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What It Costs to Buy Instagram Followers in 2019

Buying Instagram followers sounds like a great idea now, but it can easily turn into the end of your Instagram career if you rush the process. When you decide to buy followers, you needn’t focus only on the price. Your primary focus should be the quality of service, as well as the number of followers you are buying.

How YouTube Counts Video Views

How does YouTube count views? How do you purchase YouTube views? Should you buy fake views? Will YouTube penalize you for using fake views? How can they tell if you are using fake views in your YouTube videos? The answers to these questions will help you keep your videos engaged the right way and keep your account in good standing.

High Retention YouTube Views: What Are They & Do I Need Them?

How important is audience retention when it comes to YouTube metrics? Do you even understand what audience retention is? For many YouTubers, the goal is to get as many views as possible. The problem is that getting a lot of views is not going to do you an awful lot of good if people are not watching the whole video. Learn how to fix this issue here.

Good Comments for Instagram: How to Write Them

Instagram is a great place for sharing photos and images. Because it does not allow you to share links with each post, posts can be less spammy in nature. This is great for followers in that they don’t have to worry as much about useless links, but not great if you are promoting your website. Find out how to overcome this now.

Should You Avoid or Buy Fake SoundCloud Plays?

Should you buy SoundCloud plays? Why is it so important to avoid fake SoundCloud plays? Can fake plays offer any engagement with your audience? What impact do SoundCloud plays have on your SoundCloud account? These questions will be answered to help you get the most out of your SoundCloud plays.

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