Learn How to Timestamp YouTube Comments the Easy Way

how to timestamp comments on YouTube

YouTube is a very powerful marketing medium. As one of the fastest-growing trends for brand recognition, more and more marketers focus on their YouTube video promotion. To do so, they use a variety of methods and approaches.

YouTube comments management is one of these approaches. In order to improve the user experience, you must focus on many things regarding your comments. Whether it is to buy custom YouTube comments to show interest in the video, select the comments you want to be shown on the profile, or timestamp them – all this is part of a YouTube comments management strategy.

The faster you learn how to do all this; the more will YouTube love you for it. Going the extra mile to boost your videos will do wonders for your recognition. Here is how you can timestamp YouTube comments, both on mobile and desktop:

Timestamp YouTube Comments on Desktop

To do this, visit the YouTube website. Sign into YouTube in the top-right corner of the opened page by using your email and password.

If you have posted videos on your YouTube Profile, you are probably already signed in.

Next, type the name of the video you are trying to navigate to. The search bar is located close to the top of the page. As soon as you find the video you are looking for, all you have to do is select it, and press Enter.

The next part is the most important one – find the time you want to timestamp.

Did you know that you can also start an embedded video at a chosen timestamp?

Start the video and find the place you want to timestamp. Pause it and look at the time. Right near the bottom-left corner of this window, you will see the time stamp in the following format:

Hours: minutes: seconds

The format is located right of the volume icon, and will also find the full length of the video to its right. The format is as follows:

Current timestamp: Video length

To make it clearer, here is an example as to what this format would look like:


This would happen if you pause a seven-minute YouTube video at four minutes and fourteen seconds.

Did you choose the time-stamp? Now you need to scroll down and find the box that says ‘’Add a public comment’’. You can find this box below the description box and the comments heading.

In this box, you need to type the chosen timestamp exactly as it appeared on the video. This will create a unique link that will take you to the point of the video you have chosen.

Now all you have to do is create your comment and add the timestamp link to it. You can try statements like ‘’Check out 4:14’’, or ‘’I found this on 4:14’’.

Your options are limitless.

As soon as you are done creating a comment, click the comment button (you can find this on the right side, below the comment box). Your timestamp will turn blue and serve as a link to the specific time of the video you chose.

Timestamp YouTube Comments on Mobile

The process is very similar on the desktop, but there are some differences. If you want to timestamp YouTube comments on your mobile, here is what you need to do:

Once again, open the YouTube website. You will find it easily – it has the red YouTube logo right there on the white app. In order to timestamp a video, you need to be logged in.

If you aren’t already, do the same thing you would do on your desktop – tap the SIGN IN button, add your email and password, and press SIGN IN once again.

Find the video on which you want to leave your comment with the timestamp. You can do this by using the SEARCH box on the top-right corner of your desktop screen, by typing the name of the video you are looking for.

Or, you can choose the video out of the home screen, as long as you have it in recent subscriptions, or you can manually choose it in the Subscriptions tab. This tab is located differently on iPhone and Android devices. On an iPhone, you will find it at the bottom, while on Android, it should be at the top of your mobile screen.

Now that you found the video you want to comment on, play it. Find the place you want to timestamp and pause it. Look at the time. Right there at the bottom-left corner of this video, you will find the same format we mentioned above:

Hours: minutes: seconds

Once again, this field would show the exact time in which you paused the YouTube video. If you paused it at two minutes and forty-nine seconds, you will see the following in the left bottom corner of your screen:


Do you have it? If you have it, scroll down and look for the box that says ‘’Add a public comment’’. This box should be located below the ‘related videos’ list. If you do not know where this list is, look beneath the video you have opened.

Next, copy the timestamp into the comment section. Make sure to type it exactly as it is. If you do it right, you should see an automatically created link to the exact point of this video you paused.

Use your imagination to timestamp the video. If you want to point to something that happened at that time, say something like ‘’What happened at 2:49?’’ or ‘’Who is that at 2:49?’’?

The final thing to do is tap the arrow that says post. You’ll find this arrow at the right corner at the bottom of the box where you wrote the comment. This arrow will post your comment and as soon as it does, the timestamp you created will take the form of a blue link.

It’s as easy as that! Now that you know the steps, you can timestamp any comment on YouTube!