6 Ways to Get More Video Views on Instagram


How to get more views on Instagram

So you want to go viral?

Many people whose videos end up being viewed worldwide don’t plan it. Embarrassing moments matched with hidden cameras usually catch people off guard. The result is 15 minutes of fame that you may not even want.

For those who want to achieve this online fame, it’s frustrating when you don’t make the cut.

If you’re an Instagram user you know the ritual of checking your latest video post for views.

Your number of views is a symbol of status. If you have many likes it’s a signal to others that your video is worth watching. So those numbers must climb.

If you’re a musician, you want your latest recorded performance to showcase your talent. If you post a video for your business, it’s probably part of a marketing campaign. If you’re simply uploading a video profile, you’re certainly not doing it for yourself.

It’s about sharing it with friends and followers. You want the world to take notice.

The need to have the world take notice resulted in Instagram being the overall bestselling application one week after its release. It’s the app that reached 1 000 000 downloads in the shortest time.

How can you obtain more views on Instagram? Is there a formula?

I won’t call it a formula. If I had one, I would be rich. However, you may be unaware of how a few easy adjustments can result in more views. Let’s get more viewers onto your profile!

1. Start with the Basics

Instagram—or IG as it’s popularly referred to—was started as a fun application in 2010. Today, it has grown to a powerful tool for business and pleasure—with 700 million users.

If going viral is your goal, approach Instagram with a business mind-set.

Instagram Settings

Have you investigated all the settings on your Instagram application? Small changes can easily connect you with many more users.

Try these:

  • Make sure you easily connect with all possible users. In your Instagram Settings, retrieve information from “find and invite friends” and “suggested users”.
  • Your profile determines your public image. You don’t want damaging photos to be shown on your profile. Under settings, look for ‘Tagging Options’ and ‘Add Manually’. Now you have more control.
  • Build online relationships with important role players who can share and view your posts. Adjust settings to inform you the moment these Instagram users post something new. You can immediately view or like it.
  • Directly after a new post is the time your heroes will be most attentive regarding their posts. If you like them first, they may notice and remember your name.

Your Bio

Instagram is not only about the pictures. Users want to know who they’re following. Make sure your Bio is complete. Add interesting facts that will make followers want to keep an eye out for your next post.

Your Bio must include hashtags that you frequently use. You can also use keywords. These will all help to get you noticed by:

  • Pinterest users with similar interests
  • Search engines
  • Hashtag searches

Include a link to your site for those followers who want even more detail. Don’t let them lose interest because of a lack of information.

2. Join the Mob

You can’t sit back and wait for the viewers to come to you. The only way to increase your views on Instagram is by being part of the throng.

Don’t stay within your usual group of followers. That’s like going to the same hangout every weekend, expecting to make new friends. Here’s how you can ‘meet’ more users.

Who do You Follow?

Instagram works because people have a desire to connect with each other. Chances are if you follow someone they’ll return the favor as a sign of appreciation.

So who are you currently following? Are they setting the trends? Make sure you’re connected with users who have communities that can benefit you.

If all your posts have a particular theme such as music or an area of business, follow the leaders in that field.

See what the successful Instagram users do and follow suit. If a trailblazer follows you back, he or she may view, like and share your posts. Then it gets seen by a whole new community!

View to be Viewed

Are you active enough on Instagram?

You’ll be surprised at the return on investment you get by spending time on Instagram. Keep on viewing and liking posts. As mentioned above, Instagram users will view and like your posts as well.

For Neil Patel, a successful entrepreneur in the modern marketing world, this process brought more than six followers for every 100 likes he gave. His approach was random, but successful.

3. The Hashtag Approach

The hashtag is proof of how social media has become part of our daily lives. These days it’s even used in face to face conversation.

How did a simple sign become so popular? It’s because it serves an important purpose in organizing online content.

On Instagram, hashtags are unique ways in which posts are catalogued. You can search for certain types of posts simply by typing ‘#’ and the theme or person you want to connect with. If your posts are connected to popular hashtags they will be seen by more people.

It’s like belonging to a family that everyone knows and identifies with!

If your own hashtag—you can create any one you want—isn’t popular yet, you should include others in your posts.

These days even radio stations inform you which hashtags are popular. You can simply look for one that’s relevant to your video or image. Add this to your post and people looking for the most popular posts of the day may just notice yours.

Beware! Don’t load your posts with many random hashtags. This is a sign of desperation. Simply pick three or four that are relevant.

The popularity of hashtags changes daily, so make sure you stay informed. A few ones that have retained their popularity are:

  • #FF (Follow Friday)
  • #instafollow
  • @l4l (Like for like)

4. Are Your Posts Worth Viewing?

Picture taking has become a science. The hard truth is that average photos of your lunch will not result in a massive following. These days your posts are competing with:

  • Celebrity pics
  • Professional photographs
  • Viral videos

Instagram users are becoming desensitized, so only the best videos and pictures are noticed. What makes a post fall into this category?

