Invest in Facebook Views for Successful Video Marketing

Facebook is more than just a social network. The site has become a dynamic content platform. It increasingly revolves around moving pictures. By investing in Facebook Views, you can steer your strategy even more effectively in the desired direction.
Videos as the Medium of the Future
None other than Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg prophesied a "new golden age for video". Visual content in the form of video increasingly determines the newsfeed of the largest social media network. As early as the beginning of 2015, Facebook recorded a 75 per cent increase in video traffic as compared to the previous year. Hundreds of millions of hours of video are distributed to eight billion plays a day! These impressive figures show that video content is the content of the future.
Infograph on how buying Facebook views adds to video marketing
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Moving Images with Higher Ranges
Compared to photos, the organic reach of videos on Facebook is more than twice as high. Nevertheless, organic reach remains the biggest challenge in the field of social media. For a long time, marketers have been lamenting the decrease in organic reach on the platform. However, you can buy Facebook video views to counteract this trend effectively. Each playback creates more visibility and felt popularity for your video. With your visual message, you can potentially reach more people within a very short time.
Better Visibility = More Interaction = Better Visibility
Even if photos still make up a large part of the content on Facebook, videos give a stronger impression with regard to commitment. Thus, interaction is highest for contributions with moving pictures. Purchasing Facebook Views can reinforce this. A video with a high number of views generates not only more attention and interest but also more reactions in the form of likes, comments and shares. Interaction is crucial for the Facebook algorithm and, thus, your visibility in the Facebook Newsfeed. 
Video Views as a Success Indicator
Even in times of autoplay, where three seconds already counts as playback, views are still an important key figure. What is often seen must almost invariably be worth seeing. For users, the views counter is a critical indicator of the awareness and popularity of a video. Subconsciously, the readiness to interact, whether by simple playback, a click on "Like", or a written opinion when commenting or sharing, is enhanced.
Alternatives to Facebook Advertisements?
Among other things, video views are key figures in generating your so-called "Relevance Score", which is the relevance assessment for advertisements. The higher this value, the lower the cost of the display. Thus, the purchase of views can actually support Facebook ads or represent a cost-effective alternative.
A View into the Future:
A newsfeed consisting exclusively of video content? According to Facebook Vice President Nicola Mendelsohn, this could become a reality in 2021. A bold prediction! But the fact is that moving image is booming. The decision to buy Facebook Views can make the difference by making the perception and appreciation of your videos much more dynamic. We will be happy to show you how!
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