9 Ways to Get More Views on YouTube

You and I both want to be heard. Being heard is therapeutic. It makes us feel like we’re a part of our society.

Being heard is also the core of good marketing. So if that’s your goal, you’re also in the right place.

The internet may seem like a great place to be heard, but you’re one voice among many others. How can you stand out? How can you create a unique online presence that others can relate to?

The good news is YouTube hasn’t been tapped into by as many of your competitors as you may think. It’s a relatively underutilized. And some youtubers aren’t always clear on how to get more views on YouTube.

Still, YouTube has become one of the most personal forums for the world. Its audio & visual layout allows us to experience face-to-face interaction.

If you want to connect with an audience, YouTube is how you do so. Studies show that videos are by far the most shareable content on the web. A video contains content that can be digested in a fraction of the time opposed to a blog or a podcast.

If a picture paints a thousand words, then a video paints ten thousand!

Take advantage of this powerful platform. Explore these effective methods of getting more views on YouTube in 2019 — whether it’s for a business, a cause or a passion.

1. Understand the Motivation Behind Your Videos

There are four main reasons for making a YouTube video or starting a YouTube channel. Let’s look at these first and discuss each one.

Your Passion

Perhaps you’re passionate about a hobby or an interest. This is a common motivation for making a YouTube video. In these cases, youtubers with similar interests will gravitate to your videos to immerse themselves in advice, knowledge, music or other forms of entertainment.

Your Business

YouTube is a highly effective tool for promoting your business. A video is not only a way to advertise with an advertisement; it’s also a way to provide explainers, tips, reviews and instruction guides. No matter what business you’re in, I bet I can come up with inventive ways your business can use YouTube to your advantage.

Awareness or Publicity

Some footage is simply newsworthy. A lot of YouTube videos show events that occurred which the public would want to see. Some youtubers milk these videos for what they’re worth by becoming vigilante reporters or opinionated commenters on world events. If you want your opinion out there and want to connect with others who share (or debate) your views, YouTube is the platform to do that on.

A Worthy Cause

Another type of awareness is the awareness around a worthy cause. If you’re trying to save polar bears from becoming extinct, YouTube is a great way to make your subscribers aware of global warming. If you want to raise money for an orphanage, YouTube will help you put a face on your cause.

Ask yourself what your purpose is from the above. This will point your YouTube strategy in the right direction from the get go.

2. Study High Ranking Videos in Your Niche

You’ve got competition out there. But that’s a good thing. You can leverage that competition to increase your own YouTube exposure.

Let’s do some stalking, shall we?

Your passion is building treehouses. Your YouTube videos will focus on how to build simple treehouses, complicated treehouses and even treehouses people get paid to build.

9 Ways to Get More Views on YouTube 1

The above image gives us a good indication of what YouTube subscribers search for most often. This is the basis for your content ideas. Don’t disregard even one!

As a treehouse expert, you’ll need to cover as many treehouse-building aspects as possible. This is how your videos and your channel will get more YouTube views.

Tapping into Other Search Criteria

Your next series of videos should include building a treehouse in Minecraft. Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world. You can tap into this by creating a video where someone builds a unique Minecraft treehouse while you provide commentary.

If you’re not familiar with Minecraft you can still do enough research to create a video like this.

Now you may feel that making a video about building a treehouse on a game does nothing for your original intention of teaching viewers how to build treehouses. You’re only half right.

The point is to create more publicity for what you do by borrowing from other search trends. The Minecraft video isn’t your first video, but it’s one you should add to your list to gain popularity among every treehouse-loving youtuber out there. Make sense?

3. Become Accomplished at Creating Great Video Content

Go back to that image. Did you notice the next popular search criterion? “How to build a treehouse for kids”.

That’s a good one!

Using that as an example, let’s discuss how to get more views on YouTube through qualify video content.

Scripting Your Video

The planning phase of your video is one you shouldn’t ignore. Writing a detailed video script is essential in churning out high quality video’s.

