Why Would You Want to Pay for SoundCloud Plays?

First of all, if you are reading this, you more than likely know about the value of SoundCloud in general and what it can do for your career. SoundCloud has become a massively dominating force in the music industry. However, it is also an extremely competitive platform flooded with musicians all over the world fighting for attention. Everyone wants to be heard and SoundCloud is the best platform for up and coming artists to be heard. With all of this competition, people are now using a plethora of methods to attempt to get ahead and make their way through the clutter. One of the methods that many artists are using is purchasing SoundCloud plays. You may have some questions about buying SoundCloud plays or you may be hesitant to do so even though many of your favorite artists are probably doing it. We are here to answer all of your questions about buying SoundCloud plays.

Social Proof

Most of the reasons for buying SoundCloud plays revolve around the idea of social proof. Social proof is a phenomenon where the actions of others play a role in the behavior we deem is correct for a given situation. Picture a large line of people standing outside of a restaurant waiting for the restaurant to open. This line makes people walking by assume that the restaurant must serve good food. This is also how viral videos work. People hear about a popular video or see someone sharing it on a timeline and decide that it must be a video worth seeing. Eventually everyone you know has seen it and you have no choice, but to watch it.

Robert Cialdini Study

Robert Cialdini is one of the leading figures in social psychology. He actually did a study that involved placing sign that stated “Almost 75% of other guests help by using their towels more than once” in hotel bathrooms. This sign had 25% better results than any of the other messages he used. People seemed to base their decision off of what the other guests were doing. When they found out that other guests were reusing towels, they were more likely to do so. The same principle applies to SoundCloud plays.

People Are More Likely to Give Your Music a Chance if You Have More Plays

Your music can be the best music in the world, but if it has few plays, people will make the assumption that your music is more than likely bad, uninteresting or poorly mixed. Let’s be realistic, there is a good reason to be selective about the music you listen to on SoundCloud because a lot of it is pretty bad. That is just one of the downsides to having such a large platform that is available to everyone with an internet connection. There are people who have literally just downloaded a DAW 5 minutes ago and are already uploading music. Some people upload music as a joke. Not everyone has the same passion and dedication for music that you do. SoundCloud users are very aware of this. However, if you have a higher number of SoundCloud plays, people are much more likely to assume that your music is worth listening to. You now have “clout” or status. You will be perceived as a potential up and coming artist that may be worth checking out. You can purchase SoundCloud plays to speed up the process and give yourself that extra boost in plays to breakthrough all of the clutter. Those purchased SoundCloud plays will enable you to get more organic plays by convincing people that you music is hot and worth listening to through the power of social proof.

You Will Be More Likely to Be Discovered on SoundCloud

Songs with more plays are more likely to show up on a SoundCloud feed. This is important for the purpose of getting more organic plays because more people will be able to see your tracks. It is rare that a track with relatively few plays will show up on your feed. So, how are you supposed to gain any traction or gain more plays if people can not even see your track to begin with. Some tracks are so amazing that they can blow up on shares alone, but this is a rarity. A lot of people partly depend on the SoundCloud algorithm to get their plays. So, buying SoundCloud plays can give your music a fighting chance to show up on the feeds of your potential fans.

Managers and Labels May Take Notice

A track with a high number of plays will catch the eye of managers and labels. If they see a track with thousands upon thousands of plays, they will be likely to give your music a listen. This gets your foot in the door and your music in front of some people who could potentially change the trajectory of your music career whether the plays are organic or not. Managers and labels are constantly looking for new artists and a high play count makes them think that there are already people listening to your music. This make their job seem much easier, so they will gravitate towards the tracks with a high play count.

Getting organic plays on SoundCloud is pretty difficult and it can be intimidating to see artists who have 100,000 or a million plays. However, there is a very good chance that they buy SoundCloud plays, so don’t get too intimidated. Level the playing field by buying your own SoundCloud plays. It is almost impossible to compete with those buying SoundCloud plays. It has become an important part of not only SoundCloud marketing, but music marketing in general. It is a necessary part of your music marketing budget. The good news is that there are options available that are affordable for everyone who is serious about getting their music out to the world.