3 Reasons to Avoid Using a YouTube Views Bot

When you create quality content for your YouTube channel and you have uploaded it, what is the next thing on your mind? You want to see that content get views.

There are a number of ways to do this. The most reliable, safest, long-term way is to allow it to happen organically, or naturally. People search online for a certain keyword, and they come across one of your videos. They click on the video and are so pleased that they look for another of your videos. They could just go straight to your channel, and there’s a good chance they will even click on the subscribe button.

This is the old-fashioned way to get people to your content. Even so, this approach has the best chance of building a solid channel, with subscribers and viewers that are bound to stick around.

If you build your channel naturally, YouTube will never have an issue with your videos or your channel.

However, you may just want to give your channel a jump start. It’s only natural to feel this way. You may be stressed out because you need money, so you want to get things in place and get them moving. The sooner you get it all going, the sooner you can get to profit mode.

People can get impatient, though. Some resort to tactics and methods that might give some short-term results, but only lead to long-term trouble.

One of these is the use of a YouTube views bot. In short, it is a computer program that generates views to your video. So what is the problem with that? Here are 3 reasons to avoid using a YouTube views bot.

Reason #1: Views Are Not Real

The problem begins with the fact that they are not real views. The bot basically reloads your video automatically, causing the view count to refresh, showing an increase in views. If your view count is 300 or below, YouTube may not bat an eye.

If your view count moves to 301 or more, however, YouTube steps in. They will freeze your view count. The reason for this is so they can have analysts verify the source of all these views. People can still view the video, and nothing else changes.

What people do not realize is that they have the technology to detect and isolate bot-generated views. If the majority of views is coming from just a few computers, then this is a dead giveaway that the views are not only fake – they are bot-generated.

If they make this determination on any of your videos, they will be removed. Think about all the work you put in to get your channel up and running. Can you afford to be delayed because you have fake views on your videos?

On the other hand, if you buy YouTube real views, YouTube verifies that the views are legitimate. Then the freeze on your view count is lifted. When it comes to online marketing, including the management of your YouTube channel, it always pays to do things the right way to begin with.

Reason #2: Waste Of Time And Money

It was touched on some, but getting your videos removed for fake views, which you purchased, is a waste of time and money.

Your labors to get your channel going is worth something. What price would you put on the time you have invested in this? The time your videos are down or the time your account is suspended is time that could have been spent gathering more views, real ones. Your channel could have more legitimate views and possibly more subscribers by now.

Buying YouTube views can be considered either an expense or an investment, depending on how you look at it. An expense is money spent that you won’t necessarily get back. An investment is money spent that has a chance of bringing a legitimate profitable result in return.

Let’s keep it simple: Buying fake views is just going to end up as an expense, as it will only mean money spent for nothing. Buying real views coming from real people is an investment that will completely validate your content and keeping your account in good standing. This will result in building your channel naturally.

Reason #3: Bad For Business

Since fake views are just what they are – fake – and that they are a waste of time and money, you can be sure that they will be bad for business.

For one thing, generating fake views is going to eventually attract the attention of YouTube, who will discover it, and put a hold on any progress you have made up to that point. Your time is valuable, and anything that wastes your time is keeping you from spending time on more important business activities, especially those that contribute most to profits.

If you are going to buy views, put your money on views that are real. These are legitimate, and they are not going to put your channel or your account in jeopardy. At the same, generating real views will grow your channel with real people.

Remember, the purpose of your channel is to provide content that helps people in some way. You cannot help a fake view. It is true that more views make your video more worthwhile. But only good quality content along with real views is the combination of a winning and profiting channel. Fake will do nothing to help you accomplish this.

If you are generating views just to get your channel ranking without the benefit of real views, you are cheating your business – and yourself.

In conclusion, buying YouTube views can be an effective way to give your YouTube channel a real jump start. But it can only be accomplished with real views, real people, not with a YouTube view bot.