What is an Instagram Followers Tracker & Why Would I Want One?

Everyone these days is trying to grow their Instagram account.

In the early stages of Instagram, most people would have never guessed how large the social media platform would become and how important it would become.

Actually, most of us would not have guessed that “social media marketing” would even become a term. It is now not only an integral part of marketing in general, but an integral part of our daily lives.

With that being said, we will tell you what an Instagram followers tracker is and how it can help grow your Instagram account like you aspire to grow it.

Doesn’t Instagram already show me who my followers are?

Yes, but one major problem that many have with Instagram is the fact that you do not receive any notifications when someone unfollows you. This probably serves a useful purpose because one could see how being notified when someone unfollows your account can create conflict. Some people may take an unfollow as a personal offense and it can hurt a little when you see that someone is just not interested in you or what you have to share on your profile.

In today’s day and age where people are so concerned with gaining an Instagram following, many people want to see who is unfollowing them. Technically, you could just remember everyone of your followers and keep track of when they unfollow you by constantly going through your following list. However, this is very time consuming and can be unrealistic once you gain a larger Instagram following.

Here is where an Instagram followers tracker comes in

An Instagram followers tracker allows you to see who is is unfollowing you without manually checking your Instagram followers list every second. You will be able to see the people who are not following you back and determine whether to you want to unfollow these people.

The choice is yours, just keep in mind that celebrities or brand accounts are very unlikely to follow you back, so you may not want to unfollow them if you are interested in seeing any content from the larger Instagram accounts. We will get into the reasons why someone would want to keep track of their Instagram followers and unfollowers.

Why would you want to keep track of people who unfollow you on Instagram?

We discussed what an Instagram followers tracker does. It keeps track of people following and unfollowing your Instagram account as the name suggests. Now we will explain why you might need one.

You are using the “follow for follow” strategy

The “follow for follow” strategy is probably the most popular method that people use to grow their Instagram accounts. It involves following another Instagram profile with the hope of getting a “followback”. If you use this method, only a few people will actually follow you back. This means that you will be following a large amount of people you do not want to be following because you followed them for the sole purpose of getting that precious “follow back”. An Instagram followers tracker can allow you to see these people who are unfollowing you. This allows you to do that mass “follow for follow” campaign at scale.

The problem with this method is that it can be very time consuming. You will be putting in quite a bit of effort following everyone in an attempt to get them to follow you back. You can actually buy IG followers to help speed this process up through social proof. People are a lot less likely to follow you back if you currently have a small following. They are more likely to follow you if you have a larger following.

Follower to following ratio

Your follower to following ratio is literally the ratio of people you’re following to people who are following you on your Instagram account. This has been deemed the “cool ratio”. As the name suggests, this cool ratio determines how cool you are on Instagram. If you look at any of your favorite celebrities, brands or political figures, you will see that all of these people are following a very small amount of while having a large amount of followers. If you see an account with 1 million followers, you can bet that they are not following 1 million accounts. They are more than likely following a few hundred accounts if that.

The idea is to follow very few people, but get a whole heap of followers. If you think about it, it kind of makes sense. Think about all of the famous people that you know of. You may be following them or paying attention to what they are doing, but those celebrities couldn’t care less about what you are doing right now. This embodies the idea of celebrity, fame, clout, popularity,status, whatever you want to call it. Unfollowing people who are not following you back can be compared to trimming extra fat. It can makes your profile appear leaner and better. People will see your profile and assume that other people are following you purely because they like you or are interested in your content and not following you purely for the purpose of getting a followback.

Now that you’ve read this article, you may think that an Instagram followers tracker can be pretty freaking useful. You would be right, it is an integral part of any Instagram domination campaign. It is really tough to go without it. It is just too hard to keep up with your campaign. Building that successful Instagram profile can take some work, but really pays off in the end. If you need some extra help, you can also buy Instagram followers as well. All of the hottest musicians, actors, influencers, governments, comedians and businessmen are purchasing followers, so it makes sense to jump on the train.