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  • You receive 20 free Instagram likes.
  • The free trial can be used once per link and per email address.
  • You have to send us a link to your photo.
  • You must have a public account.
  • The likes come from international users.
  • Delivery starts only after confirmation of our email.
  • No password required.

Why Getting More Instagram Likes Is Easier Said Than Done

What do you have in common with 1 billion other Instagram users? You want to get more likes for your photos, preferably with as little effort as possible. However, with a continuously increasing number of users, smartphone cameras that outstrip each other, and websites full of good advice about how to make the perfect photo, the level of competition has grown significantly.

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With so much competition out there, Instagram followers and likes will not simply knock on your door. And since you are not the only one who is desperately waiting for a handful of likes, a whole machinery has developed to offer Instagram likes free of charge and in large quantities.

Why Most Offers For Free Instagram Likes Are Not Good For You

Technically, there are plenty of possibilities for generating free Instagram likes. The problem is that those apps and websites do not really want to help you. What is the true motivation behind these seemingly free offers? Obviously, developing an app, creating a website, and securing a domain must have cost a few dollars.

Before you order 1,000 free Instagram likes, you should look very carefully at what you have to do for those likes. Does the app need your Instagram password? If so, your profile will most likely get hacked and start a life of its own.

Does the website require a lot of personal information? Then it is quite possible that your data will be misused for advertising purposes. Do you have to solve picture puzzles or play games? Each click on yet another button might be leading you closer to a fee-based subscription or a computer virus.

Instagram Likes: Free Trials Are A Sensible Alternative

Getting plenty of free Instagram likes does sound intriguing. In most cases, however, it will only harm you. The alternative? A free trial. You will not get that many likes, but you will benefit from various other advantages.

Try to think of your favorite ice cream parlor in the summer. There are some days that you simply cannot decide which flavor you want and others when you simply feel like trying something new. Well, the ice cream vendor always lets you taste a spoonful, doesn‘t he?

Naturally, he will not give you a whole scoop for free. After all, someone has to pay for rent, salaries, ingredients, and advertising. However, this is the only way for you to find out whether or not cucumber-mint sorbet really is your thing. You never get charged for trying, regardless of whether you decide to buy the ice cream or to move on.

This is how it works with our Instagram likes free trial. You can first try the product and then decide whether or not you want to buy Instagram likes cheap. You do not commit yourself to anything. In fact, a product that actually has a price also speaks for its trustworthiness and quality. Wouldn’t you find it suspicious if the ice cream parlor gave out all the ice cream for free? Sounds more like a bad case of salmonellae…

Learn more about the other advantages of our free trial here:

1. Guaranteed Free

You do not enter into a contract or a subscription when you order free Instagram likes from us. There are no hidden costs. We do not ask for your payment details. We only need your email address and the link to your picture.

We have specialized in selling social media marketing services since 2011. With our free trial we want you to try our Instagram likes before buying them.

If you like the quality of our Instagram likes, we welcome you to buy more. If you are not, you do not need to be afraid of any costs arising after the fact. Our free trial is and will be free at all times – no matter what you decide.

2. Easy & Fast

When you order free Instagram likes from us, you only need to enter your email address and the link to your Instagram photo.

As soon as you click on the link in our confirmation email, you will automatically receive the free likes on your chosen picture. This will only take about ten minutes!

3. Trustworthy

Social Media Daily is an officially registered company in Germany and has its main offices in Berlin. Jonas Kopka, our CEO, founded the company in Hamburg in 2011. Today, we have over 35,000 satisfied customers and more than 100 orders a day.

Should you have any questions regarding the free trial, we are happy to receive your call during business hours: Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 8. p.m. and Saturday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m (CET). We are also available via Live Chat. You can also just send us an email if that is more convenient for you! We usually respond within 24 hours.

4. Real Users

We do not use bots. The likes we send to your photo come from registered users of international exchange networks. When they like a picture, they receive free likes on their pictures or credits in return.

The users are of international heritage. They have their own followers, a profile picture, and their own posts. Although we cannot exclude the possibility that a user has created more than one profile to gain more credits, we do guarantee that we do not create fake profiles or work with dubious software.

