How to Buy SoundCloud Plays Safely Without Risk

It doesn’t matter if you are a musician, author or internet marketer. Getting your content heard by a wide audience can be a monumental task. Plastering links and ads all over the web might be a big part of your marketing plan. But you need a platform to upload your music or content to a wide audience.

This is where SoundCloud comes in. As far as their platform goes, you create an account, upload your files, and then optimize them so people can find you online, either through SoundCloud or the usual search engines.

Then you wait…and wait…and wait…then you snooze.

You get the idea. That could take some time if you do nothing else. On the plus side, those who find your content this way are more likely to stick around. This is because they are actually looking for content like yours. All the same, you need to be very patient with this method.

But believe it or not, there are tons of other sites that sell SoundCloud plays. One of them is Social Media Daily. In this article, we’ll show you how to buy SoundCloud plays from them.

Before we answer that, we are going to tackle 2 questions:

  • Why would you want to buy SoundCloud plays at all?
  • Why would you buy them from Social Media Daily?

Why Buy Plays at All?

  • You can jump start your song or content. If a listener comes across your file and sees that you have no plays on it yet, they may be inclined to keep on looking for other content. Even with a small number of plays, you can get your promotion in motion!
  • Attract more attention. The media, record companies and agents of all sorts scour the internet looking for a good song or good content. Buying plays will make it appear popular, and draw the attention of these people. You never know – one of them could lead to your big break!
  • Potential to go viral. You may have seen how content – even if it is ridiculous or offensive – can spread all over the internet. Well, that same potential exists here, whether it’s a song or an online marketing audio clip.
  • Plays can lead to likes, followers, etc. Real plays come from real people. Real people might like your tracks. Real people who like your tracks might comment on them. Real people who comment on the tracks they like might become followers. All of this could lead to popular tracks.

Now that you’ve learned the benefits of buying SoundCloud plays, let’s consider why you might want to buy them from Social Media Daily?

Why Buy Them From Social Media Daily?

As was mentioned, there are tons of companies attempting to offer this service. However, we will review Social Media Daily and examine why buying plays from them could be a wise choice.

  • Save time & effort.
  • Play counts often see increase in one day!
  • Secure & discreet
  • Extra likes & posts included
  • Simple order processing, guaranteed quality.
  • Exemplary – and free – support.

And now, to the how.

How to Buy SoundCloud Plays From Social Media Daily

By now, you’re probably convinced that you have the right place. So how does it work?

First, we’re assuming that you already have a SoundCloud account, and you have tracks ready to have plays sent to.

So when you go to their website, select the SoundCloud tab. The simple order form is at the top right of this page. Of course, you can read about this service on the left half of the page.

Then, you click the drop down menu to select your package. You can choose from 7 packages, ranging from 1,000 to 500,000 plays, with a range of extras, including likes, followers, reposts and comments. It will also show the processing time for each package. Each option will show the price in bold for that package, before taxes.

Once you’ve decided on your package, copy and paste the link to your SoundCloud track in the space provided. It also gives you the option of receiving plays only by checking the box right below the price.

The last step is add to your cart. The next page will show your order and calculates the tax and final total. Click checkout – done!

There you have it.

Wrap Up

So let’s do a little recap in order to keep the process fresh:

  • Get your SoundCloud account set up (easy instructions on their site)
  • Get your tracks uploaded and optimized
  • Go to Social Media Daily’s website
  • Click on the SoundCloud tab
  • Choose your play package
  • Paste your track link
  • Pay for your plays

You worked hard on your tracks. It doesn’t matter if you’re uploading your latest musical creation, or some ground-breaking, game-changing, problem-solving content. Getting your music or your message heard is hard.

But it doesn’t have to be too hard. We have worked hard to inform you to keep you from working too hard. The quicker you can get things going, the quicker your tracks can be on their way to becoming popular. In time, it might even go viral.

Think of what that could mean for your financial future. Any number of good things could develop from here.

You can monetize your tracks through SoundCloud. Through your networking on SoundCloud, mainly accomplished through listening to other people’s tracks, one of your contacts could actually love what your uploading and want to help you take it to the next level.

So we hope that this article has provided you with valuable information in your quest for SoundCloud stardom! Keep on “trackin’!