This is How to Easily Grow Your Instagram Followers Organically in 2019

We all love seeing beautiful pictures and being visually stimulated. We love being taken to other worlds and places through the comfort of our screens, so it makes perfect sense that Instagram has become such a dominant force, not only in social media, but in the world. This social media platform is addictive, free and a blast to use. There are so many creative uses on this platform for both brands and influencers. Whether you are building your own following or building a following for a brand, Instagram is the platform that you need to be on. Instagram allows you to showcase you and your brand in an authentic, non-salesy way to a potentially massive audience depending on the amount of followers you can attain. After all, what can be more personal than sharing your photo album with everyone? Could you ever have imagined that everyday people would be sharing their photos with the world? We are going to give you some tips to grow your Instagram following organically, so you can reach a slice of the 800 million active monthly users on Instagram.

Post, Post & Post Again!

Posting consistently on Instagram has been proven to increase your amount of followers faster than not posting consistently. There is a study from Tailwind that actually validates this as well. In this study, they concluded that people who posted less than 1 time per week had a 14 percent growth rate. They concluded that people who posted between 1 to 6 times per week had a 26 percent follower growth rate People who posted 7 or more times per week were growing their followers at a 56 percent growth rate. So, posting at least one time per day can increase your Instagram following at 4 times the rate of posting 1 time per week. Not only do Instagram accounts that post more frequently grow their follower base at a quicker rate, but they also increase their engagement rates as well.

The sme study from Tailwind actually measured engagement rates over the course of 3 months. They found that Instagram accounts that started posting 0-100 percent more gained a 9 percent higher following. Accounts that posted 100 percent more often increased their engagement rates by 19 percent. This means that posting more often increases the percentage of people who like and comment on your photos. This is definitely something you want, that is what allows you to build a relationship with your followers.There are tools available online that allow you to create, schedule and automate your posts, so you do not need to manually post throughout the day.

Add Hashtags to Your Captions

The right hashtags can really increase the reach of your Instagram posts. It is also one of the easiest things you can do to increase your reach. When you add a hashtag to your posts, it will show up in the feed of that hashtag. People will be able to find it in the “latest posts” section of the feed for that hashtag. If a lot of people happen to engage with that post at a fat pace, your post can even be pushed into the “top posts” section, where it will show up at the top of the feed for that hashtag. To put it simply, hashtags can get you more views and more engagement. A higher number of views and engagement equals more potential followers. Hashtags are a very effective, free way to really get the most out of your posts and give them that extra boost that they need. There really is no reason not to use more hashtags in your Instagram posts.

Look at Your Instagram History

Keep track of the time that you are making your Instagram posts, pay attention to the type of content it was, what hashtags it used and what the engagement level of those posts were. This takes some experimentation, but you may have followers who respond better to particular content and your post may reach more people when you post at a particular time. If you look into the posts that are getting a lot of engagement and compare them with the posts that have low engagement, this will give you some insight into increasing your engagement.

Look at Popular Profiles in Your Niche

“Good artists borrow, great artists steal”. One of the best ways to build a popular Instagram profile is by emulating people who have already done it. Do not make your profile a carbon copy of your favorite influencer or brand, but look at the type of content and aesthetic that their profile has. If you see that they are posting pictures of tennis shoes, maybe you should try posting pictures of dress shoes. Experiment a little, their profile is popular for a reason.

Ask for Engagement

Sometimes the best way to get what you want is to just ask for it. Simply asking people to answer a question or tag their friends can often boost engagement. It takes less effort for someone to engage with your post when you tell them what to do. You can also tell people to “ “like if you agree” for example.

Growing an Instagram account organically can take a lot of work. Is is worth all of the time and effort though. This is why people do it, it is not easy for anyone to grow an Instagram account with high engagement. Even with great content, people can be hesitant to follow you if you have a small following. This is the way that social proof works. People have a tendency to make their decisions based off of the decisions of others. You can actually buy Instagram followers here to give your social proof that extra boost. People will be more likely to follow you when they see that you have followers. You now have the tools, now get started on your path to Instagram world domination.