What Do Likes Do On YouTube & How Can I Leverage Them?

What do “likes” do on YouTube? In other words, what impact, if any, do likes have on your videos and your YouTube channel? This article will discuss the role of likes as well as dislikes, so you can get a brighter picture of these, rather than just an insignificant counter of yays and neighs.

What Likes Do

Generally speaking, “likes” were intended to be digital forms of compliments. Maybe you were praised by people for how well how well you handled a situation. These people “liked” you for you for that. It is the same with YouTube.

When you yourself watch a video, and you thought it was well worth the watch, you clicked the “thumbs up” icon to “like” it. It doesn’t matter if it was a promo video, a live clip of your favorite musician or a video capturing some hilarious pet shenanigans. YouTube uses that information for marketing purposes.

The ability of a video, whatever its content, to get likes usually is directly related to its popularity. A video can be considered popular if it is able to achieve 10,000 likes or more. Simply put, the more likes a video has, the more popular a video is, or at least how popular it appears to be.

What if you buy YouTube likes? It can be argued quite successfully that you cannot get a like without getting a view, and you cannot get a view without a person to view it. So the question of buying likes or not is often coupled with a lot of controversies.

However, when we speak of YouTube likes, we would like to point out that there are real likes and fake ones, just as there are real and fake views, subscribers and so on. Fakes in any of these categories are generated by bots.

It may be tempting to buy fake ones to get your like count up to make it appear popular. However, that kind of popularity is not only superficial; it is as fake as the views that produced it.

For real, measurable popularity, real YouTube likes are the next best thing to getting them organically or through natural means. If you’re going to gain popularity for a video you produced, it’s best to get it honestly. That’s what real likes do on YouTube.

What Dislikes Do

Dislikes, in general, can be both useful and detrimental to a video and to a business, depending on the circumstances. For the average YouTuber, it may not have a real significant impact, unless they are publishing hate messages or other offensive material.

However, for a company promoting its brand on YouTube, dislikes can be disastrous if that company has failed to effectively convey the problem-solving benefits of their product or service.

If you have any kind of useful content to publish, then you want to treat likes and dislikes just as a company would. Keep in mind too that comments from viewers are not even factored in here. Yet, a little thinking ability can go a long way to staying ahead of the market.

Let’s say you have created some great content teaching the viewer how to do some simple plumbing fixes. If you receive lots of likes, not only is your video popular; it is popular for the right reason, namely that the viewers benefited from the video, as indicated by their likes.

On the opposite side, if you receive a disturbing number of dislikes, it could be time to regroup. Perhaps a step was missed in the video. Maybe you recommended doing something that is against local laws for your viewers, even if it were legal in your own locality. In rare cases, it could be that one step led to injuring a viewer.

Of course, the chances of extreme situations happening, as in the latter, are slim. Even so, a discerning viewer doesn’t pass off dislikes automatically, especially if they have a significant number of them.

Now if you buy YouTube likes, you may not have reason for concern, unless those likes are generated by a bot. It was said earlier that you cannot get real likes without real views. You cannot get real views without real viewers. A bot will only produce temporary results, and they are not real.

Best Way To More Likes & Less Dislikes

So if you want real results from your content, why fake it? Gain your popularity the honest way. It will last longer. Here is the best way to getting likes the honest way:

  1. Put genuine effort into your content. Help people solve a problem or several problems. Let that shine in your videos. Show the viewer that you are there to help them, while keeping your delivery light, maybe even include humor where appropriate.
  2. Draw traffic to your content. Choose your keywords carefully. Never underestimate the use of tags in your video descriptions. Promote your video wherever you can. Use as many social media platforms to advertise your content as you can manage.
  3. Buy YouTube likes. If you have to buy likes, stay away from fakes. Check your vendors out carefully, and make sure you will be getting what you pay for.

Rinse and repeat.

The real point of having content on YouTube is to provide some benefit to the viewer, even if it is simply to make them laugh. Fake views may seem like a shortcut, but using them does not really demonstrate your interest to help people. It only shows your interest in shortcuts.

There is nothing wrong with conducting business honestly. People think it’s okay to cheat, but it all falls apart when it gets discovered. And even if you decide to not cheat after seeing your previous effort fall apart, the road back can be a long one. It’s always better, in the long run, to do things right.

So what do likes do on YouTube? Plenty if you get real ones. Likes and dislikes can be valuable tools in your marketing efforts.