Posts People Love

You don’t have to go for a professional photography course. You can improve on your current posts by applying these tips:

  • If you’re making infographics, use professional online tools such as Canva. You may have to pay for some of the features, but it will be worth it. The professional approach will shine through and you’ll get more views on Instagram.
  • Use people in your footage. Users are attracted to faces and figures. Example: Add characters even if your content is about landscapes.
  • Can you guess what the most popular Instagram filter is? The Mayfair filter. This is especially true for marketing posts. Give it a try.
  • Colors matter. If you use blue in your footage or design you’re bound to get 24% more feedback than sticking to other colors. This trend is also true for posts that are light rather than dark.
  • Rein in the filters. This is a popular Instagram feature, but it doesn’t increase the amount of views you’ll get. Frames however are quite successful in making your posts more attractive.

Tell Them Where You Are

Instagram thinks of everything. The geotagging feature tells users where a photo or video was taken. This works to gain more views on Instagram for two reasons:

  • Instagram users want to know what’s going on in their immediate area. People are curious by nature and they love to gossip. If you link your location to your posts, strangers in your area will WANT to know what you’re doing. That’s one more view for your statistics!
  • Geotagging is one way of searching for Instagram posts. People can find your posts simply by typing in your suburb. Don’t miss out on this easy marketing tactic.

Remove and Declutter

Your album of photos is a representation of you. It goes hand in hand with your bio to make an impression on other users.

If your Instagram posts are a collection of experiences for personal reference, you can keep everything that you’ve ever posted. However, if your Instagram profile must make an impact on employers or business partners, you need to send the correct message.

Don’t let your album reflect negatively on you. Follow these guidelines:

  • Delete the posts you know are bad. A low quality photograph will reflect negatively on a photographer. A badly made infographic won’t impress your clients.
  • Clean up your album by only keeping the best ones. People who want to be impressed won’t have to browse through a multitude of items. If they’re faced with such a profile they may even navigate to someone else’s. However, if you only keep the best, they can instantly notice and view the high quality pieces.

5. For the Professionals

If your business and future relies on your Instagram success, you must use all resources at your disposal. Not everyone may have time to implement them, but they’re worth the effort.

Tools for Feedback

Get some statistics to help you plan for the future. Online tools are available to gather information:

  • Piqora tells you what type of posts has the most engagement. If a type worked once, it’s bound to work again.
  • Iconosquare will give you a summary of your success. It tracks your growth, so you can see which posts sparked interest. Keep posting the same types to get more views.
  • Hootsuite, Latergramme and similar applications allow you to schedule future posts. This can be in conjunction with posts on other social media platforms. The more platforms that showcase your posts, the more views you obtain. You can have posts activated even while you’re asleep. Some of the applications also give you feedback on Instagram users’ interaction with the posts.

Instant Growth

Sometimes instant growth is essential. If you want to make impact fast you can’t wait for a steady (but slow) increase of views.

This is when you buy Instagram views.

It’s a simple process of employing a company which is connected to a large Instagram community. In return for payment these companies communicate to Instagram users to like your posts.

It’s that simple. You can have overnight results.

This increase in views gives your posts more authority. It attracts more views and stands out among others. With a greater following your next post will garner more interest.


If you’re posting on behalf of a business you are connected with clients, suppliers and partners. Somewhere there will be an expert in your field who’s relevant to your company.

Ask this expert—who should already have an Instagram following—to mention or tag you. This opens up the possibility of connecting with this person’s followers.

6. Pick a Time

Social media requires a scientific approach for absolute success. Random posting won’t get you anywhere.


Studies have shown that certain times of the day produce more feedback and views. A few characteristics determine these guidelines:

  • Are you uploading pictures or videos? Videos gain more traction during non-work hours. If you want someone to watch a whole video and like it, make sure he or she is at leisure to do so. The audio tracks of videos make them impractical to view at work.
  • Who is your audience? Learn about the characteristics of your niche market. Start measuring what time of day your posts are most viewed. Post during these times only and see how you gain more views on Instagram.
  • Give popular times a try. Many businesses find that business hours up to nine o clock at night result in excellent feedback. General Instagram users find these times to be most successful: 2am and 5pm
  • Did you know Instagram is less busy on Sundays? If you post on this day there will be less competition so you can get noticed easier.


When you know what time is most applicable to your niche you have to keep at it. Posting daily is essential.

Think of your Instagram postings as branding. Branding works when the right items—such as products or information—are consistently placed within reach of consumers.

You have to supply high quality products for your consumers to appreciate. Spoiled with quality, people become expectant of new posts. If you disappear for a while, they may forget about you and follow another brand. Don’t give them reason to.

Instagram is relatively new when compared to Facebook. Its success prompted the social media giant Facebook to acquire this thriving application in 2012. Its success is no wonder, since it’s a prime medium for communication and marketing. You can harness the power of Instagram by trying out some of the tips mentioned here. Don’t let another view pass you by.