Why you should buy Facebook reactions

Facebook users can rate posts with just one click. For a long time, the “thumbs up” or like button was the only option for rating. With the introduction of six emoticons in February 2016, Facebook has enabled a wider range of emotions. The so-called Facebook reactions range from a heart to an angry smiley and are being used more and more frequently. It is hardly surprising that the demand for differentiated reactions on posts is increasing. Read here to learn how buying Facebook reactions can help and what the advantages of these new emoticons are.
Infograph with the benefits of buying Facebook reactions

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Attract new clicks with smileys
The traditional like remains the fastest method of expressing one’s appreciation for a post. To use Facebook reactions, the user has to hover over the Like Button with the mouse or hold the thumb a little longer, depending on the device. This only takes a few milliseconds more, but it represents a major hurdle for the user. However, the new emoticons offer many advantages. Users can better express their feeling with these new icons. Especially in the case of death or tragic events, the “thumbs up” button was often criticized. Before, it was only possible to click the “thumbs up” button once, while now Facebook users could theoretically click every emoticon once. Companies also benefit from these new buttons, as they can use them to better assess the impact of a campaign. In order to inspire users to use the new function of Facebook reactions, you can simply start by using it yourself. This works best by buying Facebook reactions. If you are, for instance, launching a new product on the market and reporting about it with a post on Facebook, you should simply buy a few WOW reactions. Similar reactions by other users will follow suit quickly.
Increase reach and ranking
Search engine optimization – or SEO – plays an important role for every Internet presence. If you cannot be found via the search engine Google, you will have problems acquiring new customers. Usually, only the first, most optimized search results attract the attention of users. Only Google knows what factors are truly relevant and how strongly these are weighted, but it is obvious that Facebook reactions, similar to post likes, help achieve a better position within search results. This works particularly quickly if you buy Facebook reactions. The emoticons are usually procured within a very short time, and you won’t have to make use of further advertising efforts for the post in question. Incidentally, buying Facebook emojis also increases your reach within Facebook. The higher visibility of your post promotes organic growth of reactions and likes, which, in turn, may also positively affect your ranking.
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