It’s not always about the equipment or the software quality. It’s about having purpose & direction in your video. Scripting is how you do that.

Video Tools are Still Important

I don’t want to take away from the importance of video equipment and software. These are integral to the quality.

If your video is being filmed out in the physical world, make sure you know enough about operating a camera and editing the footage.

If your video is being pulled directly from the screen of your PC, get decent screen recording software.

Other videos are simple animations. You may be doing this yourself or outsourcing it to someone. Either way, make sure it’s quality footage. After all, you’re competing with some great stuff out there.

Points of Quality

Want your videos to be popular? There are various aspects popular videos have in common. Use these points of quality to check the standard of yours.

  • Every point in your video must be properly explained
  • Your video must move at a balanced tempo — not too fast and not too drawn out
  • Your message should be backed up by statistics, facts or studies
  • If there was text used in the video is must be easy to digest and not distract from the video itself
  • The core message should be clear and properly covered throughout the video
  • There should be actionable advice in the video that leaves viewers with something when they’re finished watching it
  • A thumbnail (or still shot within the video) that accurately depicts what the video is about is also important to gain more clicks

4. Pay Attention to Length and Frequency

Every video is different. Some are long, some are short. Some require daily postings, while others are fine to be posted once a week.


Either way, your audience will want to digest your video quickly. 2019 is the year of quick, digestible content whether it be for videos, podcasts or even eBooks.

But wait. I’m not saying your videos should be short. This is a grave misconception. There’s a lot of advice out there stating that YouTube videos should be under five minutes. But some of the most viewed YouTube videos are substantially long.

The trick here is adding what I call VPS (Value Per Second).

Each increment of your video should be adding a high degree of value to your audience. If it’s four minutes long, make sure you cover all relevant info. If it’s twenty-four minutes long, avoid sections that are boring, repetitive or non-essential.

Shorter videos are often better than longer ones, but that’s only because people want answers as fast as possible. if you cover your subject well in a short amount of time, your VPS will be higher — and that’s the goal!


A common opinion is to post videos often. This is usually a good strategy, especially if your videos are gaining popularity.

The idea is: if your message is gaining popularity, give subscribers more.

This is true for some, but it does open a risk of redundancy. There are YouTube channels out there that leave viewers craving more. Others lose popularity because the message is the same week after week.

If you are planning on posting frequently be sure to add a valuable and unique message each time. If you have nothing new to say, don’t post for the sake of posting.

5. Get Subscribers for More Exposure

No matter what you do to get more YouTube views, this is the most effective.

Creating a channel playlist and building a subscriber base will push your YouTube views up significantly. This is about grabbing attention and keeping it.


Creating a channel allows a youtuber to view playlists of all your videos under a particular playlist. When someone searches for your niche, YouTube will push your videos higher in the search rank. After all, you’ve got a channel with lots of videos pertaining to your niche!

Playlists are therefore useful for getting more views.


Annotations are like call to actions for your videos. If you use them correctly you can effectively increase your subscriber base.

Annotations are popups that appear at certain intervals during the video. You can link these annotations to redirect viewers to your social media pages, blogs and other videos.

Annotations can also act as reminders to hit the LIKE button or to SHARE a video. More importantly, you can use an annotation to prompt your youtuber to SUBSCRIBE.

A Quick Boost

A fast way to get the ball rolling on your video is to buy YouTube views. This will immediately increase your video’s popularity, up your rank and ultimately prompt every possible youtuber to watch your videos.


The end goal is to gain subscribers. This is powerful because every time you upload a new video, it will appear on your subscribers’ suggestion page and their notification bar.

YouTube also ranks your video higher if you have subscribers because it sees your channel — and therefore your videos — as relevant, popular and/or authoritative.

Mission accomplished!

6. Incorporate Trends into Your Videos

Remember the ice bucket challenge? How about that whole covfefe debacle by Donald Trump?

