How NOT to Have the Least Subscribers On YouTube

Whether you are brand new to ‘YouTubing”, this could be an important article for you. People are going about it all wrong. To be fair, they just have not been trained to do it right. But it leads to one thing: having the least number of subscribers on YouTube.

How can you avoid this? It means two things:

  1. Stop doing what is not working
  2. Find out what is working and do it.

According to one estimate, there are 50 million YouTube channels in use. Your video content is going to have to stand out among them, even in your niche. So let’s examine three of the most common mistakes that lead to the least subscribers, and talk about what can correct it.

Mistake #1: Choosing The Wrong Niche

Many people will pick a general niche like internet marketing or gaming. But these are way too broad. The audience is too large to reach easily. You need to narrow it down. Instead of gaming, you might focus on a certain game, like “how to win at [name of game]” or “shortcuts for [name of game]”, etc. These are called “sub-niches.” You need to get more specific in your choice of niche. That way you have a better chance of dominating it, and more importantly, make money from it.

Even if you buy real YouTube subscribers what are the chances that they will stick around? They might view a video, but if your content doesn’t say “this person knows what they’re talking about,” those viewers are going to move on – and they won’t come back.

Learning a niche is possible, but it will take time. Be sure you narrow your niche down to specifics, and make sure you know it well enough. Do this, and you have chosen the right niche.

Mistake #2: Not Creating & Uploading Quality Content

But now let’s assume that you have narrowed down your niche, and you have enough working knowledge of it. You have some great ideas about how you are going to serve it.

Great! Now what? You have got to turn that knowledge into content that will help the reader answer a question they need the answer to or solve a problem they have. Now when we are talking about content, we mean video content.

Writing for a video is a bit different. The video will ideally be no more than 3 minutes long, and some research has indicated that the first seven seconds are the most critical to whether or not the viewer will continue watching your video. But it doesn’t have to be rocket science.

Think of your video as a short, visual article. Figure out the main points you want the viewer to understand. Write them down. If you’re solving a problem, write down the problem, why it’s a problem, and how to solve it.

Now turn those written ideas into a script that you or someone else can read while filming. Whoever appears in the video should present the message in a relaxed, professional manner.

So if you are not creating quality video content for your channel, you can buy YouTube subscribers all you want. They will be sent to a blank YouTube channel.

Mistake #3: Giving Up

A new YouTuber may start off with good intentions. They might have even received good instructions and followed them. They have everything set the way it’s supposed to be. But after a week, what happens?

Very little, maybe nothing.

This can make the average YouTuber want to throw in the towel. They invested all their time and effort – maybe some money – and it all looks like it’s going to fall apart. In short, the dream is gone.

Now think about the person in this situation who decided to buy YouTube subscribers and then gave up. What a waste of time and money. Those subscribers might see what was set up; they might even like it. After a week, there is no more content. It could be that the page was discontinued.

The truth is, you cannot bank on “overnight success” when it comes to your video content. In other words, that kind of success is extremely rare, and most of them do not technically occur overnight.

People severely underestimate the fact that it takes time to have success online. It is no different for YouTube.

If you have done your homework, put everything together the way it is supposed to work, then give it more time. While you’re waiting, keep creating and uploading content. Maybe viewers are trying to see if you are a serious YouTuber.

There is a saying: “Stick and stay, she’s gonna pay.” Hang in there. Things will come together in time. “It's always too soon to quit!” – Norman Vincent Peale

Mistake #4: Seeing Dollar Signs Instead of People

This is a classic rookie mistake. It’s understandable to want to get things moving, especially if you need to make money as soon as possible. But what happens is they might try selling a product every day to subscribers and they skip the content, or they just post anything.

But remember the purpose of your content is to inform, build a relationship with your subscribers, and help them solve problems. And it doesn’t matter if you buy YouTube subscribers. You do that with content as much as you would with products you sell to them. The content helps create the reason to buy the products!

Serve the people, and serve them well. The dollar signs will follow.

So if you want to share the distinction of having the lowest number of subscribers on YouTube, then, by all means, continue making these rookie mistakes. On the other hand, if you want to at least increase your chances of having a successful channel on YouTube, then choose a niche you know well and can teach, put up loads of quality content that will help your viewers become subscribers, never give up and always remember that your subscribers are your greatest asset.