SoundCloud Plays Bot: Should I Use One?

Maybe you just made your first profile on SoundCloud and uploaded that first song or hundredth song. You spent hours upon hours making that track and perfecting every little detail. You’ve listened to that same track a hundred times just to get it to sound just the way you like. Now, you’re ready for everyone to hear your amazing track that you just made. You uploaded your song and are waiting patiently for the millions of people on SoundCloud to hear your music and follow your profile. You’ve seen people grow a large fanbase on SoundCloud and you are ready to become the next successful SoundCloud artist. You know it’s possible. The problem is that the followers don’t seem to be coming. You are sitting by your computer, just patiently waiting for people to listen to your music that you worked so hard to create. You want to share your music with the world, we will help you get closer to that goal. Just keep reading.

What Is A “SoundCloud Plays Bot”?

A SoundCloud plays bot is a bot that plays your track multiple times in order to boost the amount of plays you have. Having more plays definitely does make it easier to gain traction on SoundCloud due to the principle of social proof.Social proof is the tendency that people have to base their own decisions off the decisions of others. People are just more likely to listen to your track if it has more plays. That is how people determine whether your track will be hot or not. One way to gain more plays is by buying SoundCloud plays. It is one of the best ways to get more plays and has become an essential part of SoundCloud marketing. However, we are going to cover some tips that will help you gain more plays whether you buy real SoundCloud plays or not.

Chose A Good Profile Image

So you just made your SoundCloud profile and uploaded an amazing song, but you have not even chosen a profile image or the image that you have chosen is lackluster. People will judge a book by it’s cover. If you did not take the time to upload a profile image or if you uploaded a poor quality image, people will assume that your music is also of poor quality.

Stick to One Genre

As a creative, it can be difficult to stick to just one genre. Artists experiment with a multitude of sounds and are influenced by multiple artists. However, it is important to form a niche and be the best at what you do. Trying to appeal to everyone often results in not appealing to anyone. You are very unlikely to get metal,edm,pop and rap fans to all like you. You are actually more likely to lose any existing fan base that you have if you try to appeal to everyone. Find your specific audience and appeal to them. That is where the treasure lies.

Properly Mix Your Songs

A poorly mixed track can sometimes really make the difference between a good and bad song. If you have trouble mixing your own tracks, you may want to invest in some courses or books to help learn to mix your tracks. It can also help to have a reference track that is within your genre. If all else fails, you can invest in a decent audio engineer to mix your tracks. Due to the mass availability of audio mixing software, it can be very affordable to have someone mix and master your tracks for you. If people enjoy your song, they will be more likely to repost it and you will get more SoundCloud plays.

Use Tags

Picking the right tags for your tracks can really allow you to get more plays. It allows people to search for and find your music on SoundCloud. The more tags you have on your track, the easier it is to find and the more plays you can get. A rapper by the name of Lil Uzi Vert actually gained a large following by using the “alternative rock” tag on SoundCloud.

Collab, Collab, Collab …

“Collab bro”. Collaborations can be one of the best ways to expand your fan base and get more plays. It’s the perfect situation to be in. You do only half the work and you gain the reach of their fan base and yours. You can also learn new techniques and get some useful critiques in the process.

Make A Remix

Remixing a current popular song really has become a type of “cheat code” in a way. People searching for their new favorite song may stumble across your remix. You are actually leveraging that song’s popularity and using it for your own gain. They already have a connection to the existing song, so there is a good chance that they will check out your remix. If your remix is any good, then you will even convert some of those listeners into followers.

Submit Your Tracks to A Music Blog

Submitting your tracks to a music blog with an existing following can also give you a quick boost. Music blogs exist for the sole purpose of sharing music and giving exposure to music artists. Try to submit to small, mid-size and large blogs as that will give you the best chance of being featured on at least one. The larger blogs get hundreds of submissions per day, so your chances of being featured are much lower, while the smaller blogs have less competition and give you a better chance of being featured.

You now have plenty of tips that you can use to increase your SoundCloud plays. Buying SoundCloud plays can help supplement these methods and give you that spark you need to get the ball rolling. So, what are you waiting for? Get to making those epic tracks.