How to Disable Likes On YouTube So Nobody Can See Them

It happens. You post a video on YouTube that you worked hard to put together, took the time to upload and finally publish. But then after a short time, you see a rising count on the “thumbs down” icon. You got dislikes!

It may be tempting to figure out how to disable likes on YouTube. However, it might first be beneficial to answer the following questions: Should I disable likes and dislikes? What factors should I consider?

There is a lot to think about when answering these questions. We’ll examine two factors.

  1. Are the dislikes generated by bots?
  2. Are the dislikes constructive or destructive?

Are the Dislikes Generated by Bots?

Before you decide to disable likes on YouTube, consider this. If you buy YouTube likes from any provider BUT Social Media Daily, one of your first considerations should be whether or not they are generated by bots, computer programs designed to perform a specific action. Ideally, this should be known before you buy them.

If you are not yet aware of this yet, YouTube not only frowns on fake views, likes, etc. But what a lot of people don’t know is that YouTube has technology in place that can detect likes generated by bots, particularly after 301 views.

If the number of views is out of proportion to the number of subscribers, or if the majority of likes or views come from just a few computers, then it is obvious that those things are generated by bots. In short, they can see that you are trying to game the system.

So what? What are they going to do? For starters, they will (notice, we did not say “might”) delete your video. That should be taken as a warning, and there are a couple ways you could go from here.

You could say, “Okay, it isn’t worth the risk. I’ll work to get the video recovered, and I won’t do that anymore.” That is a wise move. Here is what can happen if you decide to go the other route.

Ignoring the warning from YouTube might embolden you to try it again. After all, it was just one video deleted – wrong answer. If you decide to do it again, it’s only a matter of time and they will figure it out. That’s why they have that system in place. Repeat offenses will surely get videos deleted, but it will likely lead to your channel and your account either being suspended or deleted.

It’s not worth it. It’s a waste of time, money and effort. It is just plain bad business.

Are the Dislikes Constructive or Destructive?

No doubt some readers could be taken aback by this question. After all, you cannot even look at a like or dislike and know who gave it, let alone why they liked or disliked it. So we will try to use some discernment and see if we can pick up any hints. So please read on with an open mind.

Let’s face it. It’s impossible to get everyone to like you, even if you’re a good person. There is always someone who won’t like you. But with YouTube dislikes, it may not be that simple. Of course, there is no known way to know what the person’s motive was for disliking it in the first place, especially if you buy likes on YouTube. That could only be clearly seen if that same person offered a comment. But if you have a rising count of dislikes with no comments or feedback, take it upon yourself to see if you can figure out what it is that people don’t like about your video.

No doubt you put a lot of thought into your content, keywords, tags, etc. But maybe you missed something. None of us is perfect, so why not at least take a look? Watch your video again. If you don’t see it the first time, consider looking at it again, maybe a few times. If you couldn’t find anything that could be tweaked, then it could be a small group of disgruntled viewers just trying to be sticks in the mud.

Of course, if you do find something that you feel might need some improvement, do it. This is not a weakness on your part. This is the sign of a strong marketer who isn’t afraid to correct himself or herself. You know that you don’t know everything, and when people see that you are not some arrogant know-it-all who can’t stand to be corrected, they will respect you for that. They might even be drawn to your content for that reason.

So getting dislikes for your videos is not the end of the world. In fact, they might even turn out to be almost as useful as comments themselves. But if you buy YouTube likes, how can you guarantee that some of those might turn out to be dislikes? In the first place, messing around with fake likes, views, and subscribers is only going to endanger your content, your online reputation, and very likely your business.

If you decide to disable likes on YouTube, then here are 3 steps to show you how you can do it:

  1. Login into YouTube account, navigate to My Channel page, and then go to Video Manager:
  2. Select Edit dropdown list on the video you like to modify and pick the first option: Info and Settings:
  3. Un-check / Un-tick the option: “Users can view ratings for this video

There you have it. Now you know how to disable likes on YouTube if you absolutely have to use it.

On the other hand, if you got thick skin and those dislikes don’t bother you, maybe you can use them to your advantage.