5. Anonymous & Discreet

We handle your data with the utmost care. We do not share your data with third parties, and we do not sell it for advertising purposes. If, at any point, you no longer want us to keep your information, you can always send us an email and we will delete your data immediately.

We do not need the password to your Instagram account. In contrast to many other apps and online providers, we do not need to log in to your account in order to send you free likes.

Other people cannot tell whether you got the new likes organically or whether you used a free trial. The number of the likes on your photo will just rise as you intended.

Order Instructions: How To Get Instagram Likes Free

Would you like to receive 20 free Instagram likes from us? Simply follow these steps:

  1. Click on the big button “Get Free Instagram Likes Now”. You will be redirected.
  2. Please add your full email address in the checkout window.
  3. Add the link to your Instagram photo in the given field.
  4. Confirm the free trial. We will send an email to the address provided.
  5. Click on the confirmation link in our email. You are now ready to get started!

Delivery usually starts after about ten minutes. If you do not see any increase, we might have a query and will contact you as soon as possible via email.

Typical reasons for this delay are that your account is set to private, the submitted link was broken, or there was a typo in your email address. If you do not know what to do, you can always contact us. Ideally, though, you should already have 20 new Instagram likes by now!

How Do You Easily Get More Likes?

We want you to be successful on Instagram. Hence, we collected a number of tips for you on how to boost the growth of your account:

1. Focus On Your Audience

First of all, you should optimize your content. When you upload photos that are truly relevant for other users, you are much more likely to get a positive response.

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Say you just finished baking your favorite cake, took a picture of it, and added a description of your happiness about the final result. Well, we know this is a great moment for you, and we can almost imagine the amazing smell in the kitchen. However, we do not really gain any value from it.

How about making a collage of the different stages of making the cake and adding a step-by-step baking manual instead? This way, other users can make the cake themselves, share their success with you, or ask questions about the baking process. Sharing is caring, and it will definitely get you more likes.

2. Communicate With Users From The Same Niche

By interacting with other people’s posts you can draw the attention of many. Comments are especially suitable for this. Comments are not as easily given as likes, and they publicly display your account name below someone else’s picture. If your comment is smart and creative, other users will not hesitate to learn more about you.

It is crucial, though, that you do not comment on pictures of random influencers and simply hope for their followers to eventually become yours. Here, less is definitely more. Look for Instagram users that target a similar audience and have a modest number of followers.

Usually, outstanding accounts with a moderate number of followers have a decisive advantage: real engagement. The engagement rate is proven to be a key to success. If you visit these profiles and interact with their posts on a regular basis, chances increase that they will also visit your profile and leave a like.

3. Buy Instagram Likes

You can also buy Instagram likes. This is a fast and easy solution to increase your number of likes. You will benefit from these likes especially in the beginning, because others will get the impression that your photos are well liked. And when you already have one like, it does not take long to a second one.

Keep in mind that you should not refrain from using the other two methods. Buying likes can smoothen your start, but it is not as sustainable as relevant content and high engagement. It’s like always jumpstarting your car but never taking it to the shop. Eventually, your car will just die on you, and you’ll be left with nothing.

On top of that, you want to keep it real. If you do not have a single picture, it is rather unlikely that 100 people are following you. It is just as unlikely to have an account that has a hundred likes on each picture but not one single follower.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Free Instagram Likes

Yes. There are no hidden costs in the form of subscriptions or similar fees
Delivery usually starts after ten minutes. However, you must remember to confirm our email before. Check your spam folder or contact us if you did not receive our email.
No. Our free trial only holds for 20 Instagram likes. However, you can buy more likes at our online shop starting at only 3.90 USD.
We are Social Media Daily, a registered company in Berlin, Germany. We have provided social media marketing services since 2011. We offer Instagram likes free of charge so that anyone thinking about ordering from us can learn more about our services.

Instagram Likes: Free Trial At Social Media Daily

Many providers advertise free Instagram likes. However, they often hide fee-based subscriptions and malware, or they share your data with third parties without your consent.

At Social Media Daily, you can get Instagram likes free of charge and without worrying about a thing. The ordering process is free, safe, and easy. If you like our Instagram likes, we invite you to visit our online shop, where you can purchase as many more likes as you want. In addition to Instagram likes, we also offer followers, views, and much more.

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