How to See What Someone Comments on Instagram

When it comes to your Instagram account, paying attention to comments is one of the best strategies to use to build up your followers (unless you just buy them). But there are a few ways to look at comments.

Aside from the obvious, checking what comments are made on your post, you can also:

  • Check what comments your followers have made on other posts.
  • See what comments are trending on Instagram.
  • Looking for ways to increase the comments on your own channel.

In this post, we will look at not only your own comments but also how to see what someone comments on Instagram and why you should pay attention.

Check What Comments Your Followers Have Made

This is quite simply done, all you need to do is to:

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Look for the heart or notifications icon in the topmost bar and click on it.
  • You will then have two options – either to view comments on your account or comments of those people you are following.
  • Click on the second option to see what comments your followers have been making.

Why would you want to do this? Because it helps you to get to know your followers better. You get to see them outside of your own page. You find out what matters to them and how they react to different types of posts.

While you do want to avoid polarizing topics like politics or religion when it comes to your page, knowing how your followers think can be valuable when it comes to creating new posts for them.

Say, for example, you find out that they are particularly worried about gun violence in schools. You don’t have to actually take a side on the issue of whether guns should be more regulated or not, but you can post tips on helping children to cope emotionally if something similar happens to them.

It is a way to find content that will resonate more with your readers. Say, for example, that you find that a number of your followers are looking for ways to save money because of the comments they have posted on other feeds.

You could create a series of posts around this particular topic. Your followers will love it and feel that you really understand them when all you really have done is to figure out where their interests lie.

See What Comments are Trending on Instagram

What kinds of comments are attracting the most attention? How can you also get in on the act? Can you create a topical post and link it into the comments that are trending? You don't want to go overboard with this method – you just want to make use of it enough to ensure that you always look up to date and like you are a trendsetter.

A little bit of this technique goes a long way, however. Make sure that the topics are relevant to your page and temper your enthusiasm to jump on board a little. While it can be interesting for readers to read something out of the ordinary from you once in a while, deploying this tactic too often will become stale fast.

You will end up looking as though you are just chasing the numbers. Which you are, but you don’t really want your followers to know that.

Looking for Ways to Increase the Comments on Your Own Channel

It is gratifying to see the comment count start to tick over, especially when the comments are mostly good ones. But how do you get that process started?

It is something of a catch-22 situation – you need a lot of comments so that Instagram features the post more highly. But getting those extra comments can be difficult if your post is not featured as highly.

One solution to get the ball rolling is to buy custom Instagram comments. Think of it as a marketing strategy that can be very useful. Instead of actual paid advertising, though, you are paying people to like your content.

While this should never be the only marketing strategy you employ, it can be helpful to get your posts the attention you want and increase their visibility. This, in turn, means more organic traffic and new followers.

Of course, getting your posts seen is only the first step. You want to be sure that they are also going to help you get new followers and more engagement. To do this, you need to make sure that you plan your posts carefully up front.

Take the time to get the perfect lighting, make sure that you frame the shot right and write a catchy caption to go with it. Make sure that your posts delight potential followers and make them want to click that follow button.

It may mean posting less often and spending more time on creating the posts, but it will pay off in terms of numbers in the long run. People want something special on Instagram. There are over 800 million people with Instagram accounts according to Statista – that is a lot of noise to compete with. You are not going to do well if you are putting in half the effort.

Spend some time choosing your tags carefully so that your posts show up in the right results. You want to choose tags that are relevant to your content, so people know what they are getting. No one like to be misled – think how you feel when you click on a result only to be taken to a post that has nothing to do with what you were looking for.

By keeping your tags relevant to your content, you are increasing the chances of people who will actually like your page seeing it. You do have some leeway here so you can get a little creative.

Just do not stretch the imagination too much. For example, your latest pencil sketch of a landscape could be called a sketch, a drawing, a landscape and possibly something like “serenity” if it is very peaceful. But attaching the word “meditation” might be taking things a little too far.

In every post, you make, follow a simple rule – aim to add maximum value for your followers. If you work on that premise, you are bound to make it a success.