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Buying Facebook likes? The most important questions at a glance

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What is this product about?
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An increasing number of companies rely on Facebook. This is not surprising, as communicating directly with customers, gathering feedback, and selectively marketing products has never been easier. However, as Facebook pages continue to increase so does the competition for the platform’s most important asset: the fans. After all, successful social media marketing requires a particularly large number of Facebook likes.
However, that seems to be quite a tough nut to crack for some marketing experts, who will then look for a quick and more effective solution than, for instance, Facebook ads. Buying Facebook likes is becoming an increasingly popular means; however, due to lack of experience, it constitutes a kind of black box for many people. In this article, you will find information about why it makes sense to buy Facebook likes, what you should bear in mind when doing so, and how it actually works.

7 Reasons to Buy Facebook Likes

The “why” seems obvious: we buy Facebook fans to get more likes. At second glance, however, the reasons are more diverse than you might expect. Did you know, for instance, that more fans can have a positive impact on your Google ranking? No? Then you might also be surprised by the following seven reasons!

1. It is cheap

Real likes can be bought for a relatively small amount of money. This is not only due to the high cost of traditional advertising or Facebook ads. Time is money. And measured by the effort you spend investing in organic likes, this purchase is definitely worthwhile. Start with a smaller package and gradually increase your likes. This seems more authentic, especially when it comes to new fan pages, and it is easy on the wallet. 

2. Bought fans can be built upon

A solid fan base right at the beginning increases your visibility, generates more clicks, and wins organic likes in the long run. After all, Facebook users are more comfortable with subscribing to a page that already has a lot of likes. Think herd instinct. Perhaps you have personally experienced this effect as well?

3. Likes are a status symbol

With more than a billion users worldwide, Facebook is the most widely used social network. As a result, Facebook likes play an important role: artists and businesses are often assessed according to their number of fans. If a page only has a few likes, it seems irrelevant, or even worse, untrustworthy. Reason enough to buy likes. 

4. Fans attract attention

Buying likes helps gain more attention. This also applies to search engines: pages with many likes rank higher in Google search results. This allows you to achieve better reach on Facebook and beyond! 

5. Many likes simply look good

Are you running your fan page for fun? Even if you do not need to increase your Google ranking or boost your sales, buying likes is still worth it. After all, 1,000 likes or more looks better than 50 and significantly enhance your page. Your friends will be amazed!

6. Facebook likes are becoming increasingly important

Over the next few years, the importance of Facebook fans is expected to increase even further. No poster or flyer can suffice without pointing towards a Facebook page. Websites are equipped with a like button by default in order to attract customers to the Facebook page—regardless of how big or small the business is. Those who wish to remain on top of things should start investing in the future now. 

7. More fans leads to advantages over other market players

Each additional fan inspires confidence and increases the value of your page. They are an important indicator of a company’s popularity and help find new customers in the long term. Who would rather drown in the flood of thousands of fan pages than stand out from the crowd?

7 reasons to buy Facebook likes

What you need to consider when buying Facebook fans

So far so food. But are you even allowed to buy Facebook likes? Is it safe? Are they fake likes? And who uses this service? These are legitimate questions that we would like to answer for you. 

Why you can buy Facebook fans

The purchase of likes is an element of social media marketing and serves to visually enhance an online presence. Essentially, it does not differ from a new, improved design or an appealing text. According to a court decision on January 10, 2013 by the District Court of Hamburg (Az. 327 O 438/11), a click on the like button represents a mere expression of appreciation. This cannot be equated to a competitive advantage or deception. For those who want more specific information, we suggest asking a lawyer with the relevant specialization, as the information provided here cannot substitute for legal advice.

Buying Facebook likes is safe, with the right provider

Thanks to the Internet, we can now conveniently shop from home—at noon or 3 am, whatever your heart desires. However, online shops can also carry risks. For example, there are so-called fake shops, which are run by scammers. When purchasing likes—and any other goods and services on the Internet—you should check that the provider is reputable. Often a quick phone call to the number provided is enough to verify. Data security also plays a significant role; after all, the purchase of likes should be handled with discretion.
And last but not least, the question arises as to how Facebook itself deals with bought likes. Here we rely on a wealth of experience. We have been procuring human likes for thousands of pages since 2013. However, we have never received a complaint about blocked accounts or fan pages. That some likes can disappear after a while is a fact that all page operators experience, even if they have not bought any likes. Sometimes, the content of the fan page is no longer of interest to someone, so they unlike it, and as soon as a user deletes their profile on Facebook, their entire activity is also lost, including their likes.

Where do the likes come from?

Depending on the provider, the types of Facebook likes are different. Many of you might be familiar with the term “bots”. These are likes that are generated by a computer. This means that there are no profiles behind the likes; instead, these are simply robots that do nothing but subscribe to fan pages. We do not recommend this kind of fan page likes, because they are essentially fake likes.
Likes by ordinary users represent a safer and more sustainable solution. We work with networks in which real Facebook users can register and like pages. These can be international users from all over the world. Unlike with Facebook ads, we have no means to specify them by region, age, gender, or interests. However, these are human likes, not bots. By the way, you are the only one who can see where your fans come from. Visitors to your page can merely see the number of likes, not the individual profiles.

Which pages bought likes…

… is something we would never tell you. Discretion is our top priority. Hence, we never advertise our customer references or disclose confidential data. However, we can say this much: whether private or business clients, medium-sized companies, start-ups, or individual entrepreneurs, from education to entertainment, the competition for Facebook likes is an issue that concerns the most diverse people and businesses. 

Buying Facebook likes: How it works

The black box is opened. But what does it actually look like? Read our step-by-step guide on buying likes and what happens afterward. 

Buying likes – quick and easy

As with any other online shop, you have different services to choose from. Once you have decided on a product (e.g. 1,000 likes), you place it in the shopping cart and proceed to checkout. There, you enter your billing data and choose your preferred payment method. Once the order is completed, you will receive an order confirmation and invoice per email. Thus, your “work” is done.
Meanwhile, your order enters our system. It is processed as quickly as possible, i.e., the order is reviewed and subsequently processed. During normal business hours throughout the week, it usually takes 24 hours for the increase to begin. If your order comes in during the evenings and on weekends, it may take a little longer. If the order contains an incorrect link, or if there are any other questions, we will contact you via email. Buying Facebook likes is not that difficult! 
By the way, it’s worth noting that since 2017, fan pages actually feature two counts: one for likes and one for followers. Every fan is also a follower by default, unless he or she decides to unfollow (but not unlike) a fan page. When you buy likes from us, the number of your Facebook followers will therefore increase as well. 

Buy Facebook likes from Social Media Daily

With us, you can buy human likes from real Facebook users at attractive prices. We offer uncomplicated processing and exclusive service. We have many years of experience in social media and are happy to assist you with the optimization of your fan page. Because we care about good advice, we recommend that you regularly upload informative content that is relevant to your target group. It doesn’t matter how many fans you have on Facebook, if you post infrequently, you will be driven from the news feed of most users and lose reach due to the EdgeRank (Facebook’s user display algorithm). 

Other social media services

Did your latest picture or status update fail to get attention? For more activity on your fan page, you can also buy real Facebook likes and comments for your posts from us. We even offer Facebook followers for regular profiles, event attendees, and video views! Or, do you wish to buy likes for other channels? Our portfolio of services includes Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Spotify, and much more. Simply take a look at our online shop; we’re sure you will find the right product for your needs. And for those of you who would like to give it a try, we offer a one-time-only 50 likes for a Facebook post for free.