Six Reasons to Buy YouTube Comments

YouTube is the epitome of online video. With more than one billion total Internet users worldwide, approximately one third use the video platform. The way people are consuming and responding to content has changed dramatically over time, not just in terms of mobile technologies. Interaction has always been a success factor. Buying YouTube comments is worth it. But what are the advantages?
1. Comments are More Valuable than "Click Feedback"
While key figures such as video views or YouTube Likes are primarily based on clicks, interaction in the form of comments is far more complex. The appreciation is more individual and the feedback has more weight than a thumb up or the simple playback of a video.
Infographic: 6 Reasons for buying YouTube Comments
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2. Commenting is Less Frequent
Compared to interaction in the form of Likes or Views, it is far more difficult to move users to comment. For a comment, the content must be exceptionally compelling or reasonably appealing. By buying comments, you can take this hurdle with ease.
3. Comments Increase the Length of Stay
In addition to the video content itself, relevant and authentic comments can increase the view time. Regardless of whether it is before, during, or after playback, a large number of users are likely to scroll to the comment area. The more comments they find here, the more time they are likely to spend on the page, which, ideally, also extends the playback duration of your video—another positive signal for the YouTube algorithm.
4. Comments Increase the Interaction Rate
Although the number of video views is the most visible signal of relevancy in search results, comments usually provide further feedback regardless of the form. The phenomenon of Social Proof has an influence on the duration and interaction rate: people are more open to what is proven. The reaction of others acts as a compass for your own actions.
5. Interaction, the Key to More Visibility
Coverage and relevance are among the key words on almost every social media platform. You want to reach as many people as possible with your visual message. With its algorithm, YouTube tries to evaluate and display content according to certain quality criteria. In addition to the complex factor of "WatchTime", commitment also plays a decisive role.
6. Social Signals as Ranking Factor?
Opinions about this thesis are divided. Officially, social signals are a result of good rankings and high-quality content, not the other way round. The fact that YouTube is the second-largest search engine for Google and that comments are also linked to link Google+ accounts, however, suggests a mutual influence. Moreover, for the position within the search results on the video platform itself, interaction is important. In addition to Views, Likes, and Shares, Comments are also evidence of increased interaction.
If you want to stay in the conversation, you have to generate conversation. Interaction is the key to success. Increase your video coverage by purchasing YouTube comments. We are happy to advise you and help you find the right package.
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