Why Marketers Buy Instagram Comments

Instagram is more than just a collection of photos and videos. The online service has quickly developed into a dynamic microblogging platform. However, the potential is sometimes misunderstood. Where hashtags stop, social media marketing comes in. But what added value do Instagram comments really offer?
Infograph showing the reasons for buying Instagram comments
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Comments as Visual and Individual Appreciation
Pictures that arouse emotions also trigger reactions. Likes are the simplest form of value estimation. At first sight, it becomes clear how popular a photo or video is. Comments, not only on Instagram, go a step further. Whoever comments also animates – far more than with a simple click on the heart. The impact is felt more. The reason is obvious: anyone who takes time to comment wants to communicate. However, this is only the case for selected content due to the large number of posts. Comments are a sign for other users: Here there is conversation. They arouse interest and increase interaction. Other users become part of the communication. True to the motto: Read and be read.
More Interaction = Higher Range
Consuming and commenting: what marketers would not want this for their social media posts? With 500 million people (as of June 2016), approximately one in every seven Internet users worldwide is represented on Instagram. In Germany, nine million people are now active on the platform, according to the official statement at the "Digitial Life Design" Internet Conference in early 2016. Given the multitude of contributions, appealing visual content or relevant hashtags are usually not enough. People can be influenced by others, whether they like it or not. Interaction formally increases the popularity of content. By purchasing comments you can influence this development decisively. You can potentially reach more people with your photos and videos. Ideally, interested users are committed followers. In addition, commitment is a sustainable success factor on almost all social media platforms. And, through greater coverage, more people get your message first. Keyword: Instagram algorithm.
Instagram as an Underrated Marketing Tool
More and more companies rely on Instagram for effective social media marketing. As a study by the market research firm Forrester Research shows, this is for good reason: with an interaction rate of 2.3 per cent per follower, the platform offers considerable commitment. By comparison, on Facebook, brands reach just one-tenth of this value. The interaction is even 84 times higher than Twitter. In addition, you can strengthen this trend by investing in Instagram likes or comments. You can increase not only the visible popularity of your posts but also the degree of familiarity and awareness by creating user trends for your own content and, thus, encouraging others to react. Where comments are, more comments are made. More often than not, the reaction of some gives impetus for the interaction of others.
An increasing number of marketers have now recognized the massive importance of Instagram and are using the platform for visual messages. Commitment creates more engagement. To buy Instagram comments literally means to achieve more. Or are you satisfied with your current coverage?
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