Should I Pay To Get YouTube Subscribers?

If you have spent any amount of time uploading YouTube videos and trying to build your channel, then you know how hard it can be to get subscribers. Even with good keyword selection, it can take time to accumulate enough viewers to be competitive, let alone make money. You almost have to pay for YouTube subscribers to get anywhere.

Well, believe it or not, that is now an option. There are services out there that allow you to buy the cheapest YouTube subscribers. You thought you were kidding, right? It’s no joke. You can buy them. But the big question is, “should I pay for YouTube subscribers?”

Before we proceed toward the answer, keep in mind that we are assuming that you have done your groundwork prior to buying subscribers. What we mean by that is you have done the following:

  • Carefully chosen a niche or subject that you know well and can either teach or develop a voice, including your keywords
  • Carefully planned and created your high-quality content
  • Uploaded your content

If you have not done these things yet, then right off the bat, this is definitely not the time for you to buy YouTube subscribers. But once again, let’s assume that you have these bases covered.

Many people have criticized others for buying followers or views on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms. However, it is a bit different with subscribers. The companies who provide this service know that quality is going to validate the service they provide.

That’s why we have found a way to provide quality subscribers in a unique way. When you pay for YouTube subscribers through this service, you get real users who are getting paid to subscribe to your channel. They may also leave feedback on your channel, which is a very effective way to see if you are heading in the right direction.

Side note: To some, this may sound like cheating, as if the service was illegal, which it is not. For the record, to blatantly engage in illegal activity for profit is something we will have no part in. In short, if it were illegal, it would be cheating.

The only downside to this is that you have no way of knowing whether these subscribers are going to take to your content like bees to honey. In other words, they are not targeted.

On the upside, because they are paid to subscribe to your channel, they are bound to give you at least views. This is why we stress having the bases covered that we mentioned earlier. If your content is really good, those subscribers could stick around, whether they are targeted or not.

So if those things are working, then your views are going to increase. This is as important as having subscribers. These views are going to indicate to YouTube that you take your channel serious, especially if you are uploading a steady flow of good content.

Let’s talk about another advantage: cost. When you buy YouTube subscribers, you are actually maximizing your advertising budget. Effective ads can be really expensive. If you are just starting out, that can set you back. Even if you have been at it a while, it can cut into your bottom line big time.

Buying subscribers is therefore cost-effective, again, assuming you have done everything else beforehand. Those paid-for subscribers can turn into long-term subscribers, providing you with more views, escalating your channel to a new level. So it can be money well-spent.

Is it a marketing “cure-all” to pay for YouTube subscribers? The answer to that is no. It is only a small part of it. For one thing, buying subscribers is merely a starting point for building your channel.

We have already emphasized the work you need to put into your channel prior to buying subscribers. This is particularly important if you are starting. However, this work needs to continue for as long as you want that channel to succeed.

And just to clarify, all of this groundwork we have been talking about is not marketing. Rather, it is the groundwork that prepares your channel for success. Marketing is getting your channel in front of the eyes of people who might turn into long-term subscribers instead of “online tire kickers”. Buying subscribers is one method, but you need to employ others as well, including other social media platforms.

Finally, there are a couple cautions that need to be understood before you decide to buy YouTube subscribers.

One, be very choosy about the vendor you decide to get your subscribers from. As can be the case in other industries, not every vendor is reliable. Here are a few things you need to find out:

  • Make sure that the operator can be contacted and check which payment methods are available and whether the imprint is complete.
  • Avoid bots! They do not produce real users. These computer programs just click on the subscribe button. YouTube can detect these, and they are not afraid to penalize you for it, including deleting your account. It’s not worth the risk.

Two, if you have an Adsense account attached to your channel while buying subscribers, it is in your best interest to temporarily disable it. Keeping it enabled will not necessarily endanger your YouTube account, but it will definitely endanger your Adsense account. Again, it’s not worth the risk.

So should you pay for YouTube subscribers? Based on what we have presented here, the answer for you could be yes. Just remember to lay your groundwork first before doing any marketing. It is a cost-effective method that brings real users to your channel to subscribe and provide feedback.

And while it is only one part of your marketing strategy, it is one that can give your YouTube channel a jumpstart – and possibly a path to success!