How to Like Comments On Instagram

When it comes to Instagram, engaging with your audience means more than just sharing your posts. You also need to show appreciation when they take the time to comment on your posts. You can do this by liking the comment that they make.

How to Like Comments on Instagram

Liking comments takes a couple of seconds – all you need to do is to tap on the heart icon below the comment, and that's it. If you hit the button by accident, you can remove the like simply by hitting the heart icon for a second time.

Why Like Follower’s Comments?

It is Common Courtesy

Your users love to feel appreciated. They want to know that their comments have been read. Now, obviously, there are going to be times when the comments made are malicious and those you will either ignore or delete.

But most of the time, the comments should be nice ones. Liking the comment is a way of showing the person that you have read their comment. If you have a larger following and do not have the time to answer all the comments, liking them is the next best thing.

If you think about it, it is basic common courtesy – if a friend were to say something to you in the street, like "Nice jacket," for example, you would at least say, "Thank you" as a way of acknowledging the comment. Even if you did not have the time to have a full chat, they would know that the comment was heard.

It Keeps Them Engaged

Back to that example of your friend complimenting you on your jacket. Let’s say that you decided to ignore the compliment completely and just walked past them. They would be upset, wouldn’t they?

Would they be likely to compliment you again? How likely would they be to even want to talk to you or take an interest in you again?

The same applies online – except that online you do not have the added awkwardness of possibly running into the person in person. In the real world, that awkwardness might go a long way towards the building of fences, but online the relationship is a lot more tenuous.

People understand that you will not always be able to engage in a conversation, but they do want to feel like they are engaging with you. And who knows what may come of it – maybe today they are just saying, "I love your photo," but maybe tomorrow they might give you a bright idea that helps you change your business model for the better.

Now, while you can buy real Instagram comments to get yourself started, getting organic engagement as well means putting in a bit of extra effort.

It Creates a Positive Impression

This is especially true when you have a large following. Okay, so it might mean getting someone to help you curate the comments, but it does create a really positive impression on your followers. They benefit by having a more positive experience when visiting your page.

It could also have an impact on people who have not quite decided to follow your feed or not. Look at it from your own perspective – what would you prefer, knowing that your feedback mattered to someone, or not being sure if they even saw it?

When Liking is Not Enough

Of course, people are pretty quick to spot a fake. Liking every single comment is not the best strategy either. You do need to answer at least some of the comments so that people can see that you did read what they were saying.

The more effort the person has taken in making their comment, the more it needs a heartier response. So someone who says, “I love your photos” is probably just expecting a like or a simple “Thanks.”

Someone who writes a few sentences, on the other hand, wants a little more attention than that.

How Quickly Should I Like or Comment?

That should be as soon as possible. Take some time out of every day to check comments and respond to them. Strike while the iron is hot, so to say. If you wait three or four days, for example, is the person still going to remember the post so well?

The time to make a lasting impression is the same day or the day after at the latest. At an absolute stretch, if you are a business and the comment is made at the weekend, you could possibly respond on the Monday.

However, most people expect social media pages to be manned virtually around the clock. It may not strike them as odd that you haven’t replied to their comment on a Sunday.

If you can, however, respond within minutes, that creates the impression that you really value your followers and that you are very well-organized.

Should I Like Comments on Other Posts?

You can also share the love when it comes to other people’s posts as well. If someone makes a good point in commenting on someone else’s post, why not like it as well? This can raise your profile in general and help you get your name out there.

The Instagram culture does have an aspect of reciprocity to it – I like your post, you will come and like mine. I like your comment, and the same is likely to apply.

However, do make sure that you actually do like what the person is saying. Remember what your mother always said, “If you cannot say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” If you start liking all sorts of different posts for no reason other than to attract reciprocal likes, you can expect to be caught out pretty quickly.

Rather take the time and stick to people that you really can admire. That way, if you get put on the spot at a later stage, you won’t get yourself into trouble.

Is this the best motivation for liking comments and posts? It is certainly not the purest motivation, but it does beat spamming unsuspecting account holders and possibly annoying them.