Why You Should Buy YouTube Subscribers

If you’ve been running a YouTube channel for a while, you might have hit the point where you start wondering, "should I buy YouTube subscribers?". Building an audience for YouTube channels is an integral step to creating a successful business, so it’s only reasonable that you start wondering if buying subscribers will help boost your success.

Having a large subscribers count is evidence that the channel has something good to offer its target audience. But what many YouTubers won’t let you know is that their success is 1-part quality content and 1 part bought subscriptions. Many of the successful vloggers online today have given themselves a competitive edge with bought subscribers. If you’re not convinced yet why you need to buy YouTube subscribers, think about the pros and cons to decide if this is the best plan for your channel.

Buying YouTube Subscribers: Pros and Cons

As with anything, there are both pros and cons to buying subscribers. Let’s take a look at these positive and negative aspects to see if it’s worth your while to purchase subscribers.


  • Social Proof: This can be an invaluable asset to the channel’s success and is one of the major reasons for why buying YouTube subscribers is so important. Social proof looks at the behavior of certain groups. The idea behind this is that if enough people start viewing a channel, more will likely follow. Most people will view a channel that has a large number of subscribers, and forgo one that has very few subscribers.
  • Bandwagon Effect: Growing your YouTube channel is going to impress your audience. This is considered to be the ‘bandwagon effect.’ This means that the success of the channel is based directly on how popular it is on the internet. If subscribers are purchased, then the channel looks to be instantly popular, and more people will follow.
  • More Organic Subscribers: Buying YouTube subscribers will increase the number of organic subscribers much more quickly. Many YouTube channels that do not purchase subscribers exhibit much slower growth rates. This is because these channels lack the bandwagon effect and the social proof that is necessary for large growth. On the other hand, buying subscribers will garner the attention of current and potential subscribers, which in the end increase the numbers naturally.
  • Opportunities for New Ventures: New accounts can be launched by buying said YouTube subscribers. The old adage that time equals money rings true in this situation. The time being spent on growing the account and channel is costing money, specifically, YouTube advertising revenue. The ideal thing is to buy a couple of thousand subscribers, at the very least, to get the account launched and on the way to profitability. This leads to advertising that is effective to the product being viewed.
  • It’s the Secret to Success: Another reason you should buy YouTube subscribers is that it is much more popular than people realize. Many politicians, celebrities and brands buy YouTube subscribers. These groups have looked at the many pros to do doing so and decided it is well worth the investment. Furthermore, many YouTube subscriber services are anonymous, meaning people will feel more comfortable using the service. It’s looked at as an advertising expense in building the brand being sold.


  • Non-Active Subscribers: When YouTube subscribers are bought, these people don’t actually participate in the channel. Basically, buying subscribers is buying social proof, which can increase the natural subscriber base, but that doesn’t mean these subscribers will like and comment on your videos. Fortunately, there are packages where actual YouTube views can be purchased as well.
  • Won’t Build a Consumer Base: These subscribers will not buy the product, visit the website, comment on the videos or share the video. Basically, all that is being purchased is a number, so that people will be drawn to the channel.
  • No Effect on Klout Scores: Buying YouTube Subscribers will not raise Klout scores. Klout is the interaction with the audience the channel generates. Purchased subscribers will likely not raise this score in a way that affects the channel. If Klout is something that is depended upon for a measure of overall influence in the online world for the YouTube channel, that will need to be taken into consideration when buying subscribers. Looking at the data that the channel needs is important to see if this is the right path for the particular brand.
  • Not ALL Companies Maintain Confidentiality: Buying subscribers should be a confidential process. However, depending on who you buy the subscribers from, it is possible that it could be uncovered that your channel has instituted this practice. If a service is used that is not reputable, this could cause great harm to a brand’s image. Research is the key to finding a reputable company, like Social Media Daily, that respects your confidentiality and is backed by many years of experience to handle this specific need.

What Happens When You Buy Subscribers

If a company is looking to buy active YouTube subscribers—that is, subscribers who will actually like and comment on your videos—this is likely to be what that would look like. Buying likes has cosmetic value; more likes means more worthwhile value the video has.

  1. A channel will likely see an increase in subscriber numbers within twenty four hours.
  2. There are daily limits that are possible.
  3. Orders can be checked manually.
  4. Free customized support and solutions are available.
  5. The brand will save effort and time in the process, which equals more revenue.
  6. Likes provide a visual reason for a person to play the video. This means the user sees potential in watching the channel. Buying likes will draw attention to said video.
  7. Buying likes will bring greater visibility to the channel, which is fundamental for brand growth.
  8. More likes means more potential YouTube subscribers.
  9. It is also an indicator for search results. Optimization of SEO is crucial to a brand, and likes on a video will generate the data to increase this optimization.
  10. It can also potentially raise Google ranking for a particular channel through YouTube.

When buying likes for a YouTube video, confidentiality and security is of the utmost importance. Data from a company won’t be passed on, and disabling AdSense on the YouTube account is a must.

Buying Subscribers with Social Media Daily

Beginning a brand is always a difficult endeavor. This is especially difficult if the company in new to YouTube. Using a company such as Social Media Daily to launch the brand is an invaluable resource in creating a viable channel that can be grown. Combining the purchase of YouTube subscribers with YouTube likes will help to bring the growth of the business to new heights.

There are many online businesses that will offer to promote and find subscribers for a channel, but Social Media Daily is the most secure and confidential of these companies. We often promote the channel in many ways, including using social media such as Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. Our online promoters also optimize the video to target it to the correct audience, so that the channel can be found easily and quickly.