How to Easily Block Unwanted Subscribers on YouTube & Never See Them Again

YouTube has become a very effective means of getting one’s ideas, music or causes together and out there to the public. Unfortunately, even good ideas can attract the attention of a group of subscribers that has another agenda.

This group has been labeled by a number of names. Maybe you have either heard or used them. They have been called “haters” or “trolls.” These people are often unhappy, disgruntled people who have nothing better to do but to bring others down to make themselves feel better while sowing discord on any online community, in this case, YouTube.

The thing is, their efforts go way beyond simply offering their opinion about something. They are being disagreeable just for the sake of it. So then the decision occurs to you whether or not you should block these people. After all, they are just stating their opinion. They have a right to free speech, don’t they?

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However, it comes down to this: Where do you draw the line? You have to decide if you want to keep them or block them. You might also want to know how to block YouTube subscribers.

Before we get to the “how”, let’s talk about the impact it could have on your channel, and your reputation.

Impact On Your Channel

If you have laid your groundwork, and your content is really good, you will likely see a lot of positive comments on your videos. Of course, you may read some constructive criticism too. This is not necessarily a bad thing. A smart marketer doesn’t discount these expressions. It could help them improve things, like the content or customer service. Your acting in a positive way toward these things could likely do positive things for your channel.

When a person has been heard, and their concern has been addressed, you have retained your subscriber. Well done. This satisfied customer is going to spread the word, and might even offer another comment on your video stating how well you handled their concern.

But then there is this other person commenting. They are not praising you for a job well done. They are not thanking you for the helpful video you posted. They are not offering constructive criticism. They are not offering a legitimate complaint.

They are ripping you, your content and your channel to shreds. What will you do in this case?

You could leave the comment, ignore it and hope it will all just go away. Some people just want to let off some steam. They merely say their peace and move on. But what if they don’t?

It would be wise to at least consider how it will impact your channel. Will this onslaught of theirs turn off other subscribers? Human nature can be funny that way, some can turn out to be blind followers of the crowd.

Will it draw unwarranted negative comments from the other subscribers? Here again, people sometimes follow the crowd and join in the controversy. Will this spread so that you have trouble keeping subscribers?

If the answer is yes, then this would be the time for some damage control. If the instigator is causing that much trouble, then block these YouTube subscribers. If others continue in their blind fury, you might want to let them go as well.

The point is that if controversy goes on too long, your channel might be associated with that alone, rather than the content you worked so hard to put together. If people come to your channel just to jump in on the controversy, it could ruin your entire vision.

Impact On Your Reputation

Maybe you can deal with a little controversy on your channel. Maybe you can take a few negative comments that have no basis in fact. Well, some trolls are just not going to be satisfied. They elevate the idea of adding insult to injury to a level that could make anyone reconsider whether or not “the customer is always right.” They are now spewing out defamatory statements. Plus you might think about the fact that you had to buy YouTube subscribers. Now you have someone stirring things up.

You have to ask yourself at this point: “Will these defamatory statements do damage to my reputation?”

We should point out, however, that there is a difference between reputation and character. Reputation is what people think of you. Even if it is incorrect, there may be little you can do to change it. Character is who you really are, which you cannot fake, and no one can question.

The point is, who you really are can help you handle what people think of you. Don’t allow someone’s animalistic behavior eat at your good character. If it does, then it won’t take much to ruin your reputation. So concentrate on allowing your good character to speak for itself. This will, in time, silence the haters and the trolls.

And the people who stood by you through it all will appreciate you more for the integrity you showed in a tough situation.

All the same, some of these people will stop at nothing to keep you in the middle of controversy. So when all else fails, “snip, snip.” Cut them off. Report them to YouTube if you have to. You need to draw a line somewhere.

So how do I block these hating, troublesome troll subscribers?

How To Block Subscribers On YouTube

  1. Go to YouTube and sign into your account.
  2. Go to[YOURUSERNAME]&view=subscribers
  3. Find the subscriber you want to block. Navigate to their channel page.
  4. On their channel page scroll down to their user profile box. Click block user. Note: you can also “hover” over the user’s icon with your mouse and the “block” button will appear which you can click on.

Haters will hate. Trolls will be trolls. Don’t let any unwarranted controversy distract you from doing what you need to do. At the same time, don’t allow the controversy to go on too long. Think about the impact it could have on your channel and your reputation.

When all else fails, block YouTube subscribers if you have to.