How to Decide When to Delete Subscribers On YouTube

With all the work that goes into acquiring subscribers, even if you buy subscribers from a decent provider like us, deleting them might be the last thing on your mind. The truth is a volatile situation could develop on your channel, one that could threaten all the hard work you put into setting up and building it. In fact, it has happened to some YouTubers, almost with disastrous consequences.

You may have heard the words “trolls” or “haters” used a lot. These are not simply complaining customers. They are troublemakers, bent on sowing discord of some sort on forums, blogs, even YouTube channels – possibly even yours.

There may be a tendency among some users to indiscriminately delete subscribers at the slightest problem. But before deleting subscribers on YouTube, you do well to consider whether or not their activity is serious enough to do that.

Trolls and haters could have several objectives, perhaps one or a combination of the following:

  1. To discredit you
  2. To sow doubt among others in your community
  3. To tear down your efforts
  4. To defame you
  5. To ruin your business

You could be thinking that none of these could happen to you. Don’t kid yourself. Even the most honest, reputable people online have encountered trolls and haters. If you are just starting out as a YouTuber, the information contained in this article could be really important for you. It will prepare you just in case you are dealt the misfortune of encountering a troll yourself

So let’s consider these five things to look for to identify a troll:

1. To discredit you

A troll may want to question a statement you made on your channel or in one of your videos. They may flatly and aggressively disagree with you, even if your statement is true. If you cannot neutralize it, they may even question your credentials or your authority.

Sometimes the best way to handle this is to provide proof of the statement in question. If they see evidence backing your statement, they could just back off. If not, then you can do one of two things: ignore them or delete them.

2. To sow doubt among others in your community

Sometimes a troll is not satisfied with simply discrediting you. They might want to “stir the pot” among your subscribers by sending them private messages expressing their opinions of you.

Most of the time, one of your loyal subscribers will have the decency to alert you to this development. In that case, action can be as swift as you want it to be.

Maybe a good strategy would be to publish a clear policy about this to all of your subscribers, especially if you had to buy YouTube subscribers. Overall cooperation should result.

3. To tear down your efforts

Sometimes it’s just plain jealousy. It doesn’t matter what walk of life or what business you are in. There is always going to be someone out there who is jealous of others who have worked hard to achieve something good.

But instead of working hard themselves, they would rather tear down your hard work. It’s just like someone who has a low self-esteem. They pick on others in a misguided effort to make themselves feel better.

However misguided it is, it can also be deadly to your business. It may be time to delete this subscriber.

4. To defame you

The word defame means to “to harm the reputation of by communicating false statements about” someone. “Slander” is a synonym. But there is something else to consider. A troll sometimes uses the comment feature to defame or slander you in writing. That is libel. Slander and libel are very serious, illegal and punishable in court.

A “cease and desist” letter may be enough to stop this. Other than that, the only action you need to take toward them is to delete them.

Most of the time, things never get to this point, but be careful to prevent it to begin with. But don’t let it discourage you, or stop you from buying YouTube subscribers.

5. To ruin your business

A troll may attempt to draw your subscribers to themselves and cheat their way to a profitable channel of their own. But most of the time, they just want to destroy yours.

The best way to prevent a troll from ruining your business is to recognize the previous four items and be proactive. If things get beyond your control, everything you worked hard to set up and build could go right down the drain.

Be the kind of person who refuses to allow such a person to get this far.

In summary, the decision to delete YouTube subscribers doesn’t have to be a tough one. As you monitor your channel activity, it won’t be enough to watch the positive interaction. Like it or not, you have to watch for the negative things as well.

If you notice that someone is making an effort to discredit you, sowing doubts among your subscribers, attempting to tear down your channel-building efforts, defaming you or trying to ruin your business, don’t just sit back and do nothing. These are the very things that can threaten everything you have worked hard for.

If someone attempts to discredit you by questioning a statement you made, provide some proof or evidence of the statement’s accuracy. If they are sowing seeds of doubt among your subscribers, loyal ones may likely alert you to take action. Jealous people don’t want to work hard to achieve their own success, so they try to tear yours down. In rare cases, they may try to defame you, something that can be stopped in its tracks most of the time but is also punishable by law.

Be proactive and never allow these things to disrupt your legitimate, honest efforts to provide quality content. If all genuine efforts fail to reverse these developments, then delete YouTube subscribers who cause them.