How to Delete YouTube Comments

Whether you’re a content creator on YouTube or merely a viewer of content, you have the ability to leave comments on videos. These videos can be ones that you make or publish, as well as videos that others publish.

There is an enormous amount of value in commenting on a video. It allows you to connect with someone who has made something that you, personally, found to be useful, valuable, or simply entertaining. By commenting, you can create a connection with the creator of that video. This is something that no one has really been able to do until today, with the advent of The Internet and websites such as YouTube.

However, there is another side of the coin to consider. You may have published content on YouTube, and, perhaps, you have received a few comments on your video. Your video is in a particular niche, we’ll say SEO, and these comments add absolutely nothing to the conversation you wish to create in the comments. Actually, if anything, they seem to detract from the video, for whatever reasons.

One reason may be the complete lack of grammatical accuracy or precision in the comment itself, while another may be that there is nothing new being added. In fact, the comment itself is just a vague and poorly worded criticism that has absolutely no reason to be underneath your video. When viewers go to see that, they are less inclined to write something to add to the conversation, because from what they can tell, there isn’t much of a conversation to be had.

More importantly, if you intend to treat YouTube as you would a business or a job - in a professional and respectable manner - then these comments simply don’t work. They destroy any semblance of professionalism. Thankfully, there is a way to delete both old YouTube comments that you have left, and YouTube comments that have been made on your videos.

Deleting The Comments

Your first step is simply opening up YouTube. Go onto Google and type in “YouTube”, or go into the search bar of your browser and type in “”. This will take you to where you need to go.

Once you’ve done that, click on the profile icon that will be at the top right of the page. Once you do that, a drop-down menu will appear, then click on the words “My Channel” and that will take you to your channel, which will give you a list of your videos.

Select the video which contains the comment or comments that you wish to remove. You will see the video begin to play. Scroll down and you will see that underneath the video there is a section titled “My Comments”. Continue to scroll down until you see the comment that you wish to delete.

Find the comment that you wish to delete, and then look to the far right of that comment. There will be a button consisting of three dots. Click on that button, and then click on the word “Remove”. Once you’ve done that, the comment will have been deleted.

If you are removing your own comment from a video - whether it’s your own video or someone else’s - simply do the exact same thing. Find the video, and then find your comment. Click on the button with three dots. Instead of saying “Remove,” you’ll see a button that says “Delete.” Press that instead.

If you’re like us, you put a lot of pride in your work. You want that to be reflected in the comments of your video. Unfortunately, that may not be happening. You’re probably tired of the endless spam and troll comments that are made underneath your video. It looks unprofessional. It adds nothing to the video. Really, it’s completely useless. We understand what you’re going through.

Perhaps, though, this isn’t your situation. Instead, you don’t actually have any comments. People have seen your video, as evidenced by the view counter, but there are no comments. This seems odd to the many visitors who would normally have something to contribute to the wonderful content that you are producing.

Both situations are equally difficult, because comments on YouTube play a big part in ensuring that you continue to get more views. As well, it allows you to create connections with the people that are viewing and talking about your work. In today’s day and age, connection is the most important thing. Without those connections, your business, whatever it may be, is destined to fail.

Getting Premium Comments

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Delete the comments that you don’t need. Work on getting the high-quality comments you do need. We’re going to help you with that!