7 Effective Ways to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Page

I bet it's the first action you take every morning. A quick glance over your Facebook news feed as part of your morning coffee routine.

This is a worldwide phenomenon. How (and why) did the Facebook application become the most popular social media platform around?

The answer may be psychological. Society simply enjoys this effortless medium of connecting with others.

Another important consideration is how vital this platform is to your business. Apart from creating a marketing platform, Facebook features have become ways of vetting businesses.

Do you realize that your page's number of likes sends a message to internet users? Facebook users use this statistic to determine whether a page is worth visiting or a business worth supporting. Can you afford not to have enough likes?

When you realize the importance of these likes it should propel you into action. So how can you get more likes on Facebook?

It's about attracting people to your Facebook page. But they also must be motivated to click that ‘Like' button. We're going to explore the exciting world of Facebook and show you how to influence your current and future supporters.

Those who know you must show it. Those who hear about you must instantly want to be part of your page. Yes, there are practical, easy ways of kick starting these actions.

Let's look at a few tips so you can get more likes on your Facebook page.

1. Your Posts Must Inspire Shares

The many tools on Facebook allow you to create posts of any kind. However, a post you poor your heart—and time and effort—into may not attract any attention. What are you doing wrong? How can you get more people to like your page and your posts?

If you want more likes, your posts must travel throughout the Facebook universe. You know your current community isn't large enough yet. Your page's posts must be read by your friends' friends and their friends and their friends. This happens when your posts are shared.

Most of them like it before sharing it, because people love making a statement. So your likes are already increasing.

You have to inspire people to share your post. For this to happen, you should create content that necessitates shares. People love sharing content they find worthwhile.

What types of posts fall into this category?

Offer Value

Your posts must include some value to the viewer. For a long time people were given exaggerated titles, only to find low quality content. Now, they're getting smarter. These days they scroll past posts that seem too good to be true. The title of your post must grab attention, but don't overshoot the target.

Your content must offer some value in terms of your audience's context. You need to know who your target audience is, so you can create content that's relevant to them.

Facebook has its own algorithm to pick content for news feeds. They aim to offer Facebook users quality postings. If you put effort into creating proper posts, Facebook will reward you for it.

People don't like being taken for fools. Make sure your content is correct—especially if you're stating facts—so you don't lose credibility in your fans' eyes. If they can't trust your content, they won't have the confidence to share it.


Certain styles simply attract attention and people actually get excited at sharing it on their walls.

  • Educational topics offer Facebook users an opportunity to learn and help others. People want to feel they're fulfilling some kind of purpose. Share educational posts so your friends can impact their own community. The likes will work themselves back to you.
  • Entertaining posts grip people's attention. These include memes or funny videos. You should know your audience. If they're the type of people who love the lighter side of life, use it to your advantage. If they laugh at it, they'll share it.


Work the correct topics into the content you create. This may catch a reader's eye and force him or her to look at the post. If the topic is important enough, it will be shared instantly.

Trending themes can form the foundation of your content. People want to seem ‘in-the-know'. Post content that relates to a popular news story. Your friends will share it so others can see they stay in the loop of current affairs. Posts can relate to celebrities, world news or sport.

Alternatively, use the time of year or upcoming holidays as inspiration. You know you'll get excellent feedback if you create content with festive themes during December.


There are certain types of posts that simply work.

  • Our current society is constantly on the lookout for quick fixes. If you post content that gives readers a ‘How to' solution, you'll see how quickly it's shared. People want to share quick fixes with their friends.
  • Lists of virtually anything are always popular. Pick an interesting topic and build listed or numbered content around it. Facebook users love sharing compact pieces of information.

So are you sticking to your plain old posts, or creating new ones that are more in line with 2019 thinking? Who wouldn't want to view this post?

Facebook page post with likes and reactions

2. Timing is Everything

Marketing on Facebook is not about random posting. Rather, this marketing tool is becoming a well researched science.

People are more active on social media during certain times. Are your posts reaching them within those peak times?

Programs such as Google Analytics show you when your target audience is most active. Harness the power of this online tool to determine these times. If you post important information outside of those hours, your post won't even be seen by the audience you want to reach. This may cost you quite a few likes.

It's also important to stay consistent and post regularly during these peak times. Brands become famous because people get used to seeing them. When you see a brand often, you believe it's becoming popular and you want to follow it as well. Make sure your audience feels this way about you.

3. Captivate as Many Senses as Possible

Think about what plays a role when you like something enough to click on the Like button. Above all, engagement is triggered by INTEREST.

Audio and Video

A bland written post won't draw your attention. Pictures and videos have much more impact. It catches interest through added sensory incentives such as audio and colourful visuals.

