The updates of Instagram and the reactions of the users

How are they taking this change?

According to recent reports, Instagram has been passionately updating both its web versions and its apps in recent weeks. After these recent changes, not only has Instagram added an enhanced support for numerous accounts and web notifications, but they have also messed up their entire timeline. Yes, it is true that Instagram has committed a blunder in letting go of its chronologically ordered news feed. Post changes, the app is going to let an algorithm decide which one is the most relevant news to show you, instead of the selection according to time from the people whom you have chosen to follow.

Despite the changes, Instagram is desperately trying to assure its millions of users and they are constantly making them believe that there is no reason to panic. This famous social media brand promises that there is no huge change in the way in which this popular photo-sharing app works. So far, each and every change that has been brought about is for the desperate brands, bloggers and celebrities, who have been asking people and users to turn on the push notifications for their I’gram account so that they can easily guarantee a few views.

How should Instagram guarantee their followers?

As per them, Instagram is doing such bloggers a disservice. Making a living from this app is not an easy task and no matter how much well-written content you add, by not guaranteeing thousands of followers, they could easily lose valuable opportunities for promotion. The only way in which the brands and bloggers could guarantee their followers are visiting their posts in the feed is to ensure that all the users have their push notifications turned on, which is very unlikely scenario.

People with multiple accounts should avoid updating the app

If you are someone who is using iOS, you should not hurry to update your Instagram app as the latest version of this app will allow longer videos and also brings back the feature of multi-clip editing. However, it seems like many iPad and iPhone users are no longer being able to log off or switch accounts once the update is done. This issue has been acknowledged by Instagram and they have announced through their Twitter account that there is a fix, which is already working. Fortunately, there are many iOS users who have still remained unaffected by the latest problem and this issue even does not seem to bother the Android installations either. There are some users who are of the opinion that the only way in which you switch accounts within Instagram is by deleting the app and reinstalling it and then signing in with the new account. Hence, until the fix is thrown into the market, they recommend anyone with multiple accounts to update the app from the PlayStore.

Changes in Instagram upset many people

If you follow a number of bloggers on Instagram, you will find it rather disappointing to note that you will no longer see their latest posts when you open the app. There is no longer a way in which you will receive notifications every time your friends post something new. If the users have to see their posts, which still have not popped up in their news feed, they have to search for them which are four more clicks away from the main feed.

For the viewers, Instagram might have had the best intentions by informing that they are prioritizing posts of all those people whom you are closest to or whom you care about the most. But there can be people who like everyone on Instagram and would love to check out the latest updates of everybody who is there in his friend list. You might agree that there are a few selfie-addicts whose faces you could do without seeing but you could rather put up with them than 50 other push notifications, which are for favorite accounts every time you post something.

What if you are earning a living from Instagram?

Are you someone who is earning a living from Instagram? Changing the entire experience of this app for the users when no one else is complaining is definitely not a good move for the people who are especially earning a living from this app. Snapchat is gradually becoming a legitimate competitor for Instagram and hence you should definitely listen to what the users say about the looming competitor.
Therefore, irrespective of whether you use Instagram for commercial or personal purposes, you should be flexible with the changes so that you do not suffer from bad and misinformed decisions. Take into account all the above mentioned facts and be ready to wait for some more changes if they arrive in the near future.


This article has been released on June 20th 2016 by Jonas Kopka

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