What's the YouTube Channel with the Most Views?

Do you ever wonder who the YouTube channel with most views is? Or how many views they get a month. According to Statista, for the month of March 2018, this honor went to T-Series. For March, the channel got more than 2.1 billion views.

So, what makes this channel so popular? How can you emulate their success? If we take a look over at the channel, you will see that it has been going since March of 2006, has over 12 000 videos on it and has over 40 million subscribers.

So, It Takes Time

No one can call this channel a one-hit wonder or an overnight success. But they have obviously hit on the right formula with over 34 billion views. What has been key to their success is that they keep providing their followers what they want – great music.

Excellent Content is a Must

You will need to make the effort when it comes to producing content. That means learning about lighting, sound, editing, etc. It can be a long process, but it will be worthwhile at the end of the day.

The better your content is, the more people are likely to want to share it or see more of it.

Consistent Effort or Failure

The channel posts daily, sometimes a few times a day. Want to emulate their success? While you do not have to post several times a day, it is a good idea to set up a posting schedule and stick to it. How many videos can you realistically put out in a week?

If you can do one a day, great, then stick to that schedule. Only able to do one a month? That will work as well – just be strict about sticking to you schedule.

Let us say that you decide to post once a week, for example. Choose the time of the week when most of your followers are likely to be online and post then. Let your followers know when your next post will be and stick to that.

If, in the interim, you decide to add a new post, that’s great, just let them know that it is a special post.

User-Friendly Design is Key

Their videos are of good quality and they are also nicely organized. Want to see the Top 5 Bollywood songs for 2018? They have a section for that. It is easy to find what you are looking for on the channel.

One of the biggest mistakes YouTubers make is to not give any thought to organizing their channels at all. Now, if you only have five videos in total, this is not so much of an issue. But when that number starts hitting double digits, it becomes something of a chore to trawl through a single playlist.

Organize your videos into playlists so that people can easily jump to the sections that they are most interested in. Sure, that means that they are not going to watch all your videos, but it does increase the chances of them watching at least some of the videos.

People online are notoriously impatient. They expect you to spoon feed them. If they have to actually look through a ton of videos to find the ones they are interested in, they are more likely to click away.

Build Up Your Views Until You Have the Most You Can Get

Any bright-eyed innocent who has eagerly posted a quick video that they “knew” would go viral will tell you – getting views on YouTube is not as easy as you would think. You could post your video and leave it as is and hope that it becomes an overnight sensation, but the chances of that happening are about the same as you winning the lottery.

What is more likely to happen is that your video will get lost amongst the millions already out there. Without a solid strategy, you might never see that hit counter start ticking over.

It is something of a catch-22 situation. YouTube’s goal is to promote the best content so that it can earn the maximum advertising revenue. Which is all very good and well, except one of the metrics that they use to determine how good content is, is the number of views it gets.

Which, if you don’t have a subscriber base, or views, puts you in a bad spot. To make things worse, if you want to start monetizing your content, you have to have had at least 10 000 views on YouTube.

There are a few ways to get views. The first is by promoting your content on social media. Post links on your personal social media accounts and ask your followers there to check them out. Find groups that are related to your content and find out if you will be allowed to link to content there or not.

The next thing that you can do is to check out this page and buy YouTube views. This could prove to be a useful marketing strategy because it increases the value of your videos in the eyes of YouTube. You will easily be able to build up your views this way.

Your videos will then start to appear more highly in the search engine results and you will get more views organically.

Advertising. There are many paid outlets that you can use to promote your YouTube channel. Google Adsense offers one possibility through Pay per Click advertising. This can be a nice alternative because it allows you to control your spend a lot more easily.

You can also advertise on social media. With social media marketing, you are able to put your videos in front of as targeted an audience as you like for a very reasonable rate overall.

Listen to Your Viewers if You Want Many

If someone leaves a comment on your channel about something that could be better, do evaluate the comment without getting defensive. Sure, you are going to get trolls that will just be plain mean, but you will also get constructive criticism.

Answer all comments and see about implementing suggestions made by your viewers. Everyone likes to think that their comments matter. If they can see that you are taking them seriously, they are more likely to become loyal subscribers.

The most important lesson that we can learn from T-Series, though, is that consistently providing what your subscribers want is a winning formula.