How Facebook Comments Can Make the Difference

As of October 2016, more than one-third of the world's population with Internet access was participating in the most active social media network. Over time, Facebook has evolved into a content platform. Commitment is the key success factor. But what does it mean to buy Facebook comments?
Comments are Harder to Get than Post Likes
More than four million Likes are awarded on Facebook each minute. If we take the official figures of 2014, it was nearly five million. Clicking on "Like" is the simplest form of feedback. According to studies, it is eight times more likely to get likes than comments or shares. The reason is obvious: With a single click, the effort for a "Like" is quite manageable, unlike sharing or communicating, in which the user spends more time and effort.
Infographic on how buying Facebook comments makes the difference
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Comments Increase Commitment
The quality of interactions with Facebook posts can only be measured and generalized. The fact is that authentic comments or shares are felt "more" than a simple Like. Greater effort is usually equal to greater influence, not only with regard to the Facebook algorithm. Thus, a relevant comment quite certainly generates more engagement than a simple "Like".
Interaction as the Key to More Visibility
The complex Facebook algorithm determines which content is displayed in the newsfeed of the respective user, depending on how relevant and interesting the contributions are. A decisive factor for newsfeed visibility is popularity. With increasing commitment, the coverage also increases. Declining organic coverage stretches more and more marketers to pay for adverts on the social network. The purchase of Facebook comments is a cost-effective alternative because they allow you to quickly and easily create commitment and decisively increase the visibility of your contributions.
Comments Generate Traffic
The commitment to Facebook considerably determines the click behaviour of the users. For example, a comment study shows four times more clicks on link postings that have comments rather than simple likes, making you more likely to lead more people to your offer outside the social network regardless of whether that is on a blog, company website, or online store.
Social Signals as a Google Ranking Factor?
For years, this hypothesis has been a subject of much discussion. Even if there is no official confirmation from Google, quite a few experts are convinced of a causal relationship. Social signals are indisputable indicators of substance and relevance, and these factors are of fundamental importance with respect to search engine optimization and ranking.
Facebook is continuously optimizing its newsfeed algorithm. The increasing complexity, as well as the abundance of content, increasingly complicates the construction of organic coverage, but interaction remains the decisive factor. Buy Facebook comments and increase the visibility of your posts decisively. Have you checked out our offer?
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