Who Has The Most Subscribers On YouTube In 2018? (Top 10 List)

It can safely be said that internet marketing is becoming more and more competitive with each passing year. Some would say it changes about every month or even every week.

It is no different for YouTube users. Getting traffic to your channel for views is hard enough, even using good keywords. Turning those views into subscribers to your channel is even more of a challenge. Even if you employ all the latest SEO tactics, sometimes it just isn’t enough. The growth of your list of subscribers is slow at best.

But what does that have to do with knowing who has the most subscribers on YouTube? Are we talking about contacting them to tap into their methods? Well, that might be great, but you can be sure that this information would come only with a price - and a hefty one at that.

The purpose of mentioning the channels that have the most subscribers is simple. It gives you something to shoot for. When you get a chance to look at the list we provide in this article, you may want to take a look at the channel content. They may make you wonder how they can be so popular.

It is simple. Whether you like the content or not, many people out there do. The channel user is providing content their subscribers want. This is good news for you. How so?

Maybe you have some great ideas that will really help people. If these channels can become so popular with content that many people would consider ridiculous or even offensive, why not you?

However, maybe there is a good chance they might sell some subscribers. Why would they consider doing this? This could be another stream of income for them, something every online marketer should strive to do, even YouTube-ers.

Of course, you won’t necessarily know if they are selling subscribers. That is a task left to other companies who offer the service by registering YouTube users in exchange networks.

2018 List of Most Popular YouTube Channels

Even though the year is not quite 3 months past, having the most up-to-date list will help you decide which channels you might consider for Buying YouTube Subscribers. The following list was compiled by Business Insider in an article entitled “These are the 18 most popular YouTube stars in the world — and some are making millions”, but for this article, we will show the top ten.

No. 10: Vegetta777 — 17.3 million subscribers

No. 9: Whinderssonnunes — 17.7 million subscribers

No. 8: Yuya — 17.8 million subscribers

No. 7: NigaHiga — 19.3 million subscribers

No. 6: Fernanfloo — 20 million subscribers

No. 5: VanossGaming — 20.2 million subscribers

No. 4: Smosh — 22.6 million subscribers

No. 3: ElRubiusOMG — 23.5 million subscribers

No. 2: Germán Garmendia (HolaSoyGerman.) — 31.2 million subscribers

And the number one most popular YouTube channel is…

PewDiePie — 54.1 million subscribers

Total up these ten channels together, and you have a potential of more than 243 million subscribers.

What To Consider When Buying YouTube Subscribers

So what are some things to consider when buying YouTube subscribers?

Are the subscribers going to be interested in my channel? Well, even if you could find targeted subscribers, there is no guarantee that even they will be interested in your channel. Any service that sells YouTube subscribers knows this. To illustrate: You might buy a solo ad to draw traffic to your information or offer. Most often, those ads are targeted.

However, can you guarantee that you will get any response from them? No, you cannot. Some marketers have reported not getting a single response from these ads. It is not much different in reference to gaining YouTube subscribers. You basically throw your name out there and see what happens.

Still, just because a subscriber may not be targeted, that does not mean they are not real, premium or quality. If the subscriber was given something in exchange for their subscribing to your channel, they now have an incentive. The idea of buying subscribers now has validity. It makes that subscriber a quality one, could lead to a massive increase in your list, and one day put your channel in the high ranks of popularity.

Why Buy Subscribers?

To many people, this might seem like cheating, but if your content is good, then you have a good chance of gaining them and keeping them, whether you get them organically, through solo ads, or buying them. Buying YouTube Subscribers brings you people that could be interested in your channel. That is why the strength, relevance, and quality of your YouTube channel content is so important to the success of your channel.

So why not buy some? More subscribers can add weight to your channel. It makes it appear to other viewers as a place to go for the content you offer. If that keeps building, then you could have the go-to place in your niche. And who knows? Maybe your YouTube channel could be listed as one of the most popular - even number one!


In the world of internet marketing getting traffic to your sites and offers is really tough, and getting tougher. The same goes for your YouTube channel. What works today could completely flop in the near future. The market is very dynamic; it changes quite often. It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to accomplish. You need to be creative or partner with someone who is.

Think of Buying YouTube Subscribers as a creative way to draw traffic to your YouTube channel. Organic traffic is reliable but takes time to get significant results from it. Solo ads are unpredictable; sometimes they produce great results, while other times they produce nothing. On top of that, they are not cheap.

In contrast, buying subscribers accomplish a couple things, assuming that your channel has great content that people are after. One, these purchased subscribers are incentivized to visit your channel and view your content. If they resonate with your content, you have gained a subscriber. If you keep providing great content, improving it all the time, including the ever-important task of finding out what your subscribers are looking for, you got a winner.