How Much Does It Cost to Buy Instagram Followers?

Many of the Instagram users seek what we call Insta-Fame. Reaching a status of popularity on this platform does not only make a person feel good but can also do wonders for their brand or business. When the numbers on your Instagram account reach a thousand or more, you can finally feel like you did a good job with your online presence.

But, good old-fashioned Instagram networking and high-quality photos no longer earn fans like it used to before. There are so many fame-seekers on this social media platform now, that reaching thousands is extremely hard.

It’s as simple as that – if you decide to do it the right way, you must be prepared to wait.

One solution that will help you skip this lengthy process and jump right to Instagram fame is to go here and buy Instagram followers. It is a popular method of boosting your online presence, even though it is not quite accepted by the Instagram community.

Who Buys Instagram Followers?

Even though buying followers is frowned upon, it is certainly not illegal. Those who believe that the risks of being discovered are worth it, purchase their followers, comments, and likes and rapidly progress their Instagram marketing campaign.

It’s no wonder that this happens – to be Insta-famous, you need to show huge numbers. Quality of photos or posts are no longer the priority and prerequisite for becoming popular on Instagram – numbers are. The higher numbers you have, the more people are inclined to follow and comment on your photos.

Many people created a business out of using this trick. Some of the most famous people on Instagram have used purchased followers to make others believe they are popular. In return, this helped them gone out to be paid and hired by some very popular brands. After that, the marketing process went very smoothly.

As soon as people start noticing that you have many followers on your Instagram account, they will show interest in it. And while the ‘fake followers’ aren’t really active followers or customers, the people who see these numbers are more likely to become that.

People are more inclined to do something other people do. Imitating others and following the crowd is in the human nature. So, if you manage to create an illusion that your Instagram account is very popular, it will soon become popular without you having to pay for followers.

How Much Does It Cost?

Ever since Instagram was incepted, people started using tools like hashtags to get more followers to their account. Others started using automation to follow potential followers, hoping they would follow them back. Only recently did companies come up with the biggest trick of them all – sell hundreds and thousands of followers that help the user promote their account in a day.

If you decided to buy Instagram followers, you must be smart about it. Not every company is trustworthy, and many of them are unrealistically priced.

Knowing this, how much should you pay for followers?

The price of your instant fame on this platform is very hard to pinpoint. At the least, the rate you will pay will depend greatly on how much followers you want to purchase, if you are planning on making several purchases, and what you are trying to achieve.

The price points for Instagram followers vary a lot. First of all, there are different types of companies that offer different types of followers. The quality and number you choose will determine the price they’ll ask for such service.

Generally speaking, you can get Instagram followers from a price that is close to nothing, to a price that is considered a fortune. An accepted price would be something in the range of $4 to $7 for 100 followers, but even this price can vary depending on the number of followers you require.

If you purchase a larger number, say a thousand followers, the price should surely be more affordable – this is a bulk order. The more you order, the more you will save.

However, it is not recommended to buy many followers all at once. Depending on how many followers you already have, a big rise in the numbers can be easily detected, and cause you many troubles with your audience and Instagram employees.

To enjoy the impressive benefits such companies offer, you need to be cautious. Numbers are certainly impressive on this platform, but you must make sure to maintain a good reputation before all. After all, this is why you are purchasing followers in the first place.

Buying Low-Quality Followers

In addition to how many followers you will choose to buy, you should also be cautious about which followers you will buy. Yes, there are high quality and low-quality followers, and it all depends on the company you will choose.

Let’s say you want to kickstart the marketing campaign by purchasing your first set of followers. You have decided on a smaller number, say 100, to start the process and not raise red flags. If you rush into buying the cheapest followers on the market, you can destroy the credibility you want to build.

Why does this happen?

Many companies simply want to take your money and don’t really care what you get in return. Going for the cheapest choice is often the wrong thing to do. What you need is the safest and realistic alternative.

You may be trying open markets where sellers offer to provide you with followers for $2 or $3. This sounds like a great idea, but you must think twice.

The followers that come at such a low price are unlikely to be good, and there are many tricks these providers do when selling you followers. Some may retrieve their followers after a while because you did not read the Terms and Conditions, others may ruin your credibility by adding recognizable bots on your account.

The risks are real, and if you decide to take them, you must try to minimize them.