Any youtuber who capitalized on those events got a lot more views — even if their regular videos had nothing to do with them.

When something is trending, viewers are drawn to anything related. Keep your subscribers happy and appeal to other youtubers by thinking up funny and inventive ways to include these silly little moments in your videos.

7. Share Your Videos Through Social Media

If you’re not using social media in conjunction with your YouTube videos, you’re missing out on a huge chunk of YouTube views.


Sharing videos on Facebook will increase your YouTube views even if people chose to them directly off Facebook. The video is still hosted on YouTube, so you don’t miss out on views.

Increase Facebook interaction when you post a video by trying out the following:

  • Ask your Facebook followers to come up with a caption or title for your video. This will encourage them to watch it and then comment.
  • Use an amazing title to entice Facebook followers to click on the video. Don’t resort to clickbait, but make sure it’s super catchy.
  • Hold a poll and make watching the video a condition of voting. Followers will watch the video and then decide what option they vote for.


You can also entice Twitter followers to watch your videos by posting links to them. Remember to add a catchy tweet when doing so. You want to sell your video and promise value, or no one will click. Just keep it short.

Hashtags are also highly effective at linking your video with other related trends. Keep it relevant, but don’t pass up an opportunity to add a trendy hashtag to a tweet with your video.


You can also display your videos within a website or a blog. Blogging is an underutilized way to get more YouTube views. Start a blog that adds more reason for Google to rank your content.

Remember this: A video will increase your blog visibility on Google, and the blog will, in turn, boost the views of your video on YouTube!

The two work great together!

8. Engage Your Audience

If you’re lucky enough to get comments on your videos, RESPOND TO THEM!

Side note: Some of your videos may start to get very popular and the comments will overwhelm you. In these cases, try responding to the first four or five comments that come in. Alternatively, you can search through the comments and respond to the most interesting ones.

The more comments you respond to, the more engagement you will create on your videos. This is never a bad thing — even when the comments are negative.

It’s all about relevance, so keep the conversation alive for as long as possible if you want to get more YouTube views for your videos.

9. Manage the SEO for Your Video

This important if you want more YouTube views. Your video must be optimized.

Now don’t get too excited. I’m not saying you must know a lot about SEO to optimize your video, but there are some points that are necessary to help viewers — the right viewers — find you.

Important note: Google is a search engine. But remember that YouTube has its own search engine. Optimizing your YouTube video helps you get promoted on both.


Tagging helps people find you through key terms and searchable phrases. If you want youtubers to find you, think about what search terms they will use. You can add lots of tags to your video so try and cover everything.

Video Titles

A catchy title will get you more YouTube views than you think. Some titles are simply irresistible. If you can learn to create some of your own, your video is going to become popular very quickly.

Here’s a rough guide to what makes a good video title:

  • Keep it simple. Make clear what your video is about and don’t over complicate it.
  • Be honest about what you are offering in the video; a solution, a guide, unique footage, etc.
  • If it’s a guide, use numbers to indicate the number of steps your guide is broken up into.
  • Promise value — and be sure to deliver.
  • Make viewers curious by enticing by making them wonder what you’re about to show them.
  • Implementing these should make you golden!

Video Descriptions

At the bottom of each YouTube video is a section where you can add textual content. (Who said YouTube was all about videos, right?).

9 Ways to Get More Views on YouTube 2

Some youtubers go all out and write a short blog under their videos. This is a good strategy for optimizing your video and helping Google display your video. It’s an opportunity for you to use keywords, search phrases and links. Music videos can contain track info and links to single tracks within a mix. Use this facility!


Links are important to add to your video description. They help Google gauge your relevance. If you link to authoritative info that helped you create the video (like stats, blogs or other videos) your video will gain visibility on Google and on YouTube’s own search engine.

You have all the information you need to create and promote your YouTube video. Identify what you want to achieve, make it tangible and show the world what you have for them. If you are going to put work into your videos, implement these nine steps to make sure you get the most out of your efforts.