9 Proven Methods for Getting More Followers on Twitter

I don't want you to start using Twitter because you think you must. I want you to use Twitter because Twitter is COOL!

Once you see how it works and what kinds of posts attract more Twitter followers to your cause, you'll soon become addicted.

Have you ever heard the term micro blogging? That's what Twitter is all about. Getting quick information that's valuable, easy to digest and thought-provoking. Every time you post on Twitter, these are the factors you should be keeping in mind.

Did you get that? Valuable. Easy to digest. Thought-provoking.

Okay, now that you know the recipe for a great tweet let's look at how you can get more followers on Twitter.

1. Know What You Want to Say

Before I give you tips on how to get more followers on Twitter, we need to look at your main objective for being on Twitter.

What is your core message?

This question should be explored thoroughly because you need a content strategy.

Yes, a content strategy. Tweets may be short, but they can be very powerful. Here's a guide on how to develop a content strategy:

  • Define your purpose for Tweeting (business, awareness, hobby, etc)
  • What is your core message in four words or less? Example: "Freedom is not free"
  • Who is your audience? How can you appeal to that audience?
  • What's your Twitter follower retention strategy? (See point #3)

Your content strategy should be kept on hand Every post must adhere to your objective if you want to succeed.

Now, let's have some fun with Twitter!

2. The 6-Word Rule

Twitter followers love short tweets. Keep this in mind—it will serve you well.

When in doubt, I like to stick to the 6-word rule. It's the concept that whatever you want say can be said in six words, or it's simply not worth saying.

There are social media profiles out there that have taken the 6-word rule quite far. There are 6-word quotes, 6-word poems and even 6-word short stories.

Twitter 6-word rule example

Look at what you want to say and try to compress it into six words. Be brutal! Cut those words away and train your "tweet brain" to be more concise.

The great thing about Twitter is that you can accompany your six-word sentences with other forms of content. Hashtags will help you elaborate on a post that may be vague. Images can also put your six words into context.

Your posts don't all need to be six words long, but make yourself stick to the 6-word rule several times a week and watch your Twitter followers increase.

The trick here is to be inventive and concise. You'll soon get more Twitter followers if you post short lines that users love. Try it. It works!

3. Develop a Twitter Follower Retention Strategy

Getting more Twitter followers is only part of your strategy. I also want you to work on keeping the ones you've got.

Nobody wants a Twitter user to unfollow them, right? So how can you retain your current followers and why is it important to do so?

There are three main reasons:

  • Existing followers will retweet your content which will bring in more followers
  • By keeping your followers happy you achieve your main objective (awareness, business, etc) more effectively
  • Creating posts that make your followers happy will automatically attract new ones anyway

Do you see it? Getting more followers and keeping existing ones work well together.

How to Develop a TFRS

There are two ways to ensure you are keeping up with your current Twitter followers' likes.

  • Analytics: There are awesome free tools that are designed especially for Twitter profiles. The tools will analyze all your content for a certain period and give you a clear indication of which posts received the most interaction. Engagement is key to keeping your existing Twitter followers happy and interested in your content. Find out what they are commenting on and liking and keep posting more content like that.
  • Trend Awareness: Now that you know what's trending on your own profile, start looking at others too. Take note of what kind of content within your own niche receives retweets. Steer your own content in the same direction. Don't borrow or steal content used by competitors, but recognize what works and use it.

4. Connecting with Other Social Media Channels

Twitter is what I call the centre of social media. It's the social media platform that helps you centralize other social media channels.

Let me show you how.

Twitter and Facebook

Facebook is an all-rounder social media channel. It's full of images, lengthy content, blog posts and videos.

UIse Facebook to get more Twitter followers

Facebook followers find short posts refreshing. They like digesting one-liners and checking out fun hashtags.

Share your tweets on Facebook and get your Facebook followers to come over to the "Twitter side" of social media.

Twitter and Instagram/Pinterest

Instagram and Pinterest are all about images & photos. Twitter also has an image element to it, which is great news for you.

Share great images from Instagram and Pinterest on your Twitter profile. By following relevant profiles on Instagram and Pinterest, you get a great source of images that relate to your niche.

Twitter and SoundCloud

If your niche is music, then Twitter can help you immensely with your SoundCloud profile. Create awareness for your music with Twitter hashtags, clever quotes and short & punchy music info.

5. Leveraging Hashtags Effectively

Hashtags are awesome! You'll learn to love them as you use them more.

The trick to capitalizing on hashtags is three-fold. I'll show you which hashtags to use and in which context. But first a quick explanation of what hashtags are and how they work.

A hashtag is placed in front of a word or a combination of two or three words like this: #ThisIsHappiness. This tags your post and places it with other posts with the same tag. So if someone clicks on the hashtag, they will be automatically directed to a collection of posts related to that hashtag.

You do not have to link the hashtag manually. It will do so automatically when you create it. Also, you can use multiple hashtags on the same post, thereby placing your post within various collections.

Now let's look at how to use hashtags to get more Twitter followers.

Use Hashtags that are Popular

Some hashtags get used extremely often. Using these hashtags on your own post will create awareness for your Twitter profile.

