Is Paying for YouTube Subscribers Worth It?

Subscribers are extremely important for your marketing strategy. These are the group of people who are most likely to watch what you post continuously, as well as share your content and videos with other potential subscribers. The benefits are obvious – the more people you have following your YouTube channel, the more successful will your reach be. But, is it worth paying for subscribers on YouTube?

At this point, YouTube is one of the most powerful mediums for marketing. That being said, every single decision you will make about your YouTube marketing strategy can bring either positive or negative results. Whether you should choose to pay for YouTube subscribers is not a choice you should take lightly. As a matter of fact, it is time to weight the advantages and disadvantages and make an informed decision about your YouTube strategy.

Which method do you choose for this and how much does it cost? Does it have to cost that much? And finally, should you do it? Before you even start answering these questions, consider the following pros and cons.

Advantages of Buying Subscribers

1. Gives the Impression That You are More Popular

This is misleading for the audience, but that is exactly what you want to accomplish. When you buy YouTube subscribers, these subscribers will give others the impression that you are far more popular than what you are. And we all know how social proof affects people.

Everyone knows this – when a large group of individuals do the same thing, others are more likely to do this too. It is the human nature and a proven psychological concept.

When a person believes you are popular, they start looking for a reason for such recognition. This means more people following your channel, and reach that is increased beyond what you paid for in the first place.

2. Allows You to Influence and Impress

Have you heard of the ‘Bandwagon Effect’? This happens when you experience a joyful feeling when your favorite football team is so successful, suddenly everyone, including those who aren’t interested in football, start cheering for them. Success gets people cheering, and subscribers should do this for you, too.

When the subscriber count is high, people will see your number and become impressed. They won’t cheer in this case, but this will lead to many new subscribers that would otherwise move on to another channel if this count were low.

3. Increase the Natural Count of Subscribers

Not only will you get those ‘paid-for’ subscribers, but this will turn into a boost for the natural subscribers to notice your channel. YouTube channels who do not opt for this option face a much slower process of growth, and this often means the end for the marketing strategy. If you lack the social proof we mentioned above, you are somewhat stopping the road toward success.

Surely, there are some people who succeeded without purchasing subscribers, but this is very rare. If the videos and content become extravagant on their own, the channel can turn into a very successful one.

However, remember that one video won’t make your channel popular forever, and if this is the way that got you to all those subscribers, they will be expecting the same extravagance every single time. Once you stop creating videos that are equally effective, the subscribers will rapidly lose interest.

4. Gets Your Channel off the Ground

As with any marketing strategy, the beginning is the hardest part. Attracting the target audience can be a struggle, especially if you have no experience in this. And of course, the more time you spend trying to get them interested, the more money you are losing.

Instead of waiting to grow the YouTube account, you can pay for subscribers and skip from the beginning to the middle. A few thousand subscribers can get your channel off the ground and help you raise above the competition.

5. It Is Anonymous

Of course, there will always be those scam services that will offer such services, but there are also many that will really help you and keep this anonymous. Some of the most popular brands, celebrities and politicians have bought YouTube subscribers to show their popularity, and kept this completely anonymous for the public. The reason why these people opted for such service is because with reliable companies, the risk is non-existent.

Disadvantages of Buying Subscribers

1. They are Not Real

Many people opt for this strategy and end up disappointed because they forget the key disadvantage of buying subscribers – they are not real. The ‘paid-for’ subscribers won’t participate in the channel, won’t show in your ‘views’ count or write comments on your videos. Of course, you can purchase such services, too, but that is a completely different service.

When you decide to buy subscribers for your channel, these will only serve as a boost for your social proof. They won’t turn into sales or visit your website, and won’t share the videos with potential subscribers. Basically, they will serve only to help you look popular, and looking popular will bring the benefits.

2. They Won’t Help You with the Klout Score

You all know that the Klout score is about the interaction you have with the audience. Since the subscribers you purchased are not an actual audience, they won’t help you increase this score, at least not significantly.

Klout is often used to measure the success of a company and their influence online, but you should never count these subscribers in your Klout data analysis.

3. It May Not Be Completely Confidential

As we said, you can avoid this by getting the help of reliable services. Make sure to buy YouTube subs only from providers that are trustworthy and reliable. Otherwise, you could easily be found out and suffer a very bad hit to your image.

4. It Comes at a Cost

As with every service on the market, purchasing subscribers also comes at a cost. Remember to find a reliable and affordable service to do this, and it will be completely worth it.

The advantages of purchasing subscribers exceed the disadvantages, and even the existing cons are something you can avoid. If you do this right, buying your YouTube subscribers can be just the change you needed to make your channel grow!