ball rolling! Buy likes for your Facebook posts and increase the number of active users this way! More likes do not just increase the reach of your posts, they also make your fan page more attractive. Because, generally, the more likes your posts get, the more exciting the page content seems to be. Established fan pages can also benefit from our service: if it is a particularly important post, for example, then you will reach significantly more users with social media marketing. Please note that we do not offer likes for competitions or votes. Why don't you check out our product catalogue to see the other Facebook post services we offer.