Should I Really Buy Instagram Followers or Run?

Whether you decide to buy Instagram followers at or not, it is all up to you, since this is a big step to take for your Instagram account. This is the most recent and widely used trend among Instagram users. While some praise it as the fastest way to get acknowledged by the audience, others accuse those who buy their followers for using unfair methods to reach fame.

The Myths about Buying Instagram Followers

Nowadays, there are hundreds of companies who offer to help you kick start the count of followers on your Instagram account. By purchasing followers, you are promised to build social proof that convinces others to follow you on the social media platform.

While discussing the pros and cons of buying followers for your Instagram account, we will also uncover the truths behind the scare tactics many companies practice to prevent you from buying followers online.

Pro: Buying followers does work

Just because you get fake followers who don’t like your photos or comment on them, this does not mean that the strategy does not work. On the opposite, large numbers on social media are known to be a social proof. When people see those numbers on your account, they will immediately be enticed to follow you and see why you are so popular.

Con: Fake followers are not active

If you fill your Instagram account with fake followers, only a minor percentage of the followers will actually be able to see your posts, like them and comment on them. When you purchase followers, you are purchasing bots and fake accounts. This means that you are not actually being famous, but only pretending to be it.

Of course, an increase in followers’ number will probably convince real people to follow you and participate on your account. This is the primary and biggest reason why people purchase followers in the first place.

Pro: Buying Followers is Not Illegal

No, buying Instagram followers is certainly not illegal. This is a huge myth created to convince people to stray from making such decisions for their brand promotion strategies.

Con: Buying Followers Violates the Terms of Services of Instagram

Even though you are not legally responsible if you buy Instagram followers, the Instagram community and company will judge you for it. So many people have been accused of buying followers, including celebrities.

Taking this step brings on many benefits and can jumpstart your Instagram branding process, but it also comes with high risks. If Instagram catches you in the act, you can get banned or suspended.

Fortunately, you can easily avoid this by purchasing high-quality followers in small numbers from reliable vendors. If you do not purchase thousands of followers overnight, you will hardly be flagged for inappropriate behavior.

Pros: Big Number of Followers Can Boost Your Reputation

Social media is not like it used to be when it was first introduced to us. In the beginning, the focus was placed on the posts, photos and content published there. Right now, the biggest factor into becoming popular is numbers. The higher your numbers are, the more popular you will become.

That’s the harsh truth, but it is the truth. With such a tough competition, it is very hard to succeed the slow way. You need to spend months and years working on attracting followers.

This is why people buy Instagram followers – to speed up the process and attract real followers by presenting high numbers. If someone tells you that fake followers cannot boost your reputation, they are lying to you. If done right, this may be an excellent way to demonstrate how popular you are.

In fact, you would be happy to hear that many people succeeded exactly because of such strategies. They started purchasing followers online, which led other people to their profile, and fast became influencers big companies hired to promote their products and services.

Con: Fake Followers Means Spam Accounts

Most of the fake followers you will buy online are fake accounts, most often run by bots. Some companies use other strategies to attract more people to your account, such as commenting and following potential followers with the hope that they may follow you back.

But still, nothing is as fast as buying those fake followers for your Instagram account. By doing so, you are expanding the list of followers, but also making it much harder for you to remove the fake ones afterward.

In the end, you are left with many followers, out of which some are fake and not at all contributing to your account. The risks are always existent – if your real followers find out about this, it can lead to them unfollowing your Instagram account because of it.

At the end of the day, choosing to buy followers online does not buy you fame. Instead, it buys you a shortcut to fame, combined with some risks of being caught by real users and Instagram itself. Whether you believe you can minimize these risks and make it worth it, we will leave the choice to you.

If you do it right, this may be just what you need to boost your brand or product on social media. After all, even the most popular celebrities used such approach to make it seem like they are more popular than they already are, so there must be grand benefits to buying Instagram followers.

Whatever you choose to do, the most important thing to remember when you buy followers is to choose a credible vendor, buy high-quality followers, and do not exaggerate with your purchases. Buying smaller amounts of followers several times is much less risky than purchasing thousands in one day or week.