16 Ways to Get More Followers on Pinterest

Pictures. Photos. Images.

Did you ever imagine that an image-driven website would become such a force in social media?

Pinterest is evidence that web audiences want pictures. After all, each one paints a thousand words.

Are you using pictures to promote your own content? If you’re wondering how to do this, I’m about to show you.

What’s the Point of Pinterest?

A lot of people don’t understand the dynamic of Pinterest. Here’s quick guide to get you up to date.

  • Pinterest is quick and easy. Users pin their images & photos on a ‘board’, which is then shared with their friends.
  • Companies can do the same. Most images found on Pinterest are “repins”, which are images that have been shared from other sites or other Pinterest boards.
  • Pinners have the option to ‘follow’ other Pinterest accounts by following their boards. This will add board images to a user’s feed via display.

As you can see there’s a great deal of potential for marketing here. That’s why Pinterest is such a force to be reckoned with in today’s social media arena.

So let’s get down to it. How can you get more followers on board to display your images to? Here are 18 simple ways that won’t cost you a lot of time or money.

1. Create an Awesome Page

Pinterest is a great platform for business. It’s also perfect if you want to start a ‘How To’ topic or promote a worthy cause.

Whatever your non-private purpose is for Pinterest, you will need to create a page that’s designed to attract private pinners.

The question to ask yourself is, ‘What makes a Pinterest page awesome?’

To answer this we must look at some of the most popular pages on Pinterest. From these we see a trend that we can learn from. Popular Pinterest pages have the following aspects in common:

They are Clear About Their Objective

When you create an awesome Pinterest page, be clear about what you want to achieve. Who are you targeting? What is your goal for having the page? You need direction if you want your page to be a success.

They Look Amazing

Pinterest is very visual. If you want to attract users you will have to give your Pinterest page a killer home page, a theme and a bunch of great cover photos.

They Have Enticing Intros

Users want to gain a general idea of what your page is all about when they visit it. Before they agree to follow you on Pinterest, you must first spark their curiosity. Give them something to look forward to by creating an expectation of great future posts.

Now it’s time to start pinning.

2. Pin Consistently

The more you pin, the better. But it’s also important to choose pin times wisely.

There are certain times of the day when Pinterest is more active than others. These are the times you should be posting—especially pins that are original and unique to your brand.

When you capitalize on busier Pinterest times you will gradually gain more followers on Pinterest. That’s because your posts are among the first that pinners will see during the few minutes they are online.

3. Write Optimized Descriptions

The driving force behind Pinterest is millions of images. But there’s still space for textual content on this platform.

Descriptions give you the opportunity to speak about your pins and engage users more effectively.

Description Length

You don’t need to write 200 words for a post description—but you can.

A description should be easy to digest. Remember, you’re appealing to Pinterest users. These are people who want easy-to-digest content. Keep it short. Keep it interesting.

Elements to Add to Your Descriptions

A Pinterest description should also be technically sound. Always include some or all of the following aspects:

  • Hashtags (for visibility)
  • Keywords (to help pinners find you on Google)
  • Links (to your blogs, videos or soundtracks)

4. Pin Up Some Clever ‘Follow Me’ Pics

Pins themselves can be powerful follower generators. You’ll love some of the innovative creations out there.

Check out these clever, engaging pins:

Follow me Pin for Pinterest Engagement

These kinds of pins engage your users in two important ways. First, they encourage repins, which is great for your profile. Second, they generate comments and likes, also great for your profile!

Think of a few that relate to your own niche. Combining a nice background image with some clever ‘follow me’ prompts will do wonders for your profile and generate more followers on Pinterest.

5. Distinguish Between Your Boards

You’ll have one main board and a bunch of sub boards on Pinterest. Your mission is to find out which one is getting the most engagement.

Your most popular board should become your primary one. Alternatively you can use the data you have on your most popular board and mimic it on your primary board. Go where the people go. Your audience will tell you what they want to see. Listen to them and respond with posts they’ve liked or commented on.

Sub boards are also important, especially if you like categorizing your posts. Just remember that a primary board is like a landing page for your Pinterest profile. So make sure the first two rows are lined with pins that catch your users’ attention.

How to get more followers on Pinterest real quick

6. Analyze Your Top Performing Pins

Speaking of giving the people what they want…

Pinterest has an option called YOU. This is your notification section. You can monitor activity on your posts and follow the engagement on each pin.

Use this application to gauge what your followers comment on most. If you do this once a week for 30 minutes, you’ll soon get a knack for what you should be posting.

Experiment with posts you wouldn’t usually pin to your board. If these pins get a lot of engagement, you know what to post in future.

7. Buy Pinterest Followers

Your Pinterest profile is competing for attention among thousands of others. Some of these may even be exactly like yours, which makes it hard to get noticed.

There are ways to give yourself a quick boost. Simply buy Pinterest followers! This benefits you the following ways:

  • Pinterest will recognize a quick increase in your popularity and begin promoting your posts to users more frequently.
  • Pinners will follow you eagerly because others are doing so.
  • You won’t have to wait months before users start finding your page on Pinterest.

8. Use Words

Words are important—especially if you want to speak directly to your audience.

You may think that you’re limited in using words on Pinterest. But there are inventive ways you can include words in your pins.


