Instagram Ghost Followers (What They Are & If They're Harmful Or Don't Matter)

If you are reading this that means you came across the term “ghost followers” at some point in time and are curious about what this term means. Maybe you just started using Instagram and are you are actively researching things you can do to increase your influence on Instagram or maybe you’ve heard it from someone who has been in the Instagram or social media marketing game for a while and you would like to know more about it. I know that the term “ghost followers” can sound freaking terrifying and you’re probably wondering if you have them and what it means if you do have them. Don’t worry, we have you covered on the ins and outs of “ghost followers”.

Just Tell Me What a Ghost Follower is Already!

To put it simply, ghost followers are typically accounts that are created for the pure singular purpose of following other users on Instagram. Ghost followers do not engage with anything at all on Instagram. Once they follow you, that is the end of their engagement with your account. These followers will not like any of the wonderful posts you make on your account. They will not even comment a single word on any of your posts. To call them “ghost followers” may even be an understatement. It’s almost as if they do not exist in any capacity outside of your follower count.

Who Are Ghost Followers?

Ok, we just gave a brief explanation of what ghost followers are. They are basically followers that do not engage in your Instagram account in any way once they follow you. Now, who are these followers? There has to be some person behind the scenes creating these profiles and following your Instagram account, right?

Human “Ghost Followers”

Ghost followers can be people who make a profile on Instagram, follow some accounts, but do not actively participate in any other activities like commenting or liking your posts. Those are most likely the users who are not very active on Instagram in general. They may just have downloaded Instagram and made an account for various reasons, but they don’t participate in the community or the may just be someone who followed you to attempt to get you to follow back. The “follow for follow” strategy is actually a pretty common strategy that some accounts use to gain followers. As a result, you will have people following you who are not actually interested in your profile. It is likely that they just mass are just mass following accounts, posting content and logging off instead of engaging with the content of other Instagram creators.

Bot “Ghost Followers”

It’s been established that there are some people who do not actively participate in the Instagram community. That group of people may not be active, but are still actual humans. Now, what about the other ghost followers? The other ghost followers are the one created by “bots”. These bots use multiple proxies to avoid detection and fly under the radar to be able to mass create hundreds if not thousands of Instagram accounts. These mass bot accounts then follow your account on Instagram.

Why Do These Instagram Bots Exist?

These bots are actually created for the sole purpose of boosting the follower count on an Instagram profile. There are actually companies that sell followers and most of them tend to use bots to attain a higher following for their client’s account. The practice of buying followers has actually turned into a multi-million dollar industry. All of your favorite celebrities, companies, government agencies and senators are buying Instagram followers to increase their follower count and create the appearance of increased popularity. There are seldom, if any large Instagram accounts without bot. However, not all followers that you buy are created equal, so choose carefully.

Why Would You Want to Buy Instagram Followers?

You may already know the benefits of having a successful social media account and the benefits that can have for you or your business. A few of the benefits are chances to build a relationship with your fan or customer base, increased traffic to your website and improved SEO rankings. However, we will get into the some of the reasons you would want to purchase Instagram followers.

You Will Appear to Be More Important

The majority of the benefits associated with buying Instagram followers rely on one principle. This principle is called “social proof”. Social proof is the phenomenon that refers to the tendency that people have to rely on the actions of others do determine the right decision to make in a given situation. The more followers you have, the more likely someone is to view your profile as one that they need to follow. A high follower count creates a sense of higher authority or higher perceived popularity. The higher your follower count, the easier it is to attain more followers.

It Takes a Lot of Work to Grow Your Instagram Following Organically

The amount of time and effort that it takes to get to a high level of followers is overwhelming, sometimes even unrealistic. This is the reason why all of your favorite celebrities and figures buy Instagram followers. It often takes years and years of effort, making post after post everyday to be able to attain a high level of followers and even after putting in all of that work, there is still no guarantee that you will the amount of followers you want. Not only that, but it is just very difficult to get people to even follow your account at all if you do not already have a pre-existing following.