Using YouTube Tags to Get Lots of Views

When it comes to getting views on your YouTube channel, it is not rocket science, but it can be challenging. If you take some time to choose the right tags for your videos, though, it becomes a lot easier. In this article, we will look at using YouTube tags to get lots of views.

What are Tags Anyway?

These are keywords that you use to describe the content of your video. They help YouTube and the various search engines classify the information contained in your videos. They are important with normal blog posts but they are even more important when it comes to YouTube.

Why Are They So Essential?

YouTube’s algorithm cannot “watch” your content to see what is contained therein. If you don’t add appropriate tags, your video is bound to perform poorly. While the title does help YouTube to classify the video, you could be missing out on a lot of traffic from other keywords.

Let us say, for example, that you do a tutorial on how to make lasagna. A good title to use would be, “How to Make Lasagna.” It is not very original but it tells people what they are getting.

But now, what if someone was looking for Italian recipes? Or pasta recipes? There is nothing in the title that points to your video being applicable to either search, even though it is. That’s where tags come in.

How Do I Choose the Tags to Use?

Think About What You Would Use

If you were looking for a lasagna recipe, what keywords would you use? Ask friends and family as well and see what you all come up with.

Research Keywords

According to Investopedia, you will also need to do some keyword research beforehand. Google’s free keyword tool can be used to help you here.

What you do is to type in the phrase you are thinking of using and the keyword tool will suggest possible keywords to use. It will also give you statistics about how many monthly searches are run with each set of keywords and how much competition there is for a particular keyword.

Ideally you are looking for the ideal mix of a high number of searches, with a low level of competition. That will give you your best chance of ranking better in a result.

Take a Wider View

Remember our lasagna example? The idea to use “Italian recipes” as a key phrase is an example of taking a wider view. You could also consider something like “one-pot meals” or “baked dinner” as well.

Check Out What the Competition is Doing

Go through to YouTube and look at similar tutorials. Focus on the top-performing ones and see what they have used. You can easily copy these. Now, in order to do this you will need to look into installing an extension such as TubeBuddy but this can be worthwhile because it will allow you to check a lot of the data from the video.

Expand the Terms

You do want a mix of some basic keywords that are precise and some that are more general. Also consider phrases that someone may use to search for the video.

It is also a good idea to include the singular and plural versions of your keywords. So use “pasta dish” and “pasta dishes.”

Also consider changing up the order of the words in the phrase that you are using. Some people might not type the words in the same order that you would.

What You Should Not Do

We all know that there are some subjects that are more popular than others. So, you could try, for example, using a term like “food porn” to start getting more hits. That could work but you do need to make sure that the tag is relevant to your content in some way.

Say, for example, you decided to use the term “XXX-rated” to get more views, you might get a quick rise in viewers, but you will be doing more harm than good. Viewers who click through to your video expecting one thing and getting something else are not going to watch your video all the way through and may even be inclined to give it a thumbs down.

Besides that, it is against the rules at YouTube and it could result in you having to take your video down.

How Many Tags to Use?

Now, it would be nice if you could have an endless stream of keywords, but YouTube allows you 500 characters. So that is 500 characters, including spaces. Count up the characters used as you go along because YouTube will only let you know that you have exceeded this total when you try to save them.

Should I Use Spammy Language?

It is a tempting ploy but one that could backfire. Remember that YouTube will eventually track down those accounts that they deem to be spam so this tactic could result in you having your videos removed or your channel being shut down.

Does the Order of the Keywords Matter?

Technically, it should not but, to err on the side of caution, start with your main keywords and list the others in order of importance.

Do Not Just Rely on Tags

Putting the right tags on your videos will help others to find them and this should boost your views. But it will never be enough to make your YouTube account a star. For that to happen, you need to make sure that you offer top-quality content that is useful to your viewers.

You also need to work on creating a winning title – make sure that the title tells people exactly what they are getting.

You do need to work on promoting your content as well. This means getting out and about online and making sure that people know about your videos and content. This can be done in a variety of different ways which we do not have the time to go into now.

You could also buy YouTube views if you want a quick boost in stats.

Overall though, if you put in some work when it comes to choosing the right keywords, you will make the job of promoting your channel a lot easier in future.