One way is through infographics! Pinterest followers love these intuitive pieces of content. They allow us to take in lots of important information without having to spend a long time reading.

There are many advantages to hiring a professional infographic designer. Contact one and get at least one infographic per month for Pinterest users who are addicted to valuable information.


A great way to experience a laugh or a profound ‘AHA moment’ is through a meme. It’s the best combination of an image and textual content.

Generating memes is easier than you think Simply visit a meme generating website, choose an appropriate image and customize it with content that fits your niche.

Meme you can use on Pinterest


Each pin should have a description. Again, descriptions should include relevant hashtags, links to your external content and keywords.

9. Get Social on Pinterest

Engagement on your posts isn’t going to happen overnight. But you can speed up the process by doing some engaging yourself.

It’s important to remember that Pinterest is a community. The more you interact within that community, the more engagement your own page will enjoy.

Follow Affiliate Pages

No one expects you to follow your competitors on Pinterest. But there are pages that are closely related to your niche. Follow these pages and interact with those users. It’s likely you can generate interest and get some of those pinners to follow your own page.

Comment a Lot

Commenting gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself to existing Pinterest users. it also lets you express your opinion or your authority on a topic.

If done correctly you will gain more followers on Pinterest by saying clever, funny or inspirational things on the posts of others.

10. Connect with an Influencer

Want to be a trendsetter? Then follow the big influencers of your niche.

Networking is an intensified way of socializing on Pinterest. By connecting with an influencer, you can entice pinners to follow your Pinterest page.

This isn’t simply commenting on or liking their posts. This entails contacting the directly and asking them to collaborate on Pinterest.

Influencers may agree to partner with you for a short period of time. This is a sure way to get more followers on Pinterest. When an influencer affiliates themselves with you it gives you loads of credibility and tons of loyal followers.

Here’s a general guide on how to get this done:

  • Step #1 – Come up with a clever collaboration plan you can propose to your influencer. This should include…
  • … a strategy both you and the influencer can benefit from
  • … a plan that involves other social media platforms, blogs or websites
  • … a plan that puts you alongside the influencer as a friendly partner
  • Step #2 – Contact an influencer directly and propose the plan.
  • Step #3 – Market the plan as much as you can by sharing posts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and/or your respective blogs.

11. Pin Original Images

Here’s where it gets interesting!

80% of pins on Pinterest are actually repins! That means Pinterest lacks unique images. Imagine that!

Your goal is to become a part of the 20% that post unique content. These are the pins that get engagement. They’re also more likely to get shared—if they’re good, that is.

Learn What Makes a ‘Good’ Image

Of course there’s no point in posting unique images if they aren’t good.

Great images have something about them that makes them sharable. Depending on your audience, find out what X-factor you can include in your images.

Learn about filters, photography, animation and image software. These are the aspects that will take your images to the next level.

Create a Steady Flow of Unique Images

You don’t have to go overboard on unique images. Try and post at least one unique image per week.

Gauge the popularity of the ones you do post and if users love them, keep them coming!

12. Watermark Your Originals

Since you’re posting original images, they’re yours. This means you can (and should) brand your images. After all, you want to perpetuate your brand across the Pinterest universe.

Find out how to watermark an image and make your original posts synonymous with your own page. Just think: if one of your posts gets repinned over and over again, users must still know where it originated from.

13. Don’t Repin for the Sake of Pinning

If you’re going through the emotions on Pinterest, don’t expect to get far on this platform.

A lot of businesses look for popular pins and simply get into the habit of repinning them on their own pages. This annoys your Pinterest audience because they end up seeing a lot of recycled images.

If you are going to repin—which you should—do so with purpose.

Ask yourself this before you start repinning:

Is the image relevant to my niche?

Is the image valuable and will it contribute to the lives & interests of my audience?

Will this post generate more repins? I.e. will my audience want to share this post?

14. #HashTagsFTW

You may not know it yet, but your post has its own category. Hashtags are short terms or phrases that file your posts under these categories. Ingenious!

The trick to utilizing hashtags to their full potential is simple:

  • Use popular hashtags that have been proven to encourage more traffic.
  • Create your own hashtag that distinguishes you on social media.
  • Use your hashtags on other social media platforms.
  • Use trendy hashtags that relate to certain times of the week or year.
  • Use location related hashtags.

15. Include Your Followers by Sharing Their Pins

Your Pinterest followers want to feel involved in your page. If they follow you, chances are they would relish a few minutes of courtesy fame!

Make follower pin sharing day a weekly thing on your page. Browse through your followers’ pages and find a relevant pin that relates to your niche—or one that’s just irresistibly sharable.

Mention the person’s name in the repin description. They’ll love it! Their own friends and followers will see it and possibly become a follower of your page too!

16. Make Your Website Pinterest Friendly

If you want your pins to be shared on Pinterest, you must make them sharable on other platforms.

If you have a blog or a website, add a Pinterest friendly plugin that allows users to instantly repin images they see there.

The Pinterest pin icon will appear on your images when users park their mouse cursors over them. Clicking on the pin icon will immediately repin your image on their profiles.

The more repins you get, the more likely you are to gain more Pinterest followers.

Creating Momentum on Pinterest

Once you get going on Pinterest you’ll be unstoppable.

The trick is to get that initial momentum going. And remember once you have your group of loyal Pinterest followers, keep up the good pins and make sure you keep them.