How to View & Edit Your Own Comments On YouTube

YouTube has been around for over thirteen years! Imagine that! What started out as a little website has now become one of the biggest search engines to have ever existed. You may remember that before YouTube, there really wasn’t any video search engines at all. Google had “Google Video,” but it was lacking in the functionality that YouTube had. So when YouTube came along, there was no competition between the two, and YouTube quickly became the giant that it is today.

Every month, YouTube has one-billion active members. One-billion! That’s a lot of people, and while it isn’t as many as Facebook, it is very, very close. When you publish a video on YouTube, you are creating a direct line between all of those people and you.

Unlike television, viewers have the opportunity to comment on videos. This enables them to reach the creator of that video directly. In contrast to YouTube, it’s very much a one-way platform. If you have a television set and receiver, you can obtain content that is being sent out by big networks and corporate platforms. You can watch Jeopardy and Game Of Thrones. You can listen to Larry King interview The President. But, you can’t send anything back, such as a comment or an inquiry. The only thing you can do is receive information.

The Internet changed all of this. Anybody can publish their work for all to see, and anyone who views that work can send something of theirs to the creator. This is what the Internet changed, and this is what many people forget. In today’s world, connection, a genuine connection, is necessary, especially when it comes to YouTube.

Viewing the comments that you’ve made on YouTube is imperative because it allows you to find the comments that you may need to delete or edit. You may wish to delete or edit these comments because they simply don’t give off a sense of professionalism, or they don’t contribute to the new channel that you are trying to create, adding nothing to the niche that you are working in. If, for example, you are working on producing content related to video editing, and you want to create a brand that is very professional, then it makes sense to go back and delete or edit old comments that, if your viewers found them, would give off the wrong impression.

Finding Your Comments And Editing/Deleting Them

Doing this is very simple. Open up your web browser, and either type “YouTube” into the search engine or go into the address bar at the top of the browser and type in “” This will take you to YouTube. If you aren’t currently logged in to your account, look at the top right of the screen and click on the words bolded in red, “Sign In.” Then, enter your details, and you’ll be sent to the YouTube Homepage.

Once you’re on the YouTube Homepage, look to the left and you’ll see a menu consisting of many things. In the middle of this menu, there will be a word that says “Library.” Right underneath that bolded word, there are several options: History, Watch Later, Purchases, and Liked Videos. Click on “History.”

When you click on “History,” you’ll be taken to a list of all the different videos that you’ve watched on YouTube. This is called your “Watch History.” Look to your right, and you’ll find the bolded words “History Type.” Underneath that, there is a menu consisting of four options. The third option says “Comments.” Click on the “Comments” button.

You’ll be taken to a list of all the comments that you’ve made. Depending on how many comments you’ve made, it may be a short or long list. Read through them, and if there are ones you feel should be deleted, then look to the right and click on the three-dotted button. You’ll be given two choices: Edit or Delete. Delete the comment if you need to, or edit it if you think that’s a better choice.

Once you’ve done this, you’re good to go! Doing this has two real purposes. The first one is simply being able to see the comments that you’ve made over the years. The second purpose is to find comments that may not serve the new channel you wish to create, or the brand you are trying to produce. You may have written comments that are lacking in grammatical precision or accuracy, but the new channel you are creating is meant to give off a sense of professionalism and intelligence. If that’s the case, then edit the comments so they give a sense of intelligence and professionalism.

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