Users will be directed to your post through other posts they've seen. if your post is interesting, they will click on your post and end up on your profile. Once there they can follow you and receive alerts to all your future posts.

Create a Unique Hashtag

Identifying your brand with a hashtag is a way to take ownership of a term or phrase. You can't prevent others from using this same hashtag, but if it's unique to your brand they wouldn't do so anyway.

Create a clever hashtag with two to three words. Use it whenever you post something unique about your niche or your business. Users can't help clicking on enticing hashtags, so give it lots of thought.

Diversify Hashtags with Days, Locations, times and Events

Some hashtags are directly related to holidays and places. These hashtags get a lot of exposure, making them perfect for using on your posts.

If you're taking part in an event, hashtag it so that people know they can expect you there. If you're offering a Christmas special, add a Christmas hashtag to it to help users find it. Did you just sign a new client in Europe? Hashtag the country or the city and let others there know that your services are on offer.

Using the current year in your hashtags is also effective. 2018 is a powerful keyword that helps users find time-relevant content. Use 2018 in your content and especially in your hashtags.

6. Buy Twitter Followers for Your Profile

A snowball has to start somewhere? If you want to create a snowball effect of followers for your Twitter profile, get is started with genuine Twitter followers.

The beginning stages of your Twitter journey can be hard. No matter how good your posts are, no one will see them. Exposure is the name of the game, and that's the hardest part for many Twitter account holders.

When you buy Twitter followers, you give yourself a solid head start. Twitter has an algorithm that determines the relevancy of your posts and your profile in general. This relevancy will increase when real Twitter followers are following you.

Give your Twitter profile the chance it deserves to get noticed by others. Buy followers and start that snowball effect with a strong start.

7. A Guide on Twitter Images

Twitter is about saying a lot with as little as possible. What better way to do that than with images?

Pictures & photos have been shown to encourage three times more engagement than textual content. While the tradition of Twitter is short punchy messages, images are a super fast way to get more Twitter followers in 2018.

So, do you want to triple your retweets? Of course you do! Here's how to use images that are appropriate to Twitter.

Twitter Collages

A Twitter collage is a combination of two, three or four images within the same tweet. If done cleverly, you can use this to express your message effectively. Think comic book style. Think progression. Think comparisons. You can do a lot with a Twitter collage.

Unique Images

You can't go wrong with a unique image that's high quality. You can make great images using Photoshop or InDesign. Alternatively, grab your camera and get clicking. Unique images get more retweets than recycled ones. So instead of sharing a trend, why not create one?

Redirected Images

Images that originated on other social media platforms do well on Twitter. A lot of Twitter followers may not be on other social media channels. So if an image is trending on Pinterest or Instagram, share it on Twitter to attract more followers to your profile.

8. Interacting with Users on Twitter

If you want engagement on your Twitter posts, you're going to have to do some socializing yourself. Engaging with an audience is how the top Twitter profiles grow daily.

Replying to Comments

If you've got over 100 replies on your post, don't worry about interacting too much. Your main objective is to show face and reply to some. But whatever you do. interact with your audience to some reasonable degree. Doing so will encourage them to comment on future posts. Start a conversation and keep it upbeat.

A Direct Message

Twitter has a facility that allows you to auto-respond to new Twitter followers. It's a personalized message that encourages users toward a call to action. Tell them to buy your eBook, visit your Facebook page or watch a video.

Direct message (DM) on Twitter

Others' Posts

It's to your own benefit to also comment on the posts of other Twitter account holders. Keep the conversations alive. Let commenting on posts become second nature. Always make conversation so that users will notice you. They may just click on your profile, check you out and become followers!

9. Understand the Tweeting Lingo

Tweeting is like another language. There's even a dictionary for Twitter users who want to learn the Twitter lingo and understand terms, abbreviations and phrases.

It's worth learning some of these if you're planning to use Twitter regularly. Twitter lingo helps you say more using less characters. Since users love short, punchy tweets, this lingo can help you get more followers on Twitter.

Twitter is limited to the amount of characters per tweet. Remember that it's a micro blogging platform, so keep it short.

Learning Twitter lingo is also "cool". Twitter users have developed a culture within their tweets that make posts easy to digest. It's usually those who don't understand this culture whose tweets don't get noticed.

An amateur tweet may look something like this:

  • I just had a bowl of cheesy pasta that my cousin made for me. He used 4 different kinds of cheese. So yummy!

A veteran Twitter user will say the same thing quite differently:

  • When your cuz makes you a 4-cheese pasta dish! #DeathByCheese #Yumminess

See the difference? One is long-winded and kind of dull. The other is short and fits in with Twitter's culture.

So learn to be cool if you want your posts to attract more Twitter followers!

Find Your Sweet Spot

In conclusion, I want to give you one more tip. It may be a little more idealistic the rest, but it really is true.

You have a unique sweet spot on Twitter. You just need to find out where it is.

Your presence on Twitter is totally unique to everyone else's. The key to getting more followers on Twitter is embracing this uniqueness and expressing it strongly.

Be different. VERY different!

Never copy someone else's way of tweeting. Be eccentric. Shock your followers and keep your posts dynamic. Find your Twitter sweet spot and ride it out!

Happy tweeting!