How to Hide Your Subscribers On YouTube

If you buy YouTube subscribers, the last thing you think could happen is for them to be haters or trolls. But it can and does happen. We are not just talking about someone who is simply dissatisfied with a transaction. We are talking about someone who is bent on tearing down your channel, your subscribers – everything you worked hard to build.

The fact is, people like this cause trouble because they want to. There is no other sound reason for their behavior. They have nothing else better to do. These people might even resort to defaming you.

The real question is what are you going to do about it? Will you keep these subscribers or hide them?

The first reaction might be to hide them. But a little forethought will help prevent you from being too hasty. There are other factors to consider. Here they are …

  1. How this subscriber will impact your channel
  2. How they will affect you and your subscribers.

How This Subscriber Will Impact Your Channel

As mentioned at the outset, you put in a lot of time and effort to get your channel ready to market. It was like constructing a building. But do not underestimate a troublemaking subscriber. They can do a lot of damage. More importantly, how you handle this could actually save your channel and your business.

One thing a troll does is start weaving some doubt among the other subscribers. All they need to do is throw out some false statement that might have bits and pieces of truth, but as a whole is false. This is where things can get interesting.

A full-blown controversy can blossom from there with very little coaxing. Those that stick up for you are ridiculed by the troll, possibly guilt-tripping them for their loyalty. Many people follow the crowd, and if a troll can get their mitts on your subscribers, then they have “stolen” one of your subscribers. Then the bad word can spread like gangrene.

Before too long, you have a group of haters finding fault with your content, your channel, and if they bought something from you, your customer service.

There are a couple ways you could handle this. First, you could ignore the entire thing. It could be that they are looking for negative attention, and you deny them the satisfaction. Your silence can silence them. It can work, but sometimes it doesn’t.

The second way is to start interacting with the trolls. You can defend yourself and your channel in front of your entire community. It could work, but depending on the size of the “infection” you might be striking the air. In fact, the interaction could actually challenge your good character to the limit, causing you to resort to reacting the same way as the instigator.

Never let someone like this get to you. Like a lot of people, these trolls are a lot of hot air, no more, no less. Let no one control how you react to a situation like this. You are in control. Stay two steps ahead of trolls and everything will come together.

But despite your best efforts, the situation continues. If you think you can’t take it any longer, hide these YouTube subscribers. Cut your losses. After all, if this is how your alleged subscribers are going to operate, what are the chances of them buying anything from you when the time comes?

You won’t be able to avoid difficult customers entirely, even if you buy affordable YouTube subscribers from us. But this type of person is more than a difficult customer. In fact, they are not even customers. They are problem subscribers. Hide or block them.

How This Subscriber Will Impact You and Your Subscribers

It was touched on earlier, but a troll subscriber can really challenge your good character. If you lose any part of that good character trying to fend off their attempts to ruin you, the potential for damaging your good reputation is huge.

We need to understand something important here. Your reputation is what others think of you. Your character is who you really are. That helps clarify things. You cannot completely control how people view you. Even in the face of the truth, people will think what they want to think. But you can control who you are, and that is what helps you to deal with what people think of you.

However, it is always wise to stay above reproach. It could be a matter of being thick-skinned. It could be a matter of addressing the matter all at once, without interaction with the troublemakers. Maybe they will go away. Maybe they won’t.

If they do not go away, then your last resort will have to be to hide them. Then they cannot bother you anymore.

How about your subscribers? If the original troll manages to draw some “troll disciples” to themselves, then there is a possibility they can draw away even more. That doesn’t mean you won’t have loyal subscribers. The greater majority of your group will know that your content and channel can stand on their own two feet.

Hide the YouTube subscribers before they do any more damage. Trolls are not going to buy anything from you; they are only going to discredit you and tear down your vision. Loyal subscribers, on the other hand, are going to continue taking in your content and will buy what you sell them.

A simple complaint from a subscriber may be relatively easy to deal with and will have little or no impact on your business. An occasional disgruntled person might take a little more finesse and time to extinguish.

However, do not underestimate a troll. They can do more damage than a fake subscriber. They can corrupt your overall community, disrupt your interaction with your loyal subscribers, and if not dealt with in good time and effectively, could ruin your business.