How to Search YouTube Comments? (A Detailed Guide)

The YouTube comment section has held a very bad reputation for a long time. But, this is all behind us now. YouTube is working its way towards creating a filtered comment section, allowing you to clean up the comments and increase the number of viewers of your videos.

Searching and managing YouTube comments is essential for your video promotion strategy. In fact, it is believed that selecting the comments on your video can either increase or decrease your chances of engaging an audience.

This is the reason why many decide to buy real YouTube comments from us in the first place.

Better Commenting Introduced by YouTube

With the help of Google, YouTube is moving towards better commenting. Yonatan Zunger and Nundu Janakiram, the principal engineer and product manager at YouTube have announced on the official blog:

‘’Starting this week, you’ll see the new YouTube comments powered by Google+ on your channel discussion tab. This update will come to comments on all videos later this year, as we bring you more ways to connect with familiar faces on YouTube.’’

According to these experts, the innovations in the comment section on YouTube will allow for the following:

  • Posts will appear in a list from the same video creator, combined with engaged discussions, popular personalities, and people in the Google+ Circles.
  • Users will be able to start a conversation available to everyone on Google+ and YouTube, limited to the people in their circles, or an individual of their choice.
  • Same as Gmail, the replies in these conversations will be threaded.
  • YouTube will introduce new tools that help users review the comments before they are being posted, block some words from being used, or save some valuable time by pre-approving comments from specific fans.

We can all agree – this is a long-awaited development in the YouTube section. As Lee Bell, a reporter who works for The Inquirer stated:

“The change means that commenters won’t be able to leave anonymous remarks any longer, as you’ll have to be signed in to Google+ in order to comment.”

How to Search and Choose YouTube Comments

So, what do these changes mean for marketers and individuals who use YouTube to share their videos?

This change comes with many benefits, but it also requires some effort on their behalf. To be able to search YouTube comments and choose the right comments, a marketer must be prepared to learn some skills and dedicate some time.

Here is what you need to do:

1. Seize This Opportunity Right Away

If you seize this opportunity at this very moment, you can turn your current anti-social YouTube channel into a promising social medium. Instead of allowing any comment to enter your YouTube comment section, you can choose your comments and include this in your social media marketing campaign.

Does your marketing campaign include YouTube? If you haven’t decided on this step before, you should definitely do it now. YouTube has almost 5 times more visitors in a month than Twitter and Instagram, to mention a few.

2. Enable Discussions

First, you have to enable commenting in general, but also enable the Discussion tab. Once you do this, you can select the option to approve each channel comment before it is published on your channel.

When you search YouTube comments and find one you do not like, click remove and get rid of that comment, replies included. You can even block some users whose comments are inappropriate or bad for your marketing.

3. Build a Genuine Community

What does your channel stand for?

Most people choose to watch videos because it is much easier to interact with such channels than with television. Determine what your channel stands for and who your audience is, and use it to speak to them.

But, do not end the communication here. If you want to build a genuine community, you need to learn to listen as well as speak to them. Your fans will rapidly spread the word around if you know how to engage with them through YouTube.

It is simply not enough just to search YouTube comments and erase the bad ones. To develop relationships with contributors and the target audience, you need to:

  • Respond to the comments in a short timeframe
  • Keep the commenters engaged
  • Feature your own comments to show at the top of the section and demonstrate your engagement

4. Leverage YouTube Analytics

You probably know about Google Analytics, but did you know that there is such thing as YouTube Analytics?

There is indeed, and it should be your best friend when trying to market your videos. YouTube Analytics will help you search YouTube comments, detect the videos your audience love, and remove the content that does not resonate well with them.

With the help of this tool, you can:

  • Determine the number of comments per view for videos
  • Read the comments on the most commented videos
  • Determine which videos are most promising and work on increasing the number of in-video-calls-to-action

5. Don’t Be Too Picky

Comments are valuable, even when you do not like them. If your audience keeps telling you your videos are somewhat wrong or bad, try to listen to them. The opportunity to search YouTube comments and remove the ones you do not like will not help you stop getting bad comments.

Instead, you need to use such comments to learn. You can still find and remove them, but if you want to succeed, you must respect the community of YouTube and what they have to say.

Now that you know how to search YouTube comments, buy them, choose them, and organize them, you can begin working on your marketing strategy. Remember – YouTube should be in the top 5 social mediums on your marketing priority list!