You can create your own graphics and videos. However, if you don't have the time or resources, your solution already exists.

There are so many resources available to use in this type of posting. You can simply create posts that showcase links to platforms that have interesting videos such as:

  • YouTube
  • TED Talks
  • Popular blogs

These are more likely to stir emotions or inspire a share.

4. Look After Your Supporters

People visit Facebook partly because of their need for connection with others. You can use this aspect to your advantage.

Facebook's comments feature is an excellent way of looking after your audience. Replying to comments on your page show people that you value them.

An interesting Facebook discussion can attract a new audience. Your current fans may mention their friends in a comment if they want them to add insight into to the conversation.

Whenever there's a new like on your page, send the new fan a personal message. People love excellent, personal customer service. It can lead to them suggesting others join your group or support your page.

Can you see how Facebook is geared towards helping you reach and look after your fans?

5. Call to Actions Work

There's a reason a call to action is a vital part of any website. Do you know your audience is looking for direction? Yes, some people want to be told what to do. This means you don't have to be subtle in asking for likes.

A call to action guides a user to do something. On a website this enables a visitor to make a purchase or submit information. This benefits the business owner, but it also affords the client a sense of accomplishment.

This same feature can help you increase your Facebook likes. Try these methods.

Like and Share

Ask viewers to like and share the content. Some people will do it when they feel inspired (see #1), while other want to be asked.

Interactive Posts

You can even use interactive content such as questionnaires. Ask people to answer a short questionnaire or join in a research poll. If you make it entertaining, they will want their friends to join in the fun too.

When people's engagement increase by interacting with an item on your page, it's bound to develop into a share and a like.

6. Provide Return on Investment

People respond to marketing well when they know (or feel) they're getting something out of the process.

Award your loyal supporters by providing a return on their investment. Their offering may only be a like or a share, but it's still beneficial to you. Let them see and feel your appreciation.


You can obtain more Facebook likes by offering discounts in return. If you're selling products or services, you can give everyone that likes your page a percentage discount on their next purchase.

Apart from thanking your current audience, you'll inspire them to invite others to like your page as well. You know people are always telling each other about a new food or clothing sale. Your community on Facebook is no different.

Give Something for Free

Branding is a popular marketing tool. Objects with a company's logo are distributed so the new brand is taken notice of. Why not use Facebook as the community you influence with these products?

You can promise a branded product—make it something functional they WANT to have—to each person who likes your page. Once again, they're bound to tell their friends about how they too can get free stuff.


People love winning, so make sure they can experience this through your Facebook page. Launch a competition where you promise a gift to someone who likes and shares your page or a certain posting.

Make sure you also communicate who the lucky winner is. Your fans will see that it's a legitimate competition. This will inspire them to take part in future competitions again.

7. Use Available Tools to Your Advantage

Many of the tips mentioned here can be managed better. There are many tools you can use. These tools save you time and turn your actions into an effortless process.

Social Media Management Systems

Companies are making millions by helping people manage their online presence. Yes, this method will cost you a little money, but it's worth it.

You don't have to sit in front of your Facebook profile at the times you want to post. You can simply schedule upcoming social media posts on this application. When posting is easier, you'll have more energy to create enticing content.

You can manage different social media platforms from a single one of these systems. They're easy to use with excellent guidelines. You'll save time and effort, while dynamically building your audience.

Use Hootsuite to manage your Facebook page and get more likes

A management system such as Hootsuite also gives you feedback. You can monitor your audience's responses to your postings. Determine which posts garner the most reaction, likes and shares. Then focus on that type of content for optimum response. You can also reply to fans via these management systems.

A unique approach is to buy Facebook likes from companies that offer such a service. These companies are already connected to communities that will find your information relevant. They invite these communities to visit and like your Facebook page. You can instantly improve your statistics by tapping into this resource.

Facebook features

  • Facebook is already set up to assist you in increasing your profile's likes. You simply have to tap into these resources
  • Do all your online platforms—such as your website or blog—have a Facebook Like Box? This auto liker icon allows visitors to other online platforms to influence your Facebook impact.
     Add a Facebook like button to your blog or website
  • You can tap into the power of other Facebook groups that are similar to yours. This can be Facebook groups that offer services complimentary to your own. You can become part of these groups and share your content to them. Fans of these pages are bound to like what you're offering.
  • Don't belittle your existing Facebook audience. Share your business profile with your personal friends and family. Ask them to like your page and share it. This can be the start of a growth spurt.

You can't let the many Facebook likes out there slip through your fingers. If you follow some of these guidelines, you'll catch them and captivate a larger audience. You can manage the process yourself, or use the terrific tools at your disposal. Instead of a stagnant profile, your Facebook page can become one of your most powerful marketing arenas.