3 Secret Apps to Get More Likes on Instagram Today

Likes, likes likes! It doesn’t matter what social media platform you use. Getting likes, followers, views, subscribers – is all a part of your mission to get attention to your content, whether it is problem-solving reading or the latest song hitting the charts.

In view of this, the internet has been literally flooded with apps to help someone get any of those things, whether you decide get more likes on Instagram by buying them or get them organically.

Before we get to the names of some of these apps, we need to take a look at this question of getting more likes by buying Instagram likes versus getting them organically.

Buying vs. Organic


The overall idea of buying them carries with it a lot of criticism. The reason for this is because people’s minds default to the probability that these purchased likes do not have real people behind them. Essentially, the argument is that they are fake likes generated by a bot.

But is it really that way? While it is generally true that most services use bot-generated likes, not all of them do so. This is good news if you want to conduct your business honestly.

Of course, if they could mimic a human liking your Instagram page perfectly, then using an app to get more likes on Instagram might seem okay. But is it?

For example, YouTube has a firm policy about bot-generated activity in general, with a system in place to detect it. Here’s how it works.

If your video has 300 views or less, YouTube doesn’t perform any checks for bots. However, if you are shooting for tons of views, and you plan to use bot-generated likes, look out!

Once your video reaches 301, YouTube’s detection system basically uses an algorithm that will help determine where the majority of your likes, views or whatever are coming from. If it shows, for example that that majority comes from say three computers, that is a red flag. Your video will likely get deleted. If you make a practice of it, you now endanger future videos, and your account.

As for Instagram the following was taken from their Terms of Use section:

“You must not create accounts with the Service through unauthorized means, including but not limited to, by using an automated device, script, bot, spider, crawler or scraper.”

This statement may appear to exclude whether it’s okay to get more likes with the use of a bot. However, reason on this. If it’s not okay to create an account using a bot, why would it be okay for the rest of the other items? When in doubt, do without.

Many businesses use Instagram to advertise their business. But there is one problem. To management, having someone take on all of the tasks to monitor the account is time-consuming and costs the company money – time and money that could be better-spent on “more important” company items.

So to accommodate this situation, a company might buying Instagram likes to streamline the process. Of course, if those likes are actually made by real people, then it’s no problem.

But according to some sources, companies don’t mind using likes that are generated by bots. In view of Instagram’s policy, however, businesses are subject to the same rules as everyone else. However, it is not known if some wiggle room is warranted in these cases.

Now, let’s consider the idea of organic likes.


Organic likes can be explained simply. There is organic traffic, where real people search for certain content. Organic likes means that real people have found your posts, whether videos or article posts; they have physically viewed them, ideally all the way through; they have physically taken their mouse, moved it over to the “Like” icon, and clicked it. That is an organic, or more to the point, real like.

It is this type of traffic, views, likes, etc., that stays the longest with you. Why so? Because these are people who have actually searched for content that you published and found it. There is no better lead to have in the pipeline than one that actually wants what you got.

You cannot get this benefit with bot-generated likes. It is a temporary fix that has no long-term benefits.

So buying Instagram likes will only benefit you if those likes are from real people. Bot-generated likes are bound to put your Instagram account in jeopardy, and are therefore a waste of time and money. Organic likes are guaranteed to come from real people, and will keep your Instagram account in good standing while you grow your business.

Now let’s look at some apps will help you get more likes on Instagram. Keep in mind that since we strongly support the use of organic likes, we will mention only apps that help gain organic likes.

3 Organic-Friendly Instagram Apps

  1. Upleap - finds you an Instagram manager to keep engaging with users so you’ll boost your presence through
  • Audience selection
  • Hashtag targeting
  • User targeting
  • Location selection
  • Content filtering
  1. Keyhole - one of the go-to hashtag tracking tools out there


  • Hashtag & Keyword tracking
  • Account Tracking & Reporting


  • Get the data you need
  • Amplify your brand’s message
  • Show the value of your work
  1. RiteTag - Get instant hashtag suggestions for images and texts on desktop and mobile. Based on real time hashtag engagement.

Before you shop for apps to help you get more likes on Instagram, you have quite a bit to think about.

If you decide to buy Instagram likes, find out if you want to use a service that produces them through the use of bots or that which will generate them organically. Remember that Instagram has technology to detect bot activity. Is it worth risking your account for a few quick likes?

If you decide to generate them organically, use the apps or sites that will definitely work with organic likes. You will guarantee the safety of your Instagram account, as well as increase the chances of success in your business.