Is There a Bot to Get YouTube Subscribers in 2019?

Youtube subscribers bot

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world? Those who own a popular channel on YouTube are the hottest cake at the moment, which is why everyone wants to get in there and build a highly successful video marketing strategy.

There are many ways to make your YouTube channel grow. You can create inviting videos, create contests, or even buy real subscribers to get the process going at a rapid pace.

Unfortunately, the rules of YouTube forbid using view bots, which makes such actions very risky for the success and existence of your channel. Of course, that is if you get caught using a YouTube subscriber bot. If you believe the risk is worth this, we are happy to provide you with all you have to know about the YouTube subscriber bots.

Reasons Why Marketers Choose to Use a YouTube Subscriber Bot

The biggest problem of most creators of videos and channels on YouTube is the difficulty to attract viewers. Even if the content is amazing and people would definitely enjoy seeing it, making it available for the right people is very hard. Most people simply look into channels with many subscribers, thinking that the popular ones are the only ones worth viewing.

This is quite expected since, after all, such channels are much easier to find in the search engine rankings.

Getting to the point where you get a sufficient amount of views for the videos takes a lot of time and therefore, a lot of investment. For this reason, many marketers on YouTube choose to buy subscribers or look for a bot. Increasing the view count by using a bot is against the Terms of Services of this platform, and the videos are immediately taken down if YouTube finds out. Other methods such as buying subscribers or view exchange platforms are not against the rules, but they also come at a much higher cost.

A YouTube View Bot

A bot will work just like a software in an automated sense. It can run in the background and automatically add new views to the videos you publish. Setting it up can be very simple because there are many tutorials on the YouTube platform that teach you how to do this (ironic, isn’t it!)

These bots create somewhat of an ‘illusion’ that your video is popular. Such illusions lead to the so-called ‘social proof’, which raises interest in people who are attracted by the popularity. The same result can be achieved by other methods, such as the safe, natural way; by participating in a view exchange platform, or buying real subscribers with money.

The other options are certainly legal and not dangerous for your channel, but they also come at a cost. Bots are usually free.

What Do YouTube View Bots Do?

Here are some things you can change by installing these bots:

  • Generate likes for the video
  • Generate comments for the video
  • Generate views
  • Automate the workflow on the YouTube channel, such as organize the number of views and comments you get daily
  • Perform other daily tasks

As you can see, using bots comes with many dangers since, after all, you are increasing views artificially. But, bots come with many benefits that, if undiscovered, can lead to a great start of the growth of your new channel.

If you do this step without getting caught, we’d still recommend that you give up on using those bots at some point.

The Risks to Using a View Bot

In the case that YouTube suspects you are using a bot for your channel, they can take down the videos and prevent you from monetizing your existing content. This is why most users of this free hacking tool avoid getting all their views from the bot, and increase a certain part of the views to attract real subscribers instead. If you get the needed 10,000 views by using a bot, YouTube will find out and won’t allow you to get the monetization that results from that number of views.

Those who are caught making repeated offenses like this one are sometimes even banned from YouTube. As long as you are only warned, you can come back with other videos and recover.

Finally, there is one more danger of using the bots, and we believe this one is the one that could convince you to stay away from them altogether. Not only you can get caught using bots, but bots are known to harm your retention views. Since bots are interpreted as people who clicked on the video, but not people who watched it, the algorithm of YouTube will see all bots as people who didn’t like the video. Eventually, this will get you much lower in the search results and ruin your chances of being found by real subscribers.


This is the dangerous, yet rapid and free option, but there are alternatives to it, too. If you feel like the risks are too big for you to use bots, you can do the following:

  • Grow the channel organically, i.e. work on your schedule, master SEO, and learn new YouTube strategies
  • Buy subscribers from a reliable provider such as Social Media Daily
  • Join a view exchange platform and actively participate in it

This marketing strategy is similar to any marketing strategy you will encounter in your life – it all comes down to weighting all the pros and cons of each of your choices, and choosing the one you believe is best for your business. YouTube view bots are all around and can be installed freely and easily, but they are the most dangerous of all strategies we mentioned above.

Of course, all these strategies can come with a risk or disadvantage. Growing the channel organically is very time consuming and can cost you a lot if you don’t do it right. Buying subscribers is costly and can be bad for your image if you choose a bad provider. And finally, a view exchange platform requires a lot of time and dedication, which makes it equally time-consuming as the first choice.

Which one will you choose? Take your time and choose wisely!