Good Comments for Instagram: How to Write Them

Instagram – According to Statista, it is one of the most popular social media sites and is made up predominantly of users under the age of 35. Instagram offers its own challenges for marketers.

You don’t get to add links to anything in your posts at all, so you have to entice followers to go to your profile page and click the link through there. You could also incorporate the site link into the image that you are sharing.

With either method, though, the absence of a clickable link in the post itself means that your followers will need to do more work. How do you convince them that the extra work is worth it?

Make Your Posts Brilliant

You want your posts to stand out from the norm. Choose creative filters, or take shots from an unexpected angle and make sure that they look really appealing. Photos on Instagram are a dime a dozen, so you need to have something special if you want yours to stand out.

Post Regularly

Instagram is about numbers. The number of likes, the number of followers and the number of posts. Consider posting daily and make sure that you post at around the same time every day.

When is the “golden time” to post? That will depend on where you are and where most of your users are. You want to post at a good time for your followers. Some time when they are most likely to be active on Instagram.

You can try and figure this out by trial and error. Choose different times of day initially and post at a different time each day for at least the first week or two. Keep them relatively similar in nature – you don’t want them to be exactly the same, obviously, but they should be similar enough that you know that the time of day you posted was the main factor in their popularity.

Then watch and see which posts garnered the most attention. Which got more likes and engagement? If everything about each post was similar, it should be fairly simple to figure out what period of time is best to post in.

Confirm the results of this experiment by posting during that time period again and see if you can replicate the good results.

Understand Your Followers

That means engaging with them more. Encourage them to interact with you on Instagram by asking them questions. Get them to talk about what they are hoping to get out of your page. Find out what posts they prefer and learn as much about them as possible.

Asking questions is one of the best ways to get people to engage on Instagram because it helps your followers feel more highly valued. People like to be asked their opinions so take advantage of this to start building a dialogue.

Do acknowledge their answers when they give them and show them some appreciation for helping you out by giving them a quick thank you or comment. It may also be a good stratregy to buy Instagram comments, especially if you are having problems getting your followers to engage.

No one likes to be the only one to do something, and this can apply to commenting online as well. While people feel more free to make comments online, they might not be comfortable being the first one to comment.

Good Comments for Instagram

Of course, if you really want to convince fellow Instagrammers that your link is worth looking for, you need to have a good base of followers. The more followers you have, the more influence you will be perceived as having and the more followers you will attract.

This, in turn, leads to more comments being made on your posts and thus even more eyeballs on your posts in future. But how do you get those followers to start off with?

Commenting on other people’s Instagram posts is a good way to get started. However, here we are not talking about those shallow, “I love your feed” post that are clearly a generic comment. People understand how the game of Instagram is played and they will know that you are just trying to get more followers.

They may give your comment a polite like but not much else.

Good comments, on the other hand, show that you have put some time and thought into them. Look at a few different posts for the person and see if there are threads that you can pick up on. Perhaps you can comment on how this pic builds on a theme you noticed five or six photos back.

Ask questions about how they got their inspiration, what made them decide on that post, etc. Ask open-ended questions that will start a conversation, rather than questions with a simple Yes or No answer.

Just remember one rule – be sincere. Don’t resort to fake flattery or you will be caught out very fast. In general, though, people do love talking about themselves. They will usually find you more interesting if you give them the opportunity to do so.

Keep at It

The main piece of advice when it comes to convincing your followers that they should consider finding your link is simple – put in the effort. Be willing to put the work in. Set your posting schedule and stick to it.

Get feedback from your followers and apply it to improve your page. Give the people more of what they really want, and you will have a band of loyal followers. Work hard to make your page a valuable part of their day, and they will reward you by being brand ambassadors.

When you hit this stage, they start doing the promotions for you, and you get to start reaping the rewards. It is not always easy to get a large following on social media, especially in the beginning, but once you get the rhythm right, it will feel like an easy dance.

Keep learning and keep growing with your followers and you will achieve the kind of social media stardom